Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku Wo! 2 – Episode 3

Uhh I can’t seem to figure out what to say for this episode but oh well — I’ll keep it short, I guess.


Not as funny as the last one, but nevertheless an enjoyably time with Kazuma and co. Butt of the joke for this week is Aqua, and it took quite a while for the punchline to hit my funny bones. I needed a double take to understand that Aqua wasn’t just doing her job properly this time around, but she was actually pretty clever (and convincing) with faking her own spotlight. In the end, I kinda feel like she outwitted me, or maybe I was just too slow in the uptake. I mean, it all makes sense that she was so gung-ho with entering the dungeon, and it damned on me that she’s was attracting all those zombies to… umm, well, to sucker up to us and to Kazuma. She’s been low-key these last 2 episodes — with Kazuma and Megumin as the stars respectively — and I shouldn’t have been surprised if she started hogging all the screentime because as usual, she’s always the attention-seeking god we came to love.


Short thoughts:

  • Uh-oh. Kazuma’s slowly turning into a bully.
  • That part where Yunyun’s alone outside when everyone’s partying mad is making me cringe.
  • Kazuma’s hand is back!
  • Lol at that explosion montage.
  • I guess next week it’s Darkness turn, eh?
  • Those >_< faces are perfect.

Eh, obviously my shortest episode post by far. This is what I meant when I said that blogging Konosuba is going to be difficult. Whatever. At least I’ve got more free time outside anime~ I’ll see folks next week!


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