Winter 2017 – Week 7

A rough week at the office, a great week for anime.

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon – Episode 7


It’s a beach episode, and they turned it into something warm and lighthearted! Inb4 KyoAni finds a way meme.

Another great and satisfying episode. Maid Dragon has established itself as one of my most looked forward to anime this season.

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 – Episode 7


Hilarity ensues in this week’s installment of Ko No Su Ba!

Oh, man. The first half of this episode was majestic golden assery. I don’t know what that phrase means, but it sounds silly and proves my point: Konosuba is silly, it looks silly, it sounds silly. Yeah, well, I think that already goes without saying for those who’s watching this anime. Though, regardless of its silliness, it’s actually quite clever (or prolly the author just has a big imagination) with how it approaches its narrative progression. I know this has already been apparent as early as its first season, but I’m compelled to point it out at least once because I’m a damn noob blogger.

I mean, Konosuba is pretty well known for taking a jab at the isekai genre, and other than that, it sure is doing a great job at maximizing the genre/settings to its fullest with its own unique flavor. I say that because the way new arcs pop up left and right, new quests for Kazuma’s party to seize, new characters are introduced, new rules, abilities, mechanics are spelled out — they’re silly and would often entail getting lambasted by the audience, but it doesn’t matter because it works within Konosuba‘s world. Konosuba is fantasy, isekai, comedy, whatever, and it’s free to do what it friggin’ wants with it. Say, we put Aqua and Kazuma in a real-life high-school, comedy, fantasy setting. Will it be as funny as what Konosuba is now? Maybe, but the low fantasy high-school setting will most likely bottleneck Konosuba‘s comedic creativity. I was reminded of this when Kazuma and Aqua were dueling in rock-paper-scissors. At first I was confused as why and how Kazuma is winning, and then I remembered that the idiot put all of his skill points to Luck! My goodness, that’s so silly.

Masamune-kun no Revenge – Episode 7

Aki uses swimsuit again.


It’s super effective!

Sorry, folks. I’m still waiting for the, uhh, twist to come. Until then, I’m watching this for the character designs. They’re pretty good, imo.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen – Episode 7


Rakugo deserves a standing ovation and more. Episode 7 is simply phenomenal from start to finish, and that big reveal couldn’t have been more gripping. You’ll know a story’s so good when the twist came from somewhere beyond your wildest imaginations and still manages a snug fit in the puzzle. I wasn’t expecting this kind of development given how things are going, and I haven’t wrapped my head around what happened yet. And that’s funny, because my reaction kinda mirrors Yotaro sobbing while he bear-hugged Konatsu out of nowhere — he wanted to console her and tell her everything’s okay, but a secret is a secret. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know what to say; I just… stare at the ceiling and let the feels do their thing.

Honestly, Rakugo and 3-gatsu demands a rewatch/marathon. It’s probably going to be a lot better considering that I’m going in with some level of idea with how to approach what the characters do and say. One of these days.

Little Witch Academia (TV) – Episode 7


Quite an inspiring episode. I’m really grateful to see Akko getting some significant progress, specially after when I’m starting to feel that her character’s sorely becoming grating and redundant after these past weeks.

Tales of Zestiria the X Season 2 – Episode 7


This is so frustratingly bad. What’s the point of hyping the previous cliffhanger with a tornado, only for it to end in an instant and amounting to nothing (in retrospect, almost every other episode is like this)? An awful and lame attempt in progressing the plot and telling Sorey what to do next? I don’t understand anymore.

But hey, at least Alisha’s still proving that she’s the more entertaining lead.

Demi-chan wa Kataritai – Episode 7


Pretty good episode. Not much to say about it, I guess… other than I’m still watching for those doujins.

ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka – Episode 7


Ha! I knew it. I guessed a month ago that Jean has royal blood, and, well, now I’m disappointed with my self for being too curious — it only made the reveal lacking in punch. I have to blame the Opening for that but… the fact that ACCA can be dissected with Occam’s razor kinda makes it a prospect for a good rewatch.

Anyways, allow me to take this time to appreciate Lotta. Hands down she’s one of the prettiest and sweetest girl I’ve seen recently. I guess she’s like the younger (drug-free) Lindsey Lohan, or the hottest Emma Watson has ever been. I don’t know, man. Lotta’s pure kawaii, and half of the reason why I’m watching ACCA is because of her.

Seiren – Episode 7


“You must be really good with your hands.” Arcade and chill, friends.

Weekly Weekly-chan

Best thing that happened to me this week? Kino no Tabi.


I take a bath, I sleep, I wake up 6 hours later, I go to work, I work, I work, I smoke a cig, I work, I go home, I eat, I take a bath, I sleep, I wake up 6 hours later, I go to work, I work, I work, I smoke a cig, I work, I go home, I eat, I take a bath, I sleep, I wake up 6 hours later, I go to work, I work, I work, I smoke a cig, I work, I go home, I eat, I take a bath, I sleep, I wake up 6 hours later, I go to work, I work, I work, I smoke a cig, I work, I go home, I eat, I take a bath, I sleep, I wake up 6 hours later, I go to work, I work, I work, I smoke a cig, I work, I go home, I eat.

Kino no Tabi would’ve been boring af if I wasn’t hard-pressed from work. It poses a lot of interesting and mind-boggling paradoxes and ironies, and it sort of became a reminder  for my now unconscious awareness that I’ve become engulf in this stream called work. Realizing that I’ve been working my ass like some robot every single day was honestly terrifying. Like… I’m playing this video game, but I don’t have control over the character; I’m just at the other side of the screen, watching events and scenes transpire.

Anyways, you guys should check it out. May not be the cup of tea for some, but Kino no Tabi‘s certainly one of its kind. I’d say there are instances wherein I felt like this anime was even better than Mushishi. But yeah, Mushishi‘s scope and scale pretty much one-upped Kino no Tabi‘s penchant for disturbing ironic ironies.

3 Replies to “Winter 2017 – Week 7”

  1. Agree with you about Zestiria. What is the point of the tornadoes other than giving Sorey some other destination to head to without actually dealing with the main problem which they don’t seem to have addressed at all this season and that is the guy who just kind of walked off at the end of season 1.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the shows this week.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m disappointed though. Season 1 had issues but still was reasonable as a fantasy in its own right (minus the two ep ad). Season 2 on the other hand feels like its just going through the motions and it isn’t doing it well.

        Liked by 1 person

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