Winter 2017 – Week 11

Winter 2017 is still going strong despite 3-gatsu and Rakugo now behind us. That should be held as a compliment in my opinion, specially with hindsight that the previous seasons felt over right when one or two shows drew its curtains.

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon – Episode 11


As of now, the best thing going on with Maid Dragon is that it doesn’t have a definite episode count yet. Yeah, I’m just being hopeful here given that I don’t want this lovely show to end soon.

Masamune-kun no Revenge – Episode 12 (END)


Masamune-kun ended up far stronger than what I initially expected it to be. It does have the makings of those typical harem rom-com anime that’s getting produced every season, but the twists and turns topped with character designs I approve of makes it an experience that’s somewhat familiar, but packs a slightly different flavor. Wait. Didn’t Nisekoi’s first season ended in a stage play arc as well? Hmm…

It has its fair share of Woooohoooos! and Boooohooos! and its final episode is yet just another testament to the mixed reaction I have with Masamune-kun. I’ve evidently been laconic with my weekly write-ups for this show, as I simply just can’t see myself buying in on Masamune’s motivation of revenge which is something that’s hog-tying me to take what’s happening seriously. Masamune and Aki’s up and down relationship is starting to feel old — sure, we get to see them actually kiss, but what happened next feels more like a big fuck you than a The End. More likely because the story is still continuing in the manga, but when I think back to all that has transpired this season for Masamune-kun, I ended up realizing that I didn’t care for this two that much. Should I even mention that forced drama with Masamune getting sick because of some stupid reason?

In all honesty, Neko’s character story would have been a much more interesting watch instead. A frail young girl, wishing to fall in love before she breathes her last breath, only to find that her chosen one is smitten over another lass. Sounds romantic when you put it side by side with Masamune’s revenge, right? But hey, Masamune-kun is Masamune-kun. Can’t do anything about it.

Oh, and that part with the Karaoke was pretty cool. The characters singing their show’s songs is something I don’t see everyday. Nice touch.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen – Episode 12 (END)


Ahh. A couple of months ago, a bunch of anons from /a/ called me bullshit because I was under the impression that Shinnosuke is Kikuhiko’s son. I believe I have won the rights for the last laugh. Whatever.

Nothing flashy this episode, really, but despite having that subdued air to it, episode 12 is probably the most heaviest episode to digest simply because of the baggage of emotions we have to deal with. Even now, my mind’s reeling back from the amount of information I’m still trying to piece together specially after that big revelation. I guess the closest analogy I can think of is strings of loose threads tangling together to form a tight rope. Oh, well. I don’t know what to say anymore.

And why am I seeing viewers at a lost that Kiku’s the father? Heck, I’m even seeing a few that believes Kiku didn’t have affection with Miyokichi. C’mon guys, the latter should’ve been as obvious as day. As for Shinnosuke, the ‘sexual’ tension between Kiku and Konatsu was apparent enough for me to suspect that there’s something going on between the two — they lie down on the floor caressing each other, and the editing in the OP is another sneaky give-away. Furthermore, the Yakuza boss being the father doesn’t make that much sense specially when the introduction of his character didn’t hold any weight to the story, other than that time when Yotaro confronted him. Kikuhiko was in love with Miyokichi. Kikuhiko sees Miyokichi in Konatsu during some of his performances blah blah blah. I think most are underestimating how much Shinnosuke’s circumstances changed how Rakugo can be interpreted, but ultimately what I have in mind only applies if Kikuhiko is aware that he’s the father… which I don’t think he is.

Little Witch Academia (TV) – Episode 12


We’ve got some plot-centric episode which sets up the stage for following cour. Now that the meet and greets are done, I guess it’s high time for LWA to put its foot on the pedal.

Tales of Zestiria the X Season 2 – Episode 11

I’m sorry. I skipped through whatever dialogue this episode had. It’s not because I have the leisure to do so considering that I already know what’s happening, it’s just that I’m not going to bother spending 20 minutes tolerating a goddamn awful adaptation. At the very least, I think I made the right choice to just watch the fight scenes.

Demi-chan wa Kataritai – Episode 12 (END)


A fitting send-off for Demi-chan. Episode 12 was a complete package. Everything that I love about this show is wrapped up in a combination of lighthearted banters, science and folklore mumbo jumbos, actually funny punchlines, and, well, thanks for including Satou-sensei in a swimwear! God, that was sexy.

Great show. Will watch again. Waiting for season 2.

ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka – Episode 11

You know, an episode of ACCA is like watching one of Pause and Select’s videos. I don’t understand half of what’s happening, but I keep on watching regardless because it’s interesting.

Seiren – Episode 12 (END)


Hands done, Kyouko managed to bump Seiren from a meager 7 to a respectable 8.

Seiren is weird… in more ways than one. It can be good when it wants to, as shown by Kyokou’s route, and it can nosedive so fast you wouldn’t see me giving this show a 6 or a 7. Kyouko’s route is far less ludicrous than the other two that preceded it, all the while maintaining a somewhat believable relationship between the two leads. It’s a fairly simple narrative of childhood friends growing up and liking each other after a series of, uhh, awkward events. Compare this to Kamita and Tsuneki/Miyamae whose relationship started because fuck deers, literally — and not to mention that conclusion to Tsuneki’s route which killed those on suicide watch. Sure, they were fun because they’re stupid and absurd, but I’d honestly prefer them to be told in a more rational fashion ala Kyokou’s route. Or maybe I’m just watching this anime wrong the whole time, and that I should’ve been drunk instead of sober. Whatevs.

Weekly Weekly-chan


I’m on an anime watching spree recently. This week, I just watched… FLCL, Gunbuster (which was awesome), Ponyo, and I’m currently indulging myself with Hanayamata and Haifuri! If there’s something I can brag to with other people, it’s that I’ve now watched 555 titles (accd to my MAL) as of this writing.

I dunno. I can’t get anime out from my veins. Send help. I’m keeping this section short because Haifuri‘s starting to git gud.

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