Flip Flappers – Episode 13 (END)

I seem to have entered a love and hate relationship with Flip Flappers. I love it for the myriad of reasons I’ve written about — with some of which still stuck in my head yet to be voiced out — and I hate it because, well… I think it’s more apt to say that I hate myself for not fully committing to the show until the end.


Though to be honest, episode 12 was a great closure to the story, and the fact that they were actually able to wrap things up nicely despite the jarring technical issues plaguing the last arc of show is in itself admirable to say the least. While the narrative itself is pretty simplistic and straightforward when brought to the foreground — heck, even some bloggers argue that the story wasn’t their point of interest — I still firmly hold the idea that it was always interesting to begin with, and Flip Flappers‘ charming world of fantasy wasn’t only its most outstanding quality. Sure, the chemistry between Cocona and Papika wasn’t that commendable during the earlier parts, but I feel like if the latter episodes were executed properly, the foregoing relationship and interaction between them would have felt more genuine, and thus it’s highly likely that I’m going to enjoy my second viewing of the duo’s antics more now that we have sort of an idea how things came to be with the two.

One of high-points of the series was with Yayaka’s character arc, wherein everything that had accumulated up until her dramatic brawl with Cocona paid-off in one single episode. One could argue that Mimi, Salt, and Papika had planted their own seeds very early on, but it isn’t until the later half we truly came to understand what the connection is with the three to Cocona, and the ensuing badly paced episodes made it feel more like they’re jumbling all three of they character arcs as fast as possible. Yayaka, however, was given plenty of screen-time, cameos ala Team Rocket whatever, topped with a few nicely put shots of her in the background eyeing her best friend and ergo, we have ourselves one satisfying conclusion.

I know I’m beating a dead horse here, given that I’ve already given my stance on my saltiness in the last 2 posts (plus there was a ‘civilized’ discussion in /a/ I was part of for a short time, with anons divided into two camps voicing out their opinions), but again, I never had a problem with what the story is — it’s how the stories of these characters were being told in what feels like a deviation from one of Flip Flappers‘ appeal that kinda dialed my optimism down. I’m slowly starting to like Mimi, specially after that part where she played the Damsel in distress card against Salt, and I’m, uh, still trying to figure out if there was any change or substantial distinction I can make from the Salt of episode 1 with the Salt of episode 12.


And no, I’m cool with the themes, references being useless at the end, because just like what fellow Flip Flappers apostle Cauthan said, they may just have been some sort of a homage to Thomassons, and that call was pretty apparent with the friggin useless NyuNyu and the friggin enigmatic Painting in the Hallway. They were just their to… well, just be there. Though I think it’s problematic if I start calling Salt, Mimi or whoever inconsequential, plot devices, bric-a-bracs etc. granted that they’re an invaluable part of the story but… meh, it’s still a waste tbh, and their characters could’ve been explored further. Annnnnd with the said, I’ll end this series with my parting words and these character mosaic courtesy of /a/.




Final short thoughts:

  • I’m giving Flip Flappers a generous 9 and a spot in my 2016 Top 10 anime. It’s that’s good yo, that even if it started to throwing insults at my grandmother I’d still love it.
  • Man, I started laughing when Cocona and Papika floated together up up and away, then they headbutted (or crashed?) against Mimi and BAM!!! The END. What the hell happened to those awesome hammers, kickass scissors, special moves etc? They’re fuggin thomassons, that’s what.
  • I’m sticking to the convenient story that they’re thomassons because that’s actually helping me cope up with this salty feeling.
  • Love that part where the strings started playing, then this OST kicked in signaling the end of the show. I was like “NO NO NO SORRY DONT END”. I’m seriously going to miss this show.
  • Love that take back on how Papika met Mimi and Cocona, with Papika and Cocona shown in the backyard and them free falling together.
  • OST was 10/10. Hope it was utilized better though.
  • Character design? 9/10 until they both transformed into this weird looking combo of Silver Surfer, a wedding dress, and a butterfly. I honestly don’t know how they came up with that.
  • So yeah, camp was divided into two factions: those who were able to invest themselves with the characters/story first and foremost, and those who were captivated with Flip Flappers‘ world-building. I seem to have fallen in the latter, but that doesn’t exactly mean to say that the characters and the story didn’t have any redeeming value. Perhaps they felt second nature, but, again, it’s how Flip Flappers‘ reconciled everything that made me fall in love with the show in the first place.

And, I guess that marks the end of my Flip Flappers post. It was a great ride nonetheless. I feel like I’ve only barely scraped the surface of what can be discussed with this show but I’ll leave it to the intellectuals out there to do their own stuff. Keep on Flip Flapping, bois.

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