Spring 2017 – Week 4

I’ve got nothing much to say for this week but if anything, Spring isn’t so bad than what I initially expected.

Alice to Zouroku – Episodes 4 & 5


I think I’m finally starting to get a feel for Alice to Zouroku. Outside its sci-fi and fantasy elements, it isn’t just the typical atmospheric iyashikei that is consumed for you to feel comfortable. There’s that feeling of sadness and longing that seeped through my chest when watching Minnie C reminiscing the days she spent with her husband, as well from small moments like Sana munching on a bar of Snickers. I’m evidently a sucker for themes that resonate with me on a personal level, and if anything Alice to Zouroku‘s episode 5 is kinda like a gently reminder that… well, we just have to be grateful to be alive.

Mt. Fuji looks fantastic today, there’s a parfait in the menu so might as well get a taste of that, look! a flower on the sidewalk!, aquariums? I’ve never been to those. Of course, circumstances differ from person to person and some of us are too hung up with shit to be able to appreciate these mundane stuff but for Sana, everything around her is a new experience. In a way, I’m envious of Sana’s optimism and innocence, but then again I’m like Minnie C who is stuck with the impossible of making her dream of bringing her husband back to life a reality, instead of moving forward and face the world for the wonder it presents.

The action stuff was pretty interesting too. Maybe only because I was slow on the catch up with what and where those powers are coming from. Ichijo-sempai was awesome, and I kinda wish we’ll get some backstory into why she was watching that anime in the first place, as well as why transforming into a maid makes her stronger (that was moe).

OST was amazingly comfy as expected. The perfect tune to immerse yourself with after SnK‘s gritty track.

Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 – Episode 5


Why is Deku shooting water out of his eyes when he’s quirkless? Anyways, next week is finally the most anticipated part of this arc. Hooo boy.

Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 – Episode 5

Last season it was ACCA 13‘s Lotta. And now…

All right. Despite my enjoyment of Shingeki no Kyojin getting douched by goddamn spoilers, this episode was nonetheless spectacular to behold. The hype may have been hampered by the flashback from the start and with the reused animation but everything else was superb. Also, that track when Ymir started to unleash hell on those titans sounds very much like Bloodborne‘s. Kickass stuff.

Tsuki ga Kirei – Episode 4


I was so sure that I’ll never again get to experience that feeling of innocence when falling in love until watching Tsuki ga Kirei. Episode 4 may look uneventful, but these seemingly mundane gestures like hiding underneath the cover of a blanket, curiously stalking your crush, and whatever hormonal adolescents did back then are nonetheless a big step of development for our main duo. While most romance stories are quick to bring its subjects together for the sole purpose of getting to the point, Tsuki ga Kirei, on the other hand, captures those little moments that get skipped out in the process which is, ironically, what its point is.

Love is… a complicated thing after all, and even when I’m now a young adult I still can’t comprehend the whats and the whys of its purpose in my life, much less when I experienced it as an uninitiated. You just sorta want to be with that person without any real reason, and this is pretty much apparent with how we are never really given any real internal monologues from Akane or Curly-kun. They’re simply curious with each other. They aren’t madly in-love or anything (yet), but at this stage of their relationship that first taste of love is sweet enough for them to pursue amidst the difficulties of communication and lack thereof.

Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul – Episode 4

This dragon is too damn adorable.

Heeeeeeey, I know it has been over a month but I guess that explains the title?

Or more importantly, I was under the impression that Virgin Soul is set on an alternate universe rather than an actual sequel of the original. Maybe they’re just teasing us that Nina is the daughter of Favaro and Amira but whatever. Sequel or not I’m really, really enjoying how Virgin Soul handles everything about itself.

Little Witch Academia (TV) – Episode 16

Even now I still don’t remember what just happened.

That is easily one of the most peculiarly made episode of anime I’ve seen recently. I have mixed emotions about this; I don’t know if I can say that I enjoyed or hated it. Maybe that kind of ‘so weird that it’s so good’ kind of thing? I don’t know. It would help to know who helmed this episode in explaining why it feels so offbeat. The pacing is absurdly fast, and unless you aren’t paying attention you’d find yourself scratching your head and asking what the hell is Akko doing… which is unfortunately what happened to me. There are tons of uncomfortable close up shots, as well as shots of someone or something who isn’t the one who is speaking. It’s… weird and isn’t the usual LWA we used to see, but I guess that’s their way of making the episode feel mysterious and supernatural? Well, whatever. At least we’re making progress in the plot.

Eromanga Sensei – Episode 4


Unless you aren’t taking this show seriously then you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it. Oh, and I want to punch MC in the face.

— Imagines Sagiri in a lewd situation.

— Proceeds to claim and prove that he didn’t. He did this with all seriousness.

You kidding me, MC-kun?

Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukette Moratte Ii desu ka?Episode 3


All right. SukaSuka is definitely a keeper. Yeah, it has a lot of mechanics to explain and a rich world to explore which is still honestly hard to follow, but at least I’m glad they aren’t simply just verbally dumping all of these info to us. Sure it’s one those ‘sit down and talk’ episodes but hey, if they can sit down and talk and actually make the conversation and characters interesting and worthwhile then all the better. That part with Cthulhu and MC-kun chatting together under the cover of the moonlight was genuinely cute. Re:Creators had a similar time with Magical Girl and Saber, but the rest of its 4th episode was nothing but a dozer compared to SukaSuka‘s.

Re:Creators – Episode 4


Weee! Lotsa talking!

Weekly Weekly-chan

Random image taken from my Wallpaper folder.

Uhh, nothing to talk about here. Maybe some personal stuff? Sure.

Looks like I’ll be moving to a different apartment after a couple of months. Would be a great experience if I can start living on my own, yet the prospect is also terrifying. Looks like my job’s stability is easing up so I won’t have to worry about my steady flow of income. A year and a half later I’m planning to continue my studies after saving up. Fine Arts perhaps? Or Linguistics? I don’t know. I’m not putting much of a thought on it as savings is my priority as of now. Of course, being the eccentric dude I am, I kinda want to turn my own room into something Japanese with tatami mats and a kotatsu. Why the hell not?

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