Kuzu no Honkai – Episode 6

This is probably the first anime I’ve seen where the more rotten the characters become, the better it gets.


And I say that with a tinge of misery because who would in the right mind wants to see these kids suffer? Ooops. I forgot. There’s Ecchan, the girl who was previously harassed and is now the one doing the harassment. And to think that what I said about the purer one’s love gets, the more rotten it becomes rears its ugly head once again… Though honestly, it’s sadder to know that each characters here are well aware that they’re tying their own nooses, yet they readily accept the pain that comes with it.

Getting in Hanabi’s headspace, we see her in a state of limbo en route to being the next Akane, as expected. I feel like episode 6 made Hanabi’s predicament more apparent, and I guess it perfectly justifies why she can’t just friggin confess to Kanai-sensei — something which I dumbly asked weeks ago. She’s, well, simply afraid of rejection and of being left alone — Kanai-sensei is everything to Hanabi: a father figure, a big brother, a teacher, a mentor, a friend, a crush, a knight in shining armor, prince charming. And rejection is probably the only answer she’ll get now that it’s Akane-sensei who first took the D. So what can you do, Hanabi? Yup, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. To Akane and her group of fuccbois, sex is synonymous with love. Fuck first, then sort out the feelings later. It’s obviously something that Hanabi’s ideology at this state can’t hope to comprehend but… oh God, she’s doing it, and it’s breaking me to see her like this.


Going by this course of development, however, also speaks on behalf of Akane-sensei’s character. I’m lead to believe that she was also once like Hanabi, someone who got caught up in things and figured out a way to compromise using their sex appeal. I mean, it goes without saying that there are 3D girls like her around, but it also goes without saying that Akane-sensei wasn’t readily born a slut. Remember Kyouko from 3-gatsu no Lion, wherein she’s hated by viewers because of how she acts like a total bitch? Tell you what. She wasn’t born that way, and I’ve always believed that there’s no one to blame why a person acts this way or another. We’re a hodge podge of emotions, personalities, quirks, created from years of experience and circumstances… it’s just that when life gives Kuzu no Honkai a lemon, they turn it into a bad apple.


Short thoughts:

  • Not sure if we’re going to get more Akane flashbacks but… maybe we really won’t. Probably because her circumstances were already told through Hanabi’s perspective, and there’s no need to explain further why she is what she is now.
  • Mugi knows Hanabi’s cheating on him, and it’s only making him excited.
  • So how does Moca fit into all of this? Is she the personification of the pure love Hanabi preaches?
  • Ugh. I want to punch that guy Hanabi was with.
  • Lol people are finally comparing Kuzu no Honkai with Evangelion.
  • Is Ecchan secretly an exhibitionist?
  • Hey, that raises the question whether or not she was enjoying that train groping scene.
  • Hanabi’s phone wallpaper’s a picture of… fireworks. Cute.

Who’s willing to bet a box of pizza we’re getting a good ending? I’ll see you folks next week~


2 Replies to “Kuzu no Honkai – Episode 6”

  1. I think the point is that Hanabi and Akane have completely different personalities. Akane enjoys hurting people around her by taking their lovers for herself. Hanabi doesn’t. Hanabi wants to be respected by the people around her, while Akane actually couldn’t care less – she only wants to be desired. That’s why Hanabi’s attempt of channeling Akane is ultimately futile (and she herself realizes it!) – she simply doesn’t work this way.

    Did you read the manga, or are you blissfully unaware and a pure anime viewer?


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