Kuzu no Honkai – Episode 5

The gauntlet is thrown. The first round of shots are fired. The enemy has seized and conquered. Yet here I am, alone and terrified.

Episode 5 was honestly paced a tad fast for me, but that last line Akane-sensei said was more than enough to make time stop for Hanabi. It’s been a while since I saw someone as savage as this.


Last night, I had sex with Kanai-sensei.

Whether or not what she said is true, Akane-sensei is slowly crawling up the ladder in becoming one of my favorite antagonist ever. She’s crazy, she’s interesting in a sense that I want to know about her, she does things that makes everyone go mad, she’s assertive, she wants to watch the world burn, she makes a show a lot better. It wouldn’t be hard for me to imagine her as some evil witch in a tragic fairy tale or something, and the only difference is that rather than saying she’ll take someone else’s lover away, she’d rather pour the acid to our princess’ ears. I fucked your prince charming.

And it isn’t only with her actions that makes her standout from run-of-the-mill villains, as I’m finding her ideologies and internal monologues fascinating too. It’s true that we normally don’t get an antagonist for a typical romance/drama anime — as most would usually settle with tackling the contrivances of being in a relationship instead — but I guess that’s where Kuzu no Honkai has always been deviating itself from, and it’s doing a damn fine job at that. There’s this scene wherein Akane-sensei’s extrapolating something about school bells and how much she hates a monotonous and repetitive routine, and it reminds me those hackneyed situation in conventional drama shows wherein a boy is thinking about romance, homeroom teacher comes in, a breeze of air enters the room and wallah~ that’s how I met your mother. It’s similar to how the school bell rang in cue before Kanai-sensei appeared, and Akane-sensei was like boring, boring, BORING.


Regardless — and I’ve already mentioned this a week ago — I still can’t see how to justify her actions or how she came to be. Perhaps… she was just like Hanabi before; alone, weak, dependent. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Hanabi’s slowing turning out to become the next Akane-sensei. The latter did mention that Hanabi “belongs to this side”, and it’s starting to become apparent what she meant by this. Hanabi’s frustrated in achieving her ideal relationship with Kanai-sensei to the point that she’d rather settle with compromises in the form of Ecchan and Mugi. Too bad Ecchan doesn’t have a D, and too bad love dictates that she can only choose one between Mugi or sensei.


Short thoughts:

  • He could be compared to a god, however, someone once said, “I bet the devil has the same kind of face”.
  • Or maybe to think that Akane-sensei is the only antagonist is a bit shallow. Maybe they’re all antagonists of their own stories.
  • So, I’ve recently started hearing this word fuccboi. What the hell is that supposed to mean?
  • I think Mugi asking if Hanabi’s still a virgin is because he thought she slept with a guy. It didn’t make sense to me the first time I heard it.
  • It’s even more absurd when you realized that a teacher is telling that to his students.
  • Umm. We aren’t getting a School Days end, right?

Not sure how’s Hanabi going to recover from that but… whatever. Maybe it’s time for her to start making moves at her crush? Anyways, that’s it for this week. I’ll see you folks next episode~

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