Kuzu no Honkai – Episodes 10 – 12 (END)

Thank you.

For a moment there, I think I heard a slight crack in Akane-sensei’s voice. I’ve gotten used to hearing her in her usual vile and venomous tongue, that even the slightest change in her pitch in the right time is enough to floor me to tears. It’s these moments wherein I feel like Kuzu no Honkai is at its finest: moments wherein a character’s emotions seeps in to my chest through its clever use of paneling, shot compositions, editing, those gorgeously drawn portraits, sound editing, and, heck, even the voice acting adds another layer of authenticity to the already ripe experience this anime brings.


As such, there are times wherein I just feel like the characters are talking together, reading something in a script without anything interesting happening visually. Kuzu no Honkai presents characters that are absolutely fucked up. Characters whose — unless you’ve been more or less in their situation too before — actions and motivations are difficult to get a grasp of. Kanai-sensei, for one, is a saint… or perhaps he’s simply beyond my own comprehension. Akane-sensei did mention it before, but he may be more twisted than what his innocent face suggests. I couldn’t agree more, considering that I’ll probably never ever meet a guy who is all smiles with the idea that his wife is fucking someone else. Like, seriously? Akane-sensei may have had openly admitted right when they first met that she’s a slut, and I’m willing to bet that Kanai-sensei will get a boner instead of getting turned off. I can’t see anything between these two that justifies why Kanai-sensei is able to develop his unconditional love for Akane-sensei, but, hey, I guess that’s just how it is, eh? While these scenarios, among others, are taken to the extreme that it’s almost bordering absurdity, Kuzu no Honkai still does manage to bring a satisfying closure to each and every character arc.

I’m pissed off.  Yeah, I’m actually pissed off that it ended like that, given that I was previously under the assumption that Kuzu no Honkai‘s going to be a bloodbath, but then Hanabi goes ‘buhbye let’s go our separate ways’. Fuck thisssssssssss. Then again, at the end of the day, it does makes more sense for them to do what they feel is the best for their own selves. They’re their own person, they have their own decisions and emotions, and who I am to judge what they choose? Maybe they’re tired of what happened and already moved on? That feeling of helplessness, I guess, pretty much emulates what I feel is the kind of pain these characters may have gotten through. I’m still pissed off. What can I do about it? What can Hanabi and Mugi do about their own first love? Well, they did their best up until the end, and their love was rewarded with a legitimately heartfelt “Thank you”. Some things aren’t just meant to be, and instead of burying someone else’s love six feet underground, might as well just accept them with a positive gesture. It isn’t easy to confess your love to someone. Hanabi may have had the tact to know about this after all that she’s gone through, and that random guy hitting on her at least got spared a bit from the pain of dejection. Lucky him.


Ahh, well, whatever. I’m a bit touchy about that Thank you part. It means a lot in context and when looked through my own personal experience. I’m not the best judge of character around and I can’t say any more than what I see, so I guess I’ll end this post now with my usual random thoughts.


Short thoughts:

  • Solid 9 out of 10.
  • Really. I love those visual quirks Kuzu no Honkai does. Episode 11 had this part with a raindrop in a narrow frame, and when it hit the puddle, the ripples broke through those figurative borders.
  • There’s also that part in Episode 12 when Hanabi saw Mugi. A shot of a crumpled water bottle in a waste bit right before it cuts to the eye-catch says a lot about Hanabi’s emotions at that time. It’s important to understand and, at the very best, feel what these characters are going through and these visualizations are right on the mark… too bad not every episode had this, hence why I never got to write anything about them.
  • I’m still trying to digest that end. How can you not be with someone you’ve been so intimate with? Yeah, I know you don’t really need someone to find happiness but c’mon, man. I feel like after all what’s said and done, the two dating together would’ve made them happier than compared to what their relationship previously was. Hanabi loves Mugi, but does Mugi have the same affection? Unless I’m missing something, then I don’t have an answer for that, and the idea that they’re dating still works in my opinion.
  • Or maybe Hanabi was still looking for real love? I mean, she mentioned that she fell in love with Mugi’s warmth or something, so I guess she may be thinking it was lust or whatever. I don’t know.
  • Or, yeah, I guess they simply moved on. Old spark gone. Find a new one.
  • AAAAAghhhhh whatever. C-can we just have an alternate end with Hanabi in a healthy relationship?
  • I know I was feeling bitter, but that last few notes of the ED marking the end of the show was absolutely perfect. Sayuri is awesome.

I can’t say that I didn’t expect this kind of ending. It sure was a wild ride for the characters, but I guess losing someone isn’t always the end of the world. You get out of it as a better person, and that in itself is already something to be positive about. Great show, will watch again.

Oh, did I forget to mention that Moka was gorgeous?


One Reply to “Kuzu no Honkai – Episodes 10 – 12 (END)”

  1. I think both Hanabi and Mugi might have renewed their relationship but that also would mean being with a person who reminds you of your dark hours, of the contract between them, of Kanai and Akane and probably Ecchan. Hanabi at some point definitely wasn’t indifferent to Mugi but the decision to move on completely and start everything from a clean slate without any complicated memories is a mature step towards controlling yourself and better future. The relationship might have worked, but for me it felt refreshing and justified enough not to have a default relationship by the end.


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