Winter 2017 – Week 2

I’m behind on my write ups, and I seriously despise being late. Whatever. At least I’ve got a brand new awesome laptop, which means I can now watch anime on 720p! Whooop!


Masamune-kun no Revenge – Episode 2


Shit. I’m very late on my coverage for this but oh well. It’s not as if Masamune-kun demands that much of an attention for me to watch it right away.

As usual, the character designs has been the selling point of this anime for me, though what surprised me this episode is, I guess, those twists as I wasn’t expecting Chow chow-chan to be an assassin of all things (specially right after she was treated to multiple pantsu shots). I don’t know, at least it makes the story more interesting? Masamune-kun is kinda having an existential crisis so far, with it alternating its tone between a serious revenge narrative to a comedic rom-com that’s only starting get jarring. MC’s chemistry with Aki is still down in the gutter, but Class President is proving to be a better romantic alternative for fanning my inner shipper’s desire.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen – Episode 2


What a class act of performance. Rakugo is at it again, and I can’t praise enough how much I loved this episode — it’s every bit what I came to love from season 1 with its mix of rakugo, emotions, feels, and the direction is just top notch. Simply no frame is wasted.

Probably my favorite part this episode is with Kikuhiko consoling his apprentice. Nearly teared up at the scene, and I wasn’t expecting Kikuhiko to be that compassionate with Yataro considering how the latter has been treated up until now. Though, I guess, it’s kinda the most natural decision — it takes one to know another, after all, but more than not I’m starting to feel that Kikukiho’s just starting to thaw after all these years of wear and tear.

With all the talk of the past, those flashbacks and whatnot… it makes the OP’s tick-tocking all the more ominous. Some would say that the OP’s beautiful or whatever, but rather I’m feeling depressed, or, perhaps even scared when I watch it. It’s also one great thing about Rakugo, wherein there really isn’t one clear antagonist/element to point the blame to. Time’s just… there. It exists. We’re constantly in the state of pushing forward, and it just so happens that pushing forward in Rakugo is harder than it seems with all the weights of the past on the shoulder of our characters.

Little Witch Academia (TV) – Episode 2

Pretty okay episode.


Wasn’t the most enjoyable episode, as it feels like a single arc got cramped up into a meager 20 minutes. Am I supposed to know or remember what that tree is or…? What’s the over-arching plot going to be? I don’t know, and I feel like I’m not compelled to answer these right away. I guess for now, LWA may simply want us to enjoy the ride — of which I am surely enjoying that Trigger feel so far.

Tales of Zestiria the X Season 2 – Episode 2


You know something’s wrong when the preview’s more enjoyable than the actual episode itself.

Demi-chan wa Kataritai – Episode 2


If Demi-chan ain’t the breakout anime of the season, then I don’t know what it is.

Episode 2 takes us into a sweet, cuddly ride along the fancy whims of Dullahan-chan. Props to the fanservicey stuff that doesn’t try to forcibly shoved their pantsu on to our faces, and this is one thing that’s always going to get checks in my list. Though, I guess one aspect that I find the most interesting hitherto is the amount of characterization they’re giving these characters. I’m pretty sure Demi-chan is following a standard trope of a rom-com/harem anime, though the fact that these girls are “monsters” are what’s giving them this “original” feel to their personalities/characters.

I’m sure Dullahan-chan is that tall, soft-spoken girl who’s in love with a guy but… hey, she’s a Dullahan, so they must adjust her personality and quirks to fit Demi-chan‘s matter of fact approach and poof~ you’ve got one interesting, fresh, fun character to watch. It’s weird, because of I can easily imagine them being more “real” than the other similar shows I’m watching this season.

These little nuances in character is kinda interesting, actually, and I’m starting to form my own theories as to how the girls came to be. For starters, maybe Dullahan-chan’s keeping her hair short because it’s easier to manage that way? Or maybe Snow Woman is scared of Dullahan-chan because she thinks her “fire” might melt her? And hey what the hell is that cat ear thingy on Vampire-chan’s head? Bat ears? I don’t know, but if there’s one thing I’m sure at, it’s that I want to hug Snow Woman under the heat of this Asian weather I’m at.

ACCA: 13-kun Kansatsu-ka – Episode 2


Man, I just love how chill this anime is despite the heavy and serious backdrop. There’s a coup d’etat? Let’s show the characters eating deserts! But, hey, that pretty much sums up our society, no? Someone dying from hunger in the alley? Damn, I’m watching anime in the comforts of my house! Yup. And that’s one thing that owes to that… “not right” feeling I’m getting with this show.

ACCA 13 is kinda like that tea in the morning with a bit of a kickback in the aftertaste. The kickback being the twists and revelations… and speaking of twists, I totally called Nino as the stalker. Prolly why he approached Cigar-kun’s imouto is for him to know onii-san’s whereabouts. That’s pretty creepy, given how they made the conversation so casual without making it too shady/giving away too much hints. Last straw was easily that “someone is watching me” thingy. Who’s that person who always gets in touch with you, and whose presence brings comfort, not the opposite? Yep, your best friend… if you have one.

I don’t know. ACCA 13 is just like a puzzle. There’s a lot of info flying around, a lot of expositions being said, but they’re just interesting (for me) so I don’t mind the least about tiring my eyes reading subtitles. If I have to guess… Cigar-kun and Nino are in cahoots together. Nino just faking it so that they can get insider info, with Cigar-kun just doing his job of “auditing” and BAM — the five chief officers turns out to be corrupt (pretty sure it has something to do with cigars, but why are they framing MC?). It’s pretty far-fetched, I know, but given how fishy the OP plays out specially on that minimalistic part… (hey, what if Cigar-kun is some kind of royalty?)

Seiren – Episode 2

Can’t stress how much I was a fan of Amagami‘s character designs.


Hmm. I’m not sure what to think of this show. I really want to love Tsuneki’s character but I’m not feeling the dumbed down script Seiren seems to fancy — it just… feels too forced, and isn’t even the bit “sexy” or whatever. Her playful and carefree character is amusing — and actually reminds me of the ‘hard to get’ trope I’m fond of years ago — though it could’ve been used a lot better. I mean, Tsuneki’s fine, and I don’t mind her strutting half of the episode wearing a tank top and a micro if that’s what her preference is, but this punchable MC is too much for me to handle. To begin with why would you give her your tracksuit? Give her something else tasteful goddamnit. And why the hell would two random girls blush from being reminded that they forgot their coffee? Romance? Blegh. Seiren has a lot to learn from Tawawa on Monday‘s imagination.

Weekly weekly-chan


My old laptop got busted, along with it my Week 2 draft. This write up should’ve been posted 3 days ago. I was already considering the prospect of getting a new gear, because the old one is so unbearably slow even at the most basic tasks you can perform on a PC. Opening Notepad takes half a minute, and will even crash from time to time, and crap can’t even play a 480p/360p anime smoothly without stuttering. Tried to defragment the laptop in the hopes that it will solve the problem, but gave up after the 3rd day — at that rate it may have taken me a whole month to complete the defrag so nope.

Not that I care now. Scored a good ASUS laptop for less than $200.00. Everything is running smooth like knife on butter… with the exception of the automatic updates from Windows 10. Disabled the updates now, and I’m giving the thought of moving to Windows 7 a chance but so far… I’m really enjoying this new laptop I got. It felt like a I lost a good friend though.

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