Sakura Quest – Episode 7

I feel like there’s a kind of duality here between the character arcs Episode 7 concluded. And the more I think about it the more I come to appreciate how flawlessly Sakura Quest blends its characters’ stories with its overarching narrative… despite it appearing contrived. That, and the near-perfect pacing makes up for one very enjoyable viewing.


The theme of growing up, finding your own worth/place and maturity is undeniably strong with this one. This time around, it’s about a gentle reminder that we either have to embrace our past and draw strength from it, or to leave it behind and move forward. The former is presented by Maki’s on-going slump and uncertainty whether or not she still have what it takes to shine in front of the camera. You can’t just like something and get away with it, then why not like it so much that you’ll do everything it takes to achieve that accomplishment? I think… it’s what she understood after that flashback to her younger days; she might have remembered how much she loved acting and how much effort and practice she puts into it, that juxtaposing it with what she is now rekindled her passion for the art.

When you’re about to give up, remember why you started.

On the other hand, Shiori got a savage burn (pun intended) from Yoshino but she quickly responded with an equally savage riposte of her own. I honestly wasn’t expecting the two to have a squabble given how close they are together but the circumstances at this point makes more sense for them to have a shorter fuse. I mean, it wasn’t anything serious, but even if I sympathize more with Shiori in this case the bigger picture shows that holding on to a personal affair will only unnecessarily inconvenience everyone. It’s that kind of situation wherein we just don’t have control of the outcome and the best course of action is to swallow it bottoms up and move on.


The 20s is an age where we constantly make decisions left and right; some of those are just trivial choices, most of the time they’re not. But either way, letting go of excess baggage becomes more frequent as we grow older. I guess… Shiori may be too emotional for her own good, but in the end it’s going to be one of those roadblocks that will further cement her personality as a strong and caring woman.


Short thoughts:

  • They’re just small personal issues that we need to sort out a bit, and Sakura Quest does just that. The characters don’t dwell on it too much, hence why the show is able to cover a larger ground in a short period of time when it comes to their development.
  • Woah. Tipsy Shiori in a pajama outfit?
  • Yoshino with her fringe tied. These girls know how to carry themselves even when drunk.
  • And it isn’t only about Shiori and Maki, as Sakura Quest is also able to inject a bit of a foreshadowing as to what we can expect with the rest of the cast’s own arcs. Riri shows a different side with her awkwardness, Yoshino’s nerves snapping after that ‘hometown’ fiasco, Sanae with her big butt complex.
  • I so love that part where they showed us a shot through the camera’s perspective.
  • Also watched Boiler Room after this. Coming of age about young adults sure packs a heavier punch nowadays.
  • Just found out that this is going to be 25 episodes. Yay.

Well, nothing else to say this week. I’ll see you next episode, then~



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