Sakura Quest – Episode 8

For tasty food, double the money. To be full, double the amount. To double the pleasure of a meal, add a companion to dine with.

A quote I remember from one of the volumes of Spice and Wolf. This got stuck in my head only because I was a pitiful chump back in college who eats hotdogs for lunch… alone, every single day during my last two semester. Don’t get me wrong. That fast food chain on my uni’s rooftop makes some fucking delicious (and inexpensive) hotdogs, otherwise I wouldn’t have had patronize their food for so long. It’s just that thinking back on it, I wonder how would that hotdog taste like if I had someone to share it with?


Sakura Quest gives us a taste of its new arc, and this time everyone’s favorite girl, Shiori, takes center stage. Surprisingly, it appears that this new arc is still following that trend I was blabbering about weeks ago. It started with Sanae questioning herself if she has a place to be in, followed suite by the previous arc with Maki getting out of her slump. These character arcs present a duality which can be interpreted through the filter of someone going through whatever interpersonal issues they have, and/or someone who’s having a rough time at work — Shiori’s story isn’t an exception.

From the looks of it, this new arc presents the importance of communication. A chunk of this episode was spent animating food, and a chunk of that air-time was then spent on characters spending time dining together. Food has always been that magnet that brings us friends/relatives together, whatever the reason is. Your boss asks you out for dinner because he wants to talk things over about your promotion. You haven’t seen a friend in a long time, and you two caught up with each other at that one table in McDonald’s. This motif is prevalent this episode, and Sakura Quest is, again, doing a fine job at weaving a bitextual narrative to form a whole.



It’s also one of the reasons why I find the episode funnier and more interesting, albeit I have a baste taste for humour. I mean, there’s some sort of a disconnect and miscommunication that’s going on with their dialogue/and with what’s happening. Shiori and Kumano are dating in the eyes of Yoshino and crew, and that gossip reached the ears of Shiori’s dad who, for all intents and purposes, took her daughter out on a walk and spouted some fatherly advise. The butt of the joke is Shiori’s initial expression, and the dramatic kick came from her dad’s dialogue, yet in the grand scheme of things it’s hilarious how things escalated to this level. There’s also that part with Shiori’s sis and Kumano who probably weren’t able to date each other because of something they missed when they were in high-school. Again, another instance of people lacking in communication. Of course, the episode is capped by the Tourism board apologizing to the board of merchants because, well, miscommunication between colleagues.


Short thoughts:

  • So… I was thinking, is it really productive if we separate our work and personal lives together? Yeah, I guess to an extent.
  • Shiori best girl.
  • I don’t know about you guys but that chicken wings and cup noodles combo is pretty legit.
  • Had a sour look on my face when Yoshino introduced her uhh chocolate pasta. She’s weird.
  • I love how the ministers and the Queen are starting to get into their roles.
  • There’s a bear! Oh, wait. It’s just Kumano-san. Pffffffffffft
  • Haven’t answered the question I asked earlier yet, but I’ll do just that next week.
Fun fact: I have the same hairstyle.

I guess that’s it for this week. I’ll leave you folks with this Yoshino screencap.


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