Spring 2017 – Weeks 7 & 8

Finally got the time to catch-up and squeeze this post in. Let’s keep this short.

Alice to Zouroku – Episodes 7 & 8


Underappreciated. Hope it gets more love from the audience.

Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 – Episodes 8 & 9


Ochako’s always been a great and fun character to watch… which leaves me questioning why the Japanese are indifferent towards her.

Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 – Episodes 8 & 9


Weeee~ Talking! Only reason why I’m not reading the manga instead is only because I want to see those OMFG!!! moments animated.

Tsuki ga Kirei – Episode 7


Those pregnant pauses, those floating sparkles, the sweet smile on their faces. It’s a huge, huge, huge WIN for Azumi and Akane but… I wonder how long is this going to last?

If that wasn’t a literal roller-coaster of emotions, then I don’t know what it is. Pissed off at fate for not giving these two some time of their own, then suddenly Curly-kun manned up and slammed the door on Hira’s face. “Back-off, she’s my babe” he said, asserting his dominance. And of course they had to show Hira and Chinatsu looking like they saw a ghost, and that was yet another stab to my chest. Sorry, kids — love is war, and the first person who pulls the trigger takes the cake. For now… let’s relish the fact that we just witnessed love in the air.

Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul – Episodes 7 & 8

He’s back!

Hmmmm… despite how much I love this series, maybe it would’ve worked just as well (if not, better) with 12~ episodes?

Little Witch Academia (TV) – Episodes 19 & 20


This is why investment is great, lads. Pretty much everyone else got their time to shine but no one else did it better than Diana. That pay-off was truly worth spending 19 episodes just to see the two getting all chummy together.

Eromanga Sensei – Episodes 7 & 8

Best grill appeared

Episode 8 is good. Like, really, really good. I mean… it’s the first time I saw Eromanga give its characters low-key intimate moments without resorting to anything sexy. It isn’t the kind like how they used to give us suggestive shots of Sagiri’s body just to show how tense and erotic the atmosphere is. Episode 8’s much, much more forgiving in that regard, and there really wasn’t any need (as far as I can see) to be titillating if they wanted to depict the intimacy and relationship between its characters. That first part where Sagiri and MC-kun are talking together, with the door separating the two was great — most notably the character acting carried the episode all the way. That scene with Elf-sensei giving MC-kun a look of jealousy was on-point as well, and one of my favorite part was Muramasa-sensei’s face hidden behind a stack of books/magazines suggesting nervousness/shyness. But of course, given the kind of story it is, it’s likely we’ll only get this kind of direction occasionally.

Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukette Moratte Ii desu ka? – Episodes 6 & 7


SukaSuka is finally hitting its stride when it comes to expanding its world.  There’s still a lot of gray areas around, but I’m fine with marching to SukaSuka‘s own pace.

Re:Creators – Episodes 7 & 8

Tfw you’ll never see Meteora look at you this way.

Oh, Mamika just nuked Japan! My goodness. I would’ve enjoyed Re:Creators more if I’m still able to follow what’s happening. Fantastic episode nonetheless.

Weekly Weekly-chan

Melancholic atmosphere? Count me in.

I’m only around 10 hours into NieR: Automata, and I want to stop.

I want to stop not because it’s a terrible game or anything. I guess… it’s that kind of a weird game wherein its underlying narrative is contradictory to what you’re doing (basing on what I’ve gleaned on my first 10 hours). It’s like how you play as a Counter-Terrorist (the good guys) in Counter Strike, yet nothing’s stopping you with sniping those poor hostages just because the game allows you to. It isn’t like The Witcher 3 either wherein there’s no clear answer as to which route is the best (Triss route best route tho). Of course, I haven’t reached any of the real endings in NieR yet but maybe… I could just settle with ending K?

It’s that infamous Romeo and Juliet play which unscrewed a couple of bolts loose inside my head. Three Juliets and three Romeos in a royal rumble because… for entertainment? An attempt at creating culture? Recreation of arts? I don’t know. Do they know they’re killing each other? It remains a mystery. It remains a mystery as much as I don’t understand (and don’t want to know) why I’m tasked with slaughtering these machines. The game introduces you to its premise pretty well, and then it gives you a mission. You have a check list. Check. Check. Check. The more boxes you tick… the more you start to question the reasoning behind your actions. Oh, man. I think I’m more of a robot than those machines for following a list of tasks. Whatever. Those are just my wandering thoughts — I have more to say after this. I heard the ending’s pretty great, can’t wait to get there in one piece… hopefully.

2 Replies to “Spring 2017 – Weeks 7 & 8”

  1. Attack on Titan has kind of crawled ot a talk fest the past two episodes. I didn’t mind the lack of focus on the main characters early in the season because we were spending time with some of the other characters and without their gear it was all kind of tense and exciting. Now we’re just kind of sitting around chatting. It’s a little bit of a problem.


    1. Can’t help but agree. I’m mostly fine with dialogue-heavy episodes, but these last two episodes did nothing but to make Eren look awesome which… doesn’t really contribute much to what we already know of him.

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