Winter 2017 – Week 13 (END)

Ahh, the freedom. That feeling of liberty after going through what must have been an eternity. I only have Maid Dragon and Tales of Zestiria left to cover — let’s make this quick.

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon – Episode 13 (END)


Hmm. What can I say? That wasn’t the kind of ending I was expecting for Maid Dragon. It does sure feel different from a technical perspective, and I can only assume that they changed the tone to give that kind of “empty” feeling to it. Different director? Prolly. Did it do well? Eh, it did, I guess, but I think it could’ve been better if Maid Dragon stuck to what it does best without resorting to this kind of dreary and moody atmosphere. It just… doesn’t feel right that the shot compositions and the staging emphasizes that feeling of emptiness/loneliness, but then again that’s what this episode was all about, right? With that said, it more or less left a bitter taste on my mouth by the time the credits rolled. I feel like they lingered on it too much, and the ‘feel good’ lighthearted moments Maid Dragon loves to show went missing in the aftertaste even after our lovable duo got reunited. Whatever. Still a good show. Can’t wait for a second season.

Oh, noticed how there were no Tohru eye-catch this episode? Nice move, KyoAni.

Tales of Zestiria the X Season 2 – Episode 13 (END)

Hey, you know what could’ve made this adaptation better? Animate them in their in-game costumes.

I haven’t seen this episode yet, to be honest, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to suck eitherway. I know I’m being quite unreasonable and hard on this one but I don’t know how this last episode is going to bring ToZX back to its feet after that massive trainwreck.

Weekly Weekly-chan


Guys, Persona 5 is a great game. All I can think of this week is dating the girls in Persona 5 and acing that friggin’ exams on top of kicking some asses. Will be posting Spring 2017 Week 1 write-up soon. Not that people actually care about it — I wouldn’t have had written anything for Summer until next but obligations are obligations.


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