3-gatsu no Lion – Episode 18

Can you believe that we only have 4 episodes left of 3-gatsu no Lion?


Not much to say about this episode, honestly, but that part with Hayashida and Rei (again) pretty much spells out what 3-gatsu has been aiming for, despite its lack of an objective in sight. I mean, I remember asking myself before what 3-gatsu hopes to achieve with its characters, what’s its endgame, what is it aiming for, how’s it going to end or whatever, but then somewhere along the way I’ve unconsciously put aside that question in favor of just… being with the characters and hoping for the best.


I guess 3-gatsu is one of those anime who’s in it for the journey and much less the destination. It’s pretty much like how we struggle in life. I can say that I didn’t change much compared to myself a year ago, but as with how Rei puts it, if there are rice paddies, that’s not nothing. There may not be a change or an apparent distinction I can make to brag about that I’m better, I’m richer, I’m cooler than the me a year ago but… I made an effort to survive. Is that nothing? I find this conversation with Shimada fascinating, because later on, Rei talks to Hayashida-sensei and blabbers about “achieving nothing”. Hah, shut-up, Rei. I admire you for the strong person that you’ve become. That’s definite not nothing, and that’s exactly why we just have to keep on doing our best, regardless of how long the results will bear fruit. And yeah, I think that’s probably what Shimada-san meant too when he’s appraising his hometown’s “nothingness”.


Short thoughts:

  • I’ve grown dear to the characters of this anime that it’s going to be a long time before I can get over them.
  • Apparently, that weird Smith scene eating breakfast was a parody of something from Japan.
  • That part with Shimada and Rei playing shogi and sakuga broke loose was awesome. Should I say it’s where most of the budget for this episode went to?
  • Jealous Hina is cute.
  • C’mon, Japan. I’m sure 3-gatsu has enough material to cover for another season.
  • I wonder just how strong Souya’s power level is…

Well, whatever. For some reason, despite the prominence of 3-gatsu‘s manga in Japan, no western distributor is picking it up. Niche much? Anyways, I’ll see you folks next week~

One Reply to “3-gatsu no Lion – Episode 18”

  1. This show is definitely one about the journey and it doesn’t seem overly interested in the final destination so much as really embracing all the steps along the way. I’ve really come to love watching Rei and seeing the small changes in him.
    Thanks for sharing.

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