3-gatsu no Lion – Episode 14

Guess what? If 3-gatsu ended in 2016, it would have been my anime of the year. Seriously.


Episode 14 had nothing flashy going on in it, which made me question whether or not Shaft deliberately aggravated the tone of the last episode to make Shimada’s “wake-up call” to Rei more apparent this week. I have to concur that I also got caught up in that shogi fever with all the tension and buildup going on… and I can’t blame myself nor Rei for our nearsightedness either (props to Shaft for one upping me with that one). I may have forgotten that 3-gatsu was a more grounded anime than what it appears to be, leaving me to believe that Rei’s going to pull off a miraculous upset over Shimada, but… this anime reminded me that life isn’t that convenient. Shimada isn’t a side-character, nor Rei is the hero of his own story, donning a white cape yelling vengeance in the name of justice. They’re just people like us. People having a hard time. People who had a hard time.

There’s something very sentimental this episode that’s kinda reminiscent of what I mentioned before, with how we don’t have any means to support Rei or cheer him up. Rather, this episode is more like a slight jab to the callow kid inside of me, more than that of a moment of sitting back and sympathizing with Rei like some wise ol’ duffus. It’s hard to say “I see where you are coming from, Rei”, granted that I too am guilty of defending my hasty decisions with innumerable BUTS (not to mention that I totally wrote Shimada out of the picture as well). It’s embarrassing, really, but Rei’s sensei is definitely right. If life is so convenient that BUTS can answer all the questions in the world, then I don’t know what would’ve become of me. I probably would still be under the confines of my room, perusing tabloids looking for a job ad whilst muttering But this job is too hard for me~ or something along those lines.


Regardless, aside from that astringent taste of having our head split in half, I still do love how 3-gatsu isn’t dwelling on the issue of naivety too much (hell, they even made joke of the BUTS). The show tackles the ups and downs of Rei (and the other characters) with such gentleness that I can’t help but feel that it’s saying that life can be hard, but that doesn’t mean it has to be unbearable. Unlike the sardonic approach with Welcome to the NHK, 3-gatsu gives us insight into that of depression, whilst leaving a sturdy shoulder to lean on at the same time.


Short thought:

  • Man, what a messy post. I just wrote whatever popped into my mind. Gomen.
  • Shimada’s another fantastic character. Personification of hard work, huh?
  • We’ve seen Rei dine with the Kawamoto for a festive meal, we’ve seen him chow down a cup of noodles like a robot, and we’ve seen him sobbing in a corner with a sandwich in hand.
  • This episode obviously hit closer to home than I expected as evidenced by what I blabbered above.
  • I mean, it’s like explaining why your favorite anime is the best anime of all time, and then someone proved you wrong that your favorite anime is shittier than shit with valid points you can’t rebut. That kind of frustration.
  • So who’s it gonna be? Shimada or Gouto?
  • I think Shimada’s going to be a great teacher to Rei. There’s just this refined aura surrounding him that makes him a perfect father-figure to Rei.
  • Rei running again lol

I’m hoping for a second season as early as now. Given how famous the manga is with more than enough materials to adapt,  it isn’t a far cry we’d get a sequel… hopefully. I’ll see you folks next week~


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  1. I absolutely loved this episode and it took forever for me to get my thoughts together about it too. There’s just so much going on with these characters (even though not a lot of activity occurs) and it just makes you think and reflect and feel so much. This episode leaves you a mess and its fantastic. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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