Winter 2017 – Week 3


It’s usually at the third week of the season wherein shows start to peak. Sure enough, week 3 proved that Winter’s lineup isn’t so cold after all.

Masamune-kun no Revenge – Episode 3

Aki uses Cosplay


It’s super effective!

Fun episode. Laughed more than I should’ve. Aki’s getting cuter and cuter, though I find her change in character a bit unconvincing. Not even sure what the plot is but idc anymore.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen – Episode 3

Time skips are all good in Rakugo.

How the hell is Studio Deen keeping the quality for both Rakugo and Konosuba in top shape? I don’t know, I don’t care, and I don’t mind seeing two anime from them in my top 3 this season. Seriously. If you’re to ask me what’s the best animated show this season, I’ll answer Rakugo in less than a second. Or, maybe it’s just me getting used to this 720p quality of anime but whatevs.

Tension runs high this episode as our boy Yotaro screws with a Yakuza boss. I was biting my thumb during the confrontation between Yota and his boss, and even forgot that I was supposed to eat my dinner, not my finger. Good thing is that I didn’t have to worry about swallowing my thumb whole, because that jaw-dropping rant from Yota almost brought me to tears. It’s… kinda weird, because I never really knew how much Yotaro loved Konatsu, but that scene alone was even enough to make Konatsu fall in love with the guy again regardless of how quixotic his actions were. It’s still a very delicate situation, however, because there wasn’t any real answer given yet as to who the hell is that kid’s dad. Perhaps, there may just have been some misunderstanding with what Yota saw back then, plus the Yakuza boss didn’t really give his acknowledgement in the matter. I’m still lead to believe in my own stupid fantasy that it’s indeed Kikuhiko’s son though but man who cares? I trust Rakugo enough for it to give me one hell of a satisfying second season, and so far, my trust is well placed.

Little Witch Academia (TV) – Episode 3


That’s more I like it. Energetic, fun, and wild — an improvement from last episode’s rather moody atmosphere. Whoever was in-charge of this episode nailed the presentation, and I love those quick cuts and over the top scenes which are kinda reminiscent of those other hyperactive Trigger shows, whilst still retaining that western vibe in the mix.

If episode 1 is the introduction, and episode 2 the characterization, then I guess episode 3 is more like an exploration. It’s enchanting to see LWA just having fun with its magical world, with a bit of a sprinkled world building here and there. It actually feels like episodes 2 and 3 should’ve been in reverse order, granted that episode 2 kicked in with something momentous such as that Tree of Life thing which is supposedly a big deal for umm everyone? When episode 3 is just… well, chill. Lotte and Akko going to a cafe(?), kiddos playing Quidditch racing, Akko being dumb as usual — maybe LWA is more suited to something like an episodic format, and I don’t mind seeing that instead.

Tales of Zestiria the X Season 2 – Episode 3

Why is she hugging the floor?

Umm. Not a bad episode, I guess? A bit of an action with Lailah kicking ass, and some Alisha screentime towards the end. Other than that, the rest are too boring to even bother. At least Alisha seems to be constantly doing something, and I’d be more than happy to watch her as the MC instead of Sorey and co. who’s fine with being despondent 24/7 and talking and talking and more talking. Or like, just give us PREVIEWS, cause ToZX Previews are the best thing ever.

Anyways. You know what? Let’s talk about Granblue Fantasy instead. Forget this show. Granblue Fantasy is pretty good, and I wouldn’t be ashamed to recommend the first two episodes because they were actually enjoyable… well, that’s based off my standards, as I’m sure most of you folks are aware about the stigma surrounding game adaptations. Nevertheless, as someone who has played the game and proudly skipped those walls of texts, I’m kinda surprised at how the premier turned out to be.

I didn’t know the characters were this fun, OST ain’t bad either, knows how to crack a good joke or two, character motivations are easy to understand… plot is generic and boring (and ToZX arguably even has a more gripping narrative to tell), but once you can get the feel of the adventure, the rush in adrenaline as the characters fly through the horizon with that awesome backdrop of the sunset, then you’re good to go. It’s just that — FUN. And I can already see myself enjoying the trip with Gran and his newfound nakamas.

Oh, and did I mention GBF has tons and tons and tons of awesome character designs? I mean, it’s like a catch ’em all card game. Imagine Final Fantasy Tictacs‘ characters, and multiple that by 100 plus a couple more other Final Fantasy charas. You get where I’m coming from… okay, screw that. Sadly, the adaptation will probably only cover a minute amount of side-characters which is a big minus, really.

Demi-chan wa Kataritai – Episode 3

Dayo ne?

Enjoyed this episode as much as the last one. You guys seriously need to watch this. I use to give rom-com harems a frown and a shrug but Demi-chan‘s different. Love that weird sounding OST this episode. Love Succubus-sensei… you’ll love every character in this show.

ACCA: 13-kun Kansatsu-ka – Episode 3

I think Jean’s lil sis is the prettiest girl this season.

Pro tip: Don’t watch this anime when you’re hungry. Trust me.

Plot’s getting thicker, food’s looking better, everything’s starting to get confusing and I’m not even mad because this show is too damn engrossing. I don’t know how to put it but it reminds me of those cheap thriller novels I’ve read when I was a kid — there’s just nothing really happening until later at the end where there’s actual conflict (tip of my tongue; book’s title is prolly The Associate or something). I don’t know. I just want to see how Jean’s going to outwit those dudes. I just want to know why are they framing him. I just want to know what those food tastes like… because the last thing the characters in this anime can do to make me drool is to shut up and talk some food instead of bureaucracy.

Seiren – Episode 3


“I can feel the depravity in my pants!”

“I never knew navels and sweat pants marks were such a deadly combo! It looks just like a sun setting into the horizon!”

Ugh. Someone. When’s the next arc going to start? I can’t make up my mind whether I’m pissed off with the MC, or I’m simply not finding Tsuneki’s character that hot.

Weekly Weekly-chan


So… on top of these great shows I’m watching this season is a high fantasy anime from the early 2000s called Scrapped Princess. I honestly can’t remember what made me pick this anime up. The title sounds dubious, the visuals look clunky, and the premise doesn’t sound promising. And, well, that’s exactly what I got. Then comes episode 1 — I realized that I was barking at the wrong tree. I’m now 15 episodes in just after 2 days. I can’t stop.

I love to talk about it at length, but I guess I’ll just save the blabber on a separate post. Think of Scrapped Princess as a fusion of Cowboy Bebop‘s fun and melancholic characters, with that of Neon Genesis Evangelion‘s narrative scope. It’s Cowboy Bebop because the character are just well-written without having the need to be complex. There’s this sense of drab air from time to time, but someone from the main trio will usually crack a joke or two to lighten up mood,  and that speaks a lot with its likeness to Cowboy Bebop. It’s like they’re trying to be happy for the sake of not being sad… okay, geez. It’s hard to explain. Give the first three episodes a try. That’s all I can say for now yo.


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