Spring 2017 – Week 1


All right, boys. This post officially marks the start of my Spring 2017 weekly write-up as well as this crappy site’s first anniversary. Yay! This usually calls for a celebration, but I don’t want to shamelessly advertise that abominable Koutetsujou no Kabaneri Ep 1 post I made a year ago. Anyways, my hands are aching to play some Persona 5 so I’ll make this short.

Alice to Zouroku – Episode 1


Amidst its jarring CGI is an anime with heart and potential. Coming from the director of one of my last season’s favorite, Flying Witch, is a tale of a grumpy gramps getting caught in a pickle between cute girls with supernatural powers. Two things I love about Alice to Zouroku‘s premier. The first is the chemistry between Alice and Zouroku. With anime nowadays, it’s more likely we see a bland high-school kid getting surrounding by the harem of his dreams, but thank god Zouroku is there to save the day… even though he didn’t ask for any of this shit to happen. It’s like a combination of Usage Drop and Gokukoku no Brynhildr but with the unwanted inclusion of not-so-good CGI shizz (can’t blame them though). Regardless, the banter and interaction between our two leads was enough to carry this first episode to the top of my list. There’s that kind of wistful tone underneath their conversations that makes me go ‘d’awww’, and the dialogues ain’t lacking in the comedic side of things either.

Second, I love how atmospheric some parts of the anime is, specifically that scene with the two dining in a restaurant. I love the rich colors, I love the rustic feel that emanates from the background. It just sorta gives this quaint look to it which was thankfully enough to make me forget I got subjected to some horrible CGI earlier.  Flying Witch did something similar wherein its picturesque vistas were able to capture the rural theme it is going for, and I’m glad that characteristic got carried over to Alice to Zouroku. Now let’s just hope that they’ll keep it up.

Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 – Episodes 1 & 2


First episode was meh. A quarter of the air-time spent as a recap? Heck, Shingeki no Kyojin can do better than that. Oh, well. Whatever. At least stuff are finally kicking into place in the second episode. I do have to apologize if I may sound unexcited about this sequel, but I just have this tendency to be lukewarm with adaptations whose source I’ve already seen as evident with my coverage of Tales of Zestiria‘s first season a year ago. Most likely because I already know what’s going to happen, and that the only reason why I’m giving it a shot is to see the stuff a manga cannot offer. In BnHA‘s case, that stuff is going to be those kick-ass sakuga moments. We got a glimpse of it by the end of the second episode, and damn son I wasn’t disappointed.

Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 – Episodes 1 & 2


So, uhh… am I the only one who actually thinks Shingeki no Kyojin is pretty good? I mean, I’m okay with this sequel considering that I’ve forgotten what I read in the manga unlike BnHA, but so far, I can’t see anything to dislike from its first 2 episodes. It picked up quite fast from where it left off last season. Tension and gore is still there. Soundtrack is awesome as expected with the minor involvement of Hiroyuki Sawano. Visuals looking good. They’re doing a great job with handling the mystery of the titans too. Yeaaaaaap. Hopefully it won’t end up like Kabaneri where it ran out of steam towards the end.

Suki ga Kirei – Episode 1





Elegant background and gorgeous visuals surprised me from the get-go, while awkward middle-school puppy love had me swooning over our main characters in no time. To be honest, I’m not that gung-ho with romance stuff these days. I just feel like I’ve seen everything there is to see with the genre, but Tsuki ga Kirei is looking to be an exception. If anything, what truly hooked me this episode is Tsuki ga Kirei‘s love for harmony. It isn’t unlike Hanamayata whose motif, among others, is to be colorful. Sure, the latter has a wide range of hues to back its visuals, but there are instances wherein these colors combines together with the end result being a gaudy mess instead. The main characters’ color designs is another example. Hanamayata has a blondie, a dark brown haired girl, two raven haired girls… sounds boring for something that preaches rainbows, eh? B-but, kindle! That sounds like K-ON! you’re taking a jab on! Eh, that’s different, and the topic of character designs and making it work warrants a separate post.

Tsuki ga Kirei, on the other hand, was constantly smooth on the eyes. It has restraint with how much it wants to show off its beauty. The CGI’d students doesn’t stick out that much as a “CGI” either. They’re there to give a feeling that the school is lively and populous, as they aren’t exactly meant to be the subject/focus of the shot. Kinda like how Persona 5 did it; they added a number of cardboard cut out extras to roam the streets of Shibuya. They’re there, but their intended effect is far from being a lame way to animate a crowd.

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Season 2 – Episode 00

Quoting someone I don’t remember who: just because it’s self-aware doesn’t make it any good.

That doesn’t stop me from watching my guilty pleasure, however.

Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul – Episode 1


Ahh, one of my most anticipated show this season. I love the first iteration of this series, and from the looks of it I’m going to love Virgin Soul even more. Everything about this first episode puts the entirety of Tales of Zestiria‘s first and second season into shame. Anyways, bottom line is that Virgin Soul is going to be fun. End of discussion. Persona 5 whoohoo!

Weekly Weekly-chan

Damn I love this gif.

Haha! Honestly, I have more to say about Virgin Soul but I’m already itching to play Persona 5. Sorry, anime blogging. I’ll catch up to you later. I promise. Readers, do me favor. Let me know if there are other interesting shows you think I should include on this write-up. Been busy with gaming and with my job that I can’t be bothered to follow every single Spring 2017 anime and cherry-pick the ones I’m covering. Adios, amigos!

Oh, and just a quick note. Tatami Galaxy is awesome. Watch it. Seriously. Okay? Okay.


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