3-gatsu no Lion – Episode 17

Remember what I said months ago that 3-gatsu has one of the most strongest set of characters? I still do.


Uhh. I don’t know how best to describe this episode other than it’s poetic. The visuals, the cuts, the staging, the composition, the sound editing, literally everything’s fusing together into this symphony of cinematography mastery that it’s absolutely difficult to take my eyes away even for a second, and I’m not exaggerating here either. I’ve pretty much explained already how great 3-gatsu manages its tonal shifts and mood changes, and there’s no better way to put it other than hearing from the man himself, Digibro. No frame wasted? Yup, you’ll see that this episode. Every scene/encounter translates its emotions clearly? You got it.

It’s pretty obvious where I’m coming from here, given that one of my favorite part this episode is with Rei meeting Souya. If that isn’t proof enough of what I’ve been praising 3-gatsu with all this time, then color me surprised. That scene was as powerful as it was subtle, and the fact that I was so absorbed staring at the screen of my laptop magnified my already heightened response. Anyways, whatever. I’m not an expert when it comes to these things, but when a show’s strengths become too apparent from a scene or two, I just can’t help but talk about it. Anyone saying that Shaft’s doing a poor job at handling 3-gatsu must be loony.


Other than the technical aspects, one facet that I haven’t praised much is, I guess, the characters. It’s kinda funny that I hold every person in this show in high regard, but when I think about it, we’ve never really seen them interact with each other that much, partly because we’re stuck in Rei’s perspective most of the time. Such is why it’s interesting to see Kyouko react to the Kawamoto sisters and vice versa. I was able to see a side to Kyouko I wasn’t aware that she has, and, well, I guess a person’s approach to food can be used to tell their personality? Kyouko ate everything with tongue-and-cheek remarks as a side dish, yet she never exclaimed how delicious the cooking really was. She may have a sharp tongue, but she can be honest with her actions. Rei’s fine with instant noodles, and that lead me to believe that he’s the kind of guy who isn’t picky, or maybe he simply appreciates what he has. Akari has a penchant for making economically tasty food, and that fits perfectly to her image of a mom. Hina is careful and strategic with her own kitchen-craft as shown when they designed wrappings for the boxes, and that — from my own definition — implies someone who is gentle, caring, and honest.

Kyouko never really made much of an impact up until this week, and I guess I’m starting to look at her in a different light after all the hubbubs the Inari sushi made. I love her dynamic with Rei, and the fact that he thinks of her as his sister is reason enough why he wanted to protect her — that’s just it, plain and simple. There honestly doesn’t seem to be any friction between the two of them outside of shogi, and it’s great to see them go wild and act like a real sibling once in a while. Rei may have gotten himself a second home, a second family in the form of the Kawamotos, but I’ve always felt like there’s a wall separating Rei and the sisters. It’s most probably due to the sense that he may intruding himself to somewhere he doesn’t belong, or it’s just that he feels he has no need for their kindness (which we already learned last week is essential to growing up and surviving). Whatever the case is, it would be nice to see Rei be more vivacious in the company of the Kawamoto family, as much he is animated when he’s with Nikaidou or Kyouko.


Short thoughts:

  • Wait. How old is Nikaidou again?
  • You know, every time I’m out shooting my camera, I always think back to how 3-gatsu composes a shot. Remember that black and white shot of Shimada-san’s silhouette with a glum and brooding backdrop? Damn, that’s every photographer’s wet dream.
  • Nikaidou is awesome. Got chills after hearing how determined he is. He totally deserves that imposing cut of his in the OP.
  • Hina a cute. A CUTE.
  • Kyouko’s cute too but…
  • Man, I’m really starting to become intrigue with Souya. Can he speak? And what’s with Rei comparing him to a god and a devil?
  • Seriously, though. That scene with Rei and Souya was almost like a haiku or something. The muted colors of the greenery was even reminiscent of Mushishi‘s.
  • These end cards… Just how famous 3-gatsu is in Japan?
  • Ahh, Kyouko. The wiles of being in-love. She kinda reminds me of my sister. Sis got married when she was young and most of the time goes out to date this guy from the neighboring city. Suffice to say she always made mom go nuts, and it’s funny because that same behavior is the reason why mom’s mad at her even after a decade. Seriously.

It’s still a mystery to me why there are so little discussions of this show. Oh, well. I’ll see you folks next week~


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