Kuzu no Honkai – Episode 4

How do we stop Kuzu no Honkai? We don’t.


After a rather slow first two episodes, Kuzu no Honkai has spiraled out of control with its last two. And that isn’t only in terms of the plot reveals and twists, as Kuzu no Honkai‘s delivering the best directed episodes this season. These last 2 weeks are just perfect wherever angle I look at it. I guess an easy tell when something is well-directed is if you feel like the anime is not wasting any cuts or anything — every frame has something to contribute to its whole. The pacing is up there, ample time is given to each characters for us to hear what they say, the imagery and atmosphere is on-point, voice acting is terrific, the dialogues are worth reading (cough Seiren)… I don’t know man. Like what I said weeks ago, even if they remove the raunchy stuff, Kuzu no Honkai will still work as a great romance/drama anime on its own.

There’s this one particular scene that easily became my favorite, and I’ve actually watched it more than a dozen times now because it’s just too clever and an eye-catch to ignore. Remember that part where Hanabi’s getting the F, and then these manga panels started panning left to right one by one? That’s the cherry on top for me (well, aside from that ending with Akane-sensei revealing her true colors with a smack of her lips). It’s very simple, yet has the touch of genius to it. How do you translate what’s going on in Hanabi’s mind back then? They could’ve just done a boring first person POV shot of her talking to Kanai-sensei, but that would look like a flashback instead, and will feel like Hanabi’s removed from the actual scene/setting. I guess, the panning of those panels kinda signify a fleeting thought and swirling emotions, with each frame fading out like some realization that this fantasy is merely just a fantasy. I don’t know if they’re just adapting how the manga did it, but seeing how it worked so well in animation is just amazing.


Anyways, let’s move onto the cake of the cherry — the characters. The more Kuzu no Honkai unfolds itself, the more things get crazier, and in the center of that nasty clusterfuck is Hanabi. Some people may say that Kanai-sensei is the purest of the lot — and I actually think that Hanabi’s purer than pure — but I think that’s bound to change when he too gets cucked later on. Kanai-sensei will be the Shinji Hikari of this season, jerking off to a love that will never be. Trust me. The sweeter your love is, the easier it becomes tainted — you know, that bitter feeling of your first heartbreak, when you thought Ahh, she’s the only one for me then BAM~ there goes muh kokoro. And considering that her adorable lil sis is also doing those, umm, things, Megane-sensei’s in for some stitches when he finds out. I can’t figure out why I’m getting excited over the prospect of seeing these characters hurt… or maybe “excited” is the wrong term. I don’t know. Kuzu no Honkai grabs you by the balls and doesn’t let go until the end.

than pineapple on pizza

Short thoughts:

  • There’s also Ecchan, an ecchi, aggressive stalker. She reminds me of that clingy type of lover who wants everything for his/herself. Perceptive to a fault, and can get easily suspicious of things. They check your phone’s call logs, they ask who you were with the other week. They’re fiery, intense, lonely, dependent… and their biggest weakness is their lover not loving them back.
  • And we have ourselves the big boss, Akane-sensei. Wow. I may have a loose tongue, though I’m not fond of saying slut or bitch… but how else can I describe her other than the two? Even her flashback did nothing to justify her actions. Yeah, these girls can be scary, but truth be told, men also love to exploit others. But I guess it would really depend, given that those who are capable of (e.g the rich, the beautiful, the handsome) are usually — but not always — the ones who fall into this narcissistic shithole.
  • Is it wrong for me to say that Hanabi is the purest? I mean, I kinda feel like she’s just getting all caught up from everything.
  • How do you define “pure” anyways?
  • Okay. I know Akane-sensei may be the most hated character in recent memory but she’s hot.
  • And she also shares the same seiyuu as K-On!‘s Yui! I will never unhear that.
  • That ghost Hanabi’s scary. Has she lost it?
  • The track is 10/10 again this episode.
  • I just love those ‘too close for comfort’ zoom ins to their faces/eyes. It definitely makes me more uncomfortable when Hanabi’s moaning then they cut to these zoom in to her lips or eyes.
  • AOTS?
  • I love those framing when they’re doing an establishing shot/flashback. Like, black aspect ratio borders for Akane-sensei’s, then white for Kanai-sensei’s. Easily sets up the mood/atmosphere.
  • So, is this how Aku no Hana was supposed to be done?

All right. So how do we stop Kuzu no Honkai? Nope. We can’t. These characters are going downhill with a faulty brake. It’s just weird how the more twisted things get, the better the show becomes. I’ll see you folks next week~

5 Replies to “Kuzu no Honkai – Episode 4”

  1. When the show is over, come back to this summary for a big giggle. And don’t let anyone spoil you or read the manga 😉

    At least, it’s an AOTS contender, and it’s rising in the rankings of multi-watchers.

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    1. Will do, will do. I’m doing my best not to join in on other discussions, so unless I see something in Twitter then that’s the only way I’ll get screwed.


  2. From the manga, I’m kind of getting the impression that purity does not exist in the story (by any traditional definition). Though all of the characters do seem to be purely acting on base instincts (from what people are saying about the anime) even while they fall into self-loathing for doing so.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

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