Kuzu no Honkai – Episode 7

They say that a healthy relationship should be a give and take between the couple; take away one side of it, and you’ve got yourself a Kuzu no Honkai.


And this week’s episode shifts the focus to the charming Moca, that annoying brat who’s willing to give everything to Mugi without asking for anything in return. Unfortunately, Mugi seems to be someone who fancies bigger tits so I guess we all know how this is going to end.

Anyways, if there’s one character whom my teen self can self-insert to, it’s probably going to be Moca. I thought to myself before that an unrequited, one-sided love is one of the best thing a person can give, and should be enough for anyone to reciprocate the gesture. While being able to love someone without wanting anything back is admirable, it leaves a lot to be desired in part of the giver — it’s a one way ticket to agony; something I learned the hard way. Sure, Mugi can be Moca’s source of inspiration, he can be the reason behind her regal and demure air, but if at the end of the day, even if you spread your legs as wide as possible and you still can’t get the D, then I don’t want anything to do with that kind of love. The characters in this show deserves someone better, and it pains me to remember what Hanabi mentioned a few episodes ago about love making you blind.


But how do you make yourself ‘see’? How do you snap out of your dream, your fantasy? It’s an easy to say, difficult to do answer: you confess. Moca confessed by opening up to Mugi (I mean, her heart, not her bra — or I guess both), and regardless of how painful it is to be rejected, I still feel like it’s a step taken forward to realizing that he isn’t the man for her. Confessing is the do or die moment; it’s that activity normies prepare for with feverish determination and optimistic gusto. It’s also a turning point, it’s what decides your future, it’s what dictates whether your dream can be a reality or vice versa… and it’s also a battlefield. So yeah, I’m just trying to say that I’m excited for next week, b-baka~!

Short thoughts:

  • I guess Moca is like what Hanabi should be if the latter had the courage to confess to Kanai-sensei earlier on, unlike what she is turning into now, someone who’s like Akane who gives nothing aside from lust, and who takes nothing aside from lust.
  • But nope, Akane-sensei has an advantage with her tits. Anyone will prolly turn tail from that.
  • Hey, I’m starting to appreciate how straightforward that extra guy is. He wants sex plain and simple. So I guess that makes him the least complex character in this show?
  • This is  what I’ve been asking for. For Mugi and Hanabi to goddamn confess. Took them a dozen of trips to the bed, a handjob, a couple of french kisses to make up their mind. But! I still can’t imagine a happy ending here, with Mugi and Hanabi getting rejected and both of them dating each other instead THE END Roll Credits. It’s Kuzu no Honkai, and everyone knows this show is fkd up.
  • Mugi asking Moca to show him her pitiable petanko: I’m going to hell. Mugi not giving the D after all that build-up: he’s definitely going to Hell hell.
  • What happened to those manga panels? Where are they? Is there a meta narrative I’m missing?


Well, I sure don’t know how Kuzu no Honkai is going to crash and burn but as always, the painful it gets, the better this show becomes. Keep it up, masochists! I’ll see you folks next week!

3 Replies to “Kuzu no Honkai – Episode 7”

  1. Mugi is just one effed up manwhore whom people think has character that has depth because he loves Akane, warts and all, but in fact he’s just one one teeny weeny lust away from being just a mere stud who can’t resist open legs.


  2. Hmm… is it just that simple? Mugi only wants sex? If so, why did he refuse to have sex with Moca?

    There’s a little bit more going on… keep an eye on him. We’re getting there.


    1. Oh, I was referring to the guy Hanabi was with (I’m bad with names). Mugi’s miles different from that guy, I guess in a way that he’s mixing in his emotions with physical intimacy and that makes it harder for him to touch Moca (unlike the guy who’s really into just the sex — lust comes first, emotions later).


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