Kuzu no Honkai – Episodes 8 & 9

Looking back at these last 2 episodes makes me feel scared of what’s in store next for Hanabi. Episode 9 may look like a charming conclusion to Hanabi and Ecchan’s relationship, but experience tells me otherwise. The awful taste of being friendzoned is something that you can’t easily wash off with some I’ll forget bullshit.


Having said that, I guess I can relate to Ecchan at this point, with the difference being with how we threw in the towel (how did I do it? Don’t ask). Being in the friendzone sucks. Period. But realizing that you never stood a chance at getting out of the friendzone sucks even more. That’s why I reflexively cringed in alarm when Hanabi asked Ecchan if they can still be friends instead. Of course, and as expected, it’s going to be an obvious no. There’s a saying that couples can never be friends, and I’ve rarely seen this case otherwise in real life situations. I don’t know why, but maybe it’s just that you’ll never be able to see that person again straight in the eye, without thinking back to those intimate moments you shared together.

It’s hard to explain. Maybe there’s a fucking unwritten hierarchy etched in the fabric of the universe that friends can be lovers and not vice versa. And the saddest part of this all is that it’s all or nothing for the two — there’s no getting out of it ala compromising a relationship like with what Hanabi and Mugi did. If Hanabi can’t love Ecchan the same way she looks at Kanai-sensei then screw it. Their relationship has reached a dead end; we probably won’t see them again hanging out together like normal friends, and that’s sad considering that Ecchan’s the only girl friend Hanabi is close with at school. And, hey, if this is what happens after getting rejected, then where does Hanabi and Kanai-sensei’s relationship stand now? I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure things are going to be awkward for the two of them.


Then again, this just reaffirms my thought that we’re most likely getting a sad and depressive end, with Hanabi having a newfound wisdom to move forward. Getting rejected by her crush. Check. Rejecting someone afterwards. Check. Finding out that the new guy you’re developing feelings with is spending time with your teacher. Check. Yeah, with the way things are looking, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hanabi really does end up becoming the new Akane-sensei. Hopefully not. I’ll take any happy end Hanabi can get.

Short thoughts:

  • Those panels are back! One of my favorite part of this episode is that scene with the multiple panels appearing then fading one by one. Awesome stuff.
  • I haven’t given much thought to Ecchan’s cousin. I wonder what’s the deal with that guy.
  • Akane-sensei hyping things up with just 20 seconds of tits and screentime.
  • Ecchan and Moca are both strong girls. I love the fact that they were able to accept how their love story concluded. Hanabi is as well, but Kuzu no Honkai is just too cruel to her.

Hey, where can I get that hat? I’ll see you folks next week!

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