3-gatsu no Lion – Episode 21

Episode 21 made me fall in love with 3-gatsu and with Japanese culture…. again.


Ahh, Japanese culture and tradition. It’s a topic I haven’t discussed that much before given that we’re mostly not well-versed with the subject matter, but this episode certainly is jam-packed to the brim of reasons why I want to visit Japan. There’s human shogi, something that I never thought existed. The pawns were given enough attention to detail, and I have to say the girls do look cute with their cosplays… if you can even consider it cosplaying in the first place. There’s the famous cherry blossom viewing, a tradition I wish this country of mine has. There’s that in-joke about historical and prominent figures from feudal Japan. There’s that pun by Tsuji which I’m sure is hilarious if only I understand Japanese. There’s that unyielding love for confectionery. There’s that bleak tune in the train station which I heard is a rendition of Kagome Kagome, a children’s game song (funny thing is that I’m familiar with it for a different reason which is that it’s sung by vocaloids). There’s a lot more of these Japanese specific stuff I glossed over from the previous episodes, and yeah I guess that’s one more reason to rewatch 3-gatsu.

If anything, describing episode 21 is more like that feeling when you’re indulging yourself with your comfort food after a depressive moment, and/or that feeling when you’re going to a vacation after months of hard work. 3-gatsu has always been consistent with its balance between drab and moody tones with that of its more lighthearted presentation, and these last 2 episodes is a ‘more than perfect’ example of that. I mean, what’s the best way to brighten up than to talk about sweets and snacks for 10 minutes, aided with vibrant and imaginative visuals? That’s probably the lengthiest cuisine talk I’ve heard from the Kawamoto family to date and I don’t mind watching it again.

I’m all happy now. Rei and Shimada definitely deserves a well earned break. I was at the brink of tearing up when Shimada arrived at his hometown, but seeing the old folks smiling all throughout made me appreciate them instead, rather than cry and feel sad for Shimada. Moreso when Hina ran out and greeted Rei; the latter had this surprised look on his face whereas the former was brimming with a bright smile. It feels like over a month ago when we last saw Rei with the Kawamoto family, but that line We’re never gonna change also applies to Rei’s supporters. It sure is nice to have a place called home to go back to, huh?


Short thoughts:

  • I just love this show so much.
  • The colors and composition from this episode was on another level. Sound editing was also right on cue on every scene.
  • Surprisingly, I’m not that gravely saddened that we only have 1 episode left. Maybe because it was such a good time, and I couldn’t ask for anything more from these characters?
  • Sure there aren’t any conclusive end we can draw at this point but isn’t that just how life is?
  • I still remember how they present the night lights before: dreary and monotonous, but now it’s full of color and warmth.
  • No, I’m most likely not going to read the manga soon. I guess I’ll wait for a year first just in case they announce a second season.
  • I love Momo’s reaction when she saw Rei. She was like WAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!! So cute.
  • I still can’t get over that scene with Rei and Hina. It melted my heart.
  • I also love that little detail when Hina stood up and the cats went Nyah?! like they were expecting food.
  • Hina and I almost had the same idea with the sweets. I was thinking about a shogi piece shaped sweet with different flavors depending on what the piece is.
  • Those backgrounds are utterly amazing. I’m actually using one of it now as my desktop wallpaper. Guess which one.
  • If you guys liked seeing the Kawamoto family blabber about food then you should watch Koufuku Graffiti.
  • Sakuga when it matters. Good job, Shaft.
  • Edit: tune at the train station was actually this.
End cards courtesy by /a/.

Okay. I take it back. I might read the manga but whatever. I’m going to sorely miss this show so bad. I’ll see you guys next week!

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