Winter 2017 – Week 8


Overall a very satisfying week for anime. Maid Dragon‘s topping my charts along with 3-gatsu, followed suit by Kuzu no Honkai. Been watching Sora no Woto as well. You guys should check it out — it’s pretty good.

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon – Episode 8


I’m not much of a KyoAni fan, really, but Maid Dragon is starting to convince me to become one of their followers.

Episode 8 has pretty much the same structure and feel to it like the previous episodes, though what sets it apart is with how Elma’s introduction directly influenced the progression of Tohru and Kobayashi’s relationship. That’s not to say that the previous chorogons we met didn’t cause a ripple between our main leads, but I’ve always felt like their debut were painted as a means to throw in a gag or two for comedic effect. Such is why this tangle of emotions and dynamics Elma brought into the table made that pat in the head even more so affectionate. Sure, I kinda teared up last week with Tohru having some existential crisis, but seeing her get flustered this episode over a mere trifle such as jealousy is endearing to say the least. She may be a powerful, godly dragon on the outside, but hey, she’s actually even more human in the inside.

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 – Episode 8


That was an awfully redundant gag but I like it. My other take away? Konosuba does world-building a million times better than Tales of Zestiria the X.

Masamune-kun no Revenge – Episode 8

The plot thickens.

The jig’s up. Masamune-kun just got a lot better after that bold act. Imagine Nisekoi‘s Onodera confessing to Raku just 5 episodes in — that’s how crazy Masamune-kun just became. I thought it’s content with its usual humdrum attempt at prolonging the tease but hey, this episode shows how you make something interesting. Good job.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen – Episodes 8 & 9


Three perfect episodes in a row? Rakugo is on fire, boys. Like, literally on fire.

Episode 9 might just be one of the eeriest and quietest Rakugo episode I’ve seen. It isn’t until Kikuhiko with his moody performance of Shinigami did we hear something that isn’t diegetic (with the exception of that short score in the bathing room), and that odd silence from a good part of the first half enhances the effect the following scenes depicted. Heck, the silence even made Konatsu/Miyokichi’s voice creepier.

Little Witch Academia (TV) – Episode 8


An exclusive episode just for Lucy. I guess that explains why she didn’t much of a screentime until now, eh?

A very cute, Flip Flapper-ish episode. I love that part with Akko and Lucies watching this black and white cartoon, and the art suddenly turned into some romantic shoujo manga. I mean… it’s very cute because I was kinda expecting them to introduce a “Lucy who likes/loves Akko”, but considering that Akko didn’t actually get to meet one, but instead saw her in a movie inside a dream/inside Lucy’s head makes me think that the real Lucy does like Akko, but she just doesn’t want to admit it… for obvious reason. D’awww~

Tales of Zestiria the X Season 2 – Episode 8


At least one thing ToZX did right is to give Alisha the screentime she deserves. As for Sorey… he ran around from who knows where doing who knows what, and that’s apparently enough to develop his character. Awesome.

Demi-chan wa Kataritai – Episodes 8 & 9


Episode 9 of Demi-chan is hot… in more ways than one. That succubi discussion flew over my head, but the sexual tension didn’t. Though, if I have to given my own interpretation of it, it’s just that Sakki-sensei’s is, well, hot, and little details such as her cleavage, glasses, eyebrows are already sexy in itself that a bit of skin shown amplifies her appeal. However, that doesn’t mean that liking her physical gravure can lead to a “fake” feeling, instead looking at it in another way we can also say that these feelings are born because it’s her — it’s what makes her who she is. I feel like the discussion can be more difficult to approach if, say, the succubus in question isn’t — by any general definition — erotic, pretty, beautiful but whatever.

Anyways, Demi-chan is great. I love how much these characters have grown. Those timings with the punchlines are also pitch perfect, and easily makes Demi-chan one of the funnier shows this season.

ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka – Episode 8


As if the obvious couldn’t be more obvious enough.

It isn’t a coincidence that Jean and Lotta met the King previously, considering how Nino just hinted and explained that he worked/is working with the King. Ergo, the king knows Jean and Lotta is his grandchildren, and that pretty much answers why he delayed the crowning or whatever of the prince back then. I guess the more pressing question is… who’s sending Jean those cigs, and why? 1.) It has to be someone who knows he is a royalty 2.) It has to be someone who is his superior, and has intel over where his audits are going to be. Grossular? Maaaaaaybe. I’m convinced that Grossular is actually that white-haired guy Schnee-hime was with. I mean, it fits why Grossular took the responsibility over the train incident that caused the princess’ death. Guilt? Remorse? Grief? I don’t know.

Seiren – Episode 8


What the hell?

Weekly Weekly-chan

Hmm. Nothing much to say about this week, really. I guess it went by fast for some reason. In the meantime, I’m starting to get hyped for Persona 5. My time with Persona 4 Golden was one of the most memorable moments I had recently, and my gamer sense are telling me Persona 5 won’t be that different. Suffice to say, you guys probably won’t hear from me much once Persona 5 is out. That’s not to say that I’m going to stop blogging buuuuuut who knows?

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