Winter 2017 – Week 1

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand something I came up with not because I am feeling lazy, but because I can’t seem to leave this damn blog behind. Weekly write-ups has become some sort of a mantra for me that it’s now bothersome. I start feeling uncomfortable IF I don’t post something even for a week. So yeah, this round-up is nothing big — it’s just a short compilation of my reactions and thoughts for EVERYTHING I am watching for the current season.


Of course I’ll keep doing episodics, but I’ll be saving the episodics to those shows that I really, really want to talk about at length. I initially considered blogging three shows from Winter excluding 3-gatsu (now it’s just down to two), but given the tight work schedule I’m on I probably wouldn’t be able to keep up on writing. I’m still mulling over on what the other two shows I will be covering, but I’m leaning towards Kuzu no Honkai and Konosuba for now.

To start with…

Masamune-kun no Revenge – Episode 1


Nothing surprising. Had a few laughs here and there, but more so often I feel like it’s just trying to be ‘in your face’ with everything. The premise isn’t the most interesting, and I actually spaced out at the middle after trying to mentally piece together previous shows that I’ve seen to come up with Masamune-kun. Guess what I thought of? It’s a mix of a side-story from Kare Kano, Oregairu, and Amagi Brilliant Park! I don’t know how the latter crossed my mind, but I’m pretty sure I’m having the urge to punch both MCs square in the face.

I’d consider this as one of my guilty pleasures for this season along with Seiren, and despite how awfully generic the MC is (I guess the plot too is generic), the side-characters does make up for it by sheer kawai-ness. Aki’s umm hot and is actually adorbs if she’s not in bitch mode, trap is too cute I’m starting to question my own sexuality, there’s also that loli(?) mom that was given an unfair amount of screentime, and Aki’s butler makes me want to bear hug three chow chows. I don’t know. I’ll probably stick to this show thanks to the designs, but yeah it can only go so far as that… unless the chemistry between Aki and Masamune Date turns out to be okay.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen – Episode 1


Hoo boy, it sure feels nice to be back in Rakugo‘s world of bitterness. I’ve always been dubbing Rakugo as Memoirs of a Geisha: The Animation ever since I laid my eyes on it, and man I have never been so wrong — Rakugo is far, far better of a page-turner than the latter. Though, the fact that Rakugo is as close to a masterpiece to what we can get is actually the reason why I ultimately decided not to put it on my blog list. Rakugo does so well in its storytelling and dialogue, its technical presentation and everything that there honestly won’t be anything new for me to say every other episode.

No worries, I’d still include this goddamn show in this weekly writeup, but don’t expect it to be more thought out compared to my standard episodics.

Anyways, we’re now somewhere 10 years after season 1’s last episode. Yotaro’s as genki as ever, Konatsu has grown into a fine lady, and Kikuhiko’s aging better than wine — time’s ticking, and the poison’s growing. deadlier. by. the. second. Seriously, I feel like something’s going to happen so fucked up even Kuzu no Honkai will be put to shame (I mean, at this point, where’s the twist coming?). The OP ain’t helping, and the preview isn’t helping either in trying to keep my mind away from the thought that Kikuhiko is the father of Konatsu’s child. Of course, there aren’t any solid proofs yet, but seeing that look of the kid who arguably looks like a mix of Kikuhiko and Sukeroku is giving me the chills. I guess it kinda makes sense in context that Kikuhiko did love Miyo and his bestie but dude… to screw your ex-lover and best friend’s daughter? Maybe that explains why Kikuhiko is averting his gaze from Konatsu in the OP? Maybe that’s why he feels like committing suicide? Why? Does he still blame himself for what happened in the past? I don’t know. Episode 2, please?

Little Witch Academia (TV) – Episode 1


If you’re a fan of Imaishi and/or of Studio Trigger/Gainax, then boy it’s a great time to be alive, I tell you. A couple of months ago, I literally jumped the bandwagon when news of a TV series for a show called Little Witch Academia was announced. Of course, being the Imaishifag I am, not watching something he’s involved in is a shameful failure in my part. Sure enough, the OVA and the movie proved to be really, really good. Little Witch Academia may have the trademark childish wonder and kick-ass shounen-ish feel to it prevalent in recent popular titles from Gainax/Trigger, but rather, I’m feeling more of a western Ghibli feel from this show which is, I guess, one of its magical charm I came to love.

Episode 1 was a pretty good pilot episode. It kinda reminded me of Mob Psycho 100‘s premier, wherein both shows were on a meet and greet mode — nothing to kickstart the overarching plot, just introduce the characters, flex some sakuga muscles, display what the show is capable of and whatever stuff both anime would like to let the audience to see (yeah, I defo wanted to see a fire-breathing chicken — thanks, Trigger).

But I guess having some context between the chemistry of our 3 main girls, Akko, Lucy, and Lotte, kinda helped in my enjoyment for this episode. Though it didn’t really take that long for me to warm up to their antics thanks to that little part where Akko’s whining audibly while Lotte’s about to fly off to Neverland — this scene was nothing short of entertaining. I feel like I wanted to shoot Akko some daggers for being the over-bearing, tactless gal she is, but at the same time, that look on her face made me feel sorry for Lotte instead for indulging on her new-found friend’s craziness. Lucy’s still being the mad witch she is, and the fact that she’s actually a Flipflino is reason enough for me to watch this anime. Like, that broom she’s using? Dude, we have four of those in my house.

Tales of Zestiria the X Season 2 – Episode 1


Damn it. I’m just feeling obligated to watch this show simply because I covered its first season months ago. Oh, well. Might as well squeeze this anime in the luggage.

Anyways… I guess there isn’t much to say from the first episode other than the ending was pretty okay. There honestly has been jarring issues with ToZX‘s world building or with it trying to at least put some weight into the situation, but seeing Rose and her crew actually do something for me to feel terrified of is something I wish ToZX could’ve done more in the first season. I mean, its world building undeniably sucks. You get one establishing shot of a new location and poof~ that’s all. And they’ll just leave it at that saying “the citizens are scared blah blah blah”. C’mon, at least show us what is there to be scared from. Throw in a goddamn dragon. Explore your surroundings. The neighboring city’s burning to hell, and demons are popping up everywhere, so why the hell is everyone in a festive mood?

But yeah, they did explore their surroundings a bit as we see the characters interact with random people. Serge getting drunk was a pretty awesome sight, and that three-way convo between Sorey, that old man (forgot his name), and Cap’n Serge was a pretty fun moment that I guess kinda made the ensuing revelation more pronounced. Still has tons of improvements to work on, though.

Demi-chan wa Kataritai  – Episode 1

Interviews with Monster Girls? Pfffft. Sounds rubbish.


Tell that to me and I’ll Flip your Flaps. Sure, the title may sound like one of those forgotten light novel rom-coms you can easily find in an otaku’s aging basement, but dude… Demi-chan is actually legitimately FUN. Episode 1 was fun in a way that… the comedy just flowed naturally, which is a godsend of an improvement right after I was treated to Masamune-kun and Seiren‘s half-assed attempt at jokes.

I wasn’t expecting Demi-chan to be this great, and I found the conversations and the interactions between the characters refreshing. What they’re talking about makes sense (well, granted you can suspend your disbelief on the existence of monsters) — a matter of fact tone. I guess an example I can think of is… Vampy-chan explaining to Sensei how awesome vampires who doesn’t suck blood are? Well, they’re just like vegetarians! I was like: HAHAHA I SEE NOW, and that little pause after I thought about it elicited a hearty chuckle from me. Yeah, it’s kinda similar to how you explain to a blind person what the hue of blue looks like.

Additionally, there were also some heartfelt moments in Demi-chan‘s pilot episode which doesn’t feel all that dramatically over the top — just a nice amount of genuine sincerity from the characters was enough for me to feel the D’aaawwww pounding in my kokoro. The narrative may seem like something of a propaganda for “treating everyone else with disabilities with respect or equality whatever” but… hey, I guess that’s exactly what it is (so far), and I’m glad Demi-chan is doing a fantastic job in translating what it wanted to say in the matter. Keep it up~

ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka – Episode 1

ACCA 13. Ah, yes. Hmm. You know, after watching episode 1, I kinda feel a bit smarter and suave.


I don’t know. There’s just this funky and ominous undercurrent running throughout the episode which is literally what’s keeping me on the edge of my seat. There obviously doesn’t seem to be anything happening plot-wise so far, but you can definitely feel that something is brewing in the background. It just… feels off — like something doesn’t feel right. Similar to Jinrui wa Shimashita, the characters and the color palette looks bright and fluffy, but once it hit its stride, it can get real dark (lol remember suicidal bread?). I guess I can say the same for ACCA‘s pilot episode. It looks cool. Everyone looks awesome. Everything looks “peaceful” and “in order” but damn it’s making me itch all over. I don’t even need that old guy with his premonition of a coup d’etat to guess that something is definitely going to break loose sooner or later.

Well, whatever. ACCA 13 is, I guess, taking a nod on Saraiya Goyou‘s script ladden story-telling. Peeps have always hailed the latter’s “tell, don’t show” style — a style which I feel is unfairly underappreciated — and the dialogue certainly has more to them than just characters saying witty remarks or whatever. You blink, you don’t see a line of subtitle, you’ll have a missing piece of the puzzle (hell, smoker-dude’s family /maybe/ the landlord of that sky-high flat). I’d say it would be a good idea for me to rewatch this episode solely because of the fact that there are a lot of stuff I didn’t understand from the barrage of conversations, but that’s actually an indication that I am interested with what the show is trying to tell. And, no, it’s totally different from Occultic;Nine‘s case, a show infamous for its ability to explain rocket science in nine seconds so yeah… I’m sold.

Seiren – Episode 1


Cute girls. Nonsense dialogue. Awkward jokes. Amagami SS was a lot better than this. That’s all. I’m still watching though because cute girls.

Short thoughts:

  • OP of the season goes to 3-gatsu; ED of the season goes to Kuzu no Honkai.
  • Will be covering Kuzu no Honkai and Konosuba in my episodics and boy I am so excited to write about this them weekend. KnH in particular blew me away… in more ways than one.
  • Konosuba is hilarious. I don’t get those people criticizing it for having bad animation. It isn’t even “bad animation” to begin with.
  • Holy crap. I think I bit more than I can chew with this new writeup. This was meant to ease my blogging load but ugh whatever.
  • Am I the only who isn’t getting much of a big deal from Sucy being flipflino?
  • Surprisingly, Winter 2017 is as stacked as last season’s.

Weekly weekly-chan

Can’t think of a good header name. Guess this will do. This section is, well, just an extra. Mostly an update or anything I want to say that’s not related to this season of cartoons. Anyways, I’m into film photography recently. Got a sexy Konica Acom-1 with a freebie expired film and the results were awesome (I wasn’t expecting my second roll to be this good… or maybe I should’ve expected something after watching 10 hours or so of “Film Photography for dummies” in Youtube.

I’d tap that lens.
Underexposed by a stop. Wasn’t expecting a good shot out of it.

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