Sakura Quest – Episodes 5 & 6

I’ve been mulling over a couple of… personal stuff recently courtesy of Sakura Quest. Now that we have an idea of its general outline, it just started to become difficult for me not to overly relate myself with the characters. But hey, I guess that’s why it’s set with grown up peeps trying to find their way in this maze called life– err Manoyama.


Anyways, episode 5 has concluded Sanae’s character arc with that of the wood-carving tradition, and we now call upon the spirit of Shirobako for this film production segment. I know I posted a bunch of silly things from my last post, but do let me indulge a bit further in that regard.

I’ve been through quite an ordeal too when it comes to the topic of existentialism — I mean, it wasn’t anything serious, but once you get to that age wherein you start thinking that working is such a drag, fuck this im out it’s likely you’ll start questioning too what your purpose is in this shit-hole called Earth. A fodder for the tyrants of your company? A nobody trying hard to leave his mark in the internet via a crappy blog, circle jerking with your followers? A simple girl? A queen? An extra from a zombie thriller that’s sure to flop? Yeah, well, the answer turns out to be an obvious yes, and there really isn’t any need to justify another reason why you are this and not that.

Yeah… I wonder when did I started to fuck up my life.

The problem here lies within the assumption that you’re just this, incapable of making a difference. Anyone can be a simple girl, but not anyone can be a simple girl with pink hair who’s childish enough to shove a live frog on someone’s face. I mean… we are our own sculptors; the wood/stone is our life, and it’s up to us how we are going to carve what we envision of ourselves and what we want to become. In as much as Kazushi’s ranma found its place in a train station, I’m sure everyone of you ‘simple’ folks out there will find a place where you can mount your own statue.

However, Sakura Quest is eager in pursuing this subject matter further by introducing a new arc relatively related to the previous one. What if you found a place to raise your own flag, but… that place proved too difficult for you to live by? I finally landed in a job I love, but it turns out to be shittier than I expected because they want me to eat a fucking insect! Oden Detective is here to explore that side of the fence, and I also love how they’re incorporating Shiori’s backstory (and a couple more like that grumpy waitress’) while they’re at it. It’s amazing how much Sakura Quest is able to keep the pace steady while introducing a variety of characters, stories, themes, etc., and its flair for comedy thankfully isn’t easing up.


Short thoughts:

  • Ahh, Shiori. I’m not sure what her deal is but sentimental value is going to be a touchy subject to talk about.
  • Again, Gaijin-kun proving to be the funniest part of this series. Why the hell was he reciting a line intended for a female character? He’s even more mysterious than Chupakabura itself.
  • Man, if that abandoned house is in my country, it’d be home to 10 families in no time. I’m not exaggerating. That’s how stupidly overly populated our metropolis is. I mean, yeah, it’s the city, but for some fucking inexplicable reason people from the rural areas are converging here like canned tunas because they’re looking for a job where there isn’t any to begin with. I know it isn’t their fault but maaaaaan how long should I wait before the government produce results?
  • Okay. That previous statement pissed me off and I should stop now before I even say something horrible.
Wandering aimlessly. Yes, I am.

Well, I guess it’s yet another double episode post this week. Might continue on this kind of format but… yeah, that still depends. Anyways, I’ll see you folks next week!


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