Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 – Episode 1

It’s a very appropriate time to rewarch Konosuba now with this fever of mine. After all, laughter is the best medicine.


Amidst sneezes and coughs are stiffled laughters courtesy of Kazuma and co’s stupid looking derpy faces. The faces are probably the most apparent punchline throughout the episode, and they sure did a great job at drawing a wide range of reactions specially from Kazuma. I’ve seen a lot of discussions dissing this episode because of the  “bad animation”, but I think some are forgetting that Konosuba has done exactly the same in that succubus episode back in season 1, and the results were utterly hilariously. It’s… kinda disappointing, honestly, that peeps are turning down something because of what they think is “bad animation” — and I don’t think Deen drew it like that with no intention in mind — without giving it another look and asking what is it in service of. I don’t even want to mention that recent hubbub involving Crunchyroll and anime awards. I’m glad I didn’t jump in on that trainwreck.

Anyways, I laughed the most during the latter part, starting from Kazuma wheezing for air and they returned that PAUSE screen right before he retched from nervousness. The following scenes were nothing but a riot — it feels like they’re reaping what Kazuma sowed from the first season out from the very mundane detail. Like, that Arabian guy who exclaimed how dirty his hand moved that one time? LMAO they even zoomed in to his blurred face out of nowhere. It’s as if someone from the studio can’t be bothered of animating a new scene so they arbitrarily picked a shot out of nowhere instead. Dumb, random, clever… these are some of the things that makes up a really, really funny anime to me.


Short thoughts:

  • I’ll keep this one short. I need to take a rest. Gomen, folks.
  • Konosuba’s going to be a difficult blog, granted that comedy is a very subjective aspect and that I feel like it’s not going to be easy to voice out why I think a certain thing is funny.
  • I miss the old ED.
  • New prosecutor character is kawaii.
  • Aqua crying is like music to my ears… for some reason.
  • Those boob bounces are really funny to look at.
  • I love the irony in that trial. Those two girls accusing Kazuma of stealing their pantsu when they’re wearing nothing to begin with.
  • Was that a parody of Phoenix Wright?
  • I haven’t watched the OVAs yet. I probably should now.

Not even a damn fever is going to stop me from watching my cartoons *sneeze* I’ll see you folks next week!


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