Spring 2017 – Week 9

I’m trying out a new approach for writing my weekly posts. Glad to say it’s working out a lot better than before! As evident in this post it’s at least two times longer than my previous ones. I simply wrote each thoughts right after watching the episode, as opposed to watching all episodes first and write about them within the same day. I catch up with all the seasonal anime every Saturday (bar Alice to Zouroku which airs every Sunday) and start my draft the day after.

While the former approach is a perfect fit in my tight schedule, it’s kinda counterproductive when it comes to the content given that all the stuff that I watched gets diluted with whatever I’m doing next before starting the draft. Easier solution to that is watch the episode the day it aired, and write its draft as soon as I finished watching — at least this way the thoughts remain raw and fresh, all the while compromising nothing with my schedule. I may still leave a few sentences for some episodes but that’s only if I really don’t have anything worthy to say.

Alice to Zouroku – Episode 9


Honestly, if it wasn’t for the vivid slice of life stuff Alice to Zouroku has to offer, it wouldn’t be as great of a deal.

Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 – Episode 10


Holy shit.


Holy shit.

I’m a huge fan of this part in the manga — I think it’s one of the most hype and emotional point in the series and even converted me to become a Todoroki fanboy. I’m so grateful that I got what I expected and more. Holy shit. Holy shit. I must be drooling sakuga right now. Holy shit.

Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 – Episode 10


Storytelling’s consistency may just be SnK‘s weakest link in my opinion. I’m not claiming that I can write better than Isayama, but I’m just feeling like SnK‘s narrative structure feels… oddly put together. How the pacing dips favoring dialogues that contributes nothing to what we already know, flashbacks which may have worked better if inserted somewhere else — it’s like someone’s trying to figure out what to do, but ended up scribbling a lot of noise/non-sense in the hopes that something will come out of it. The logic of Ymir’s flashback feels more nature if done during that part where we all thought she was going die, and excluding that (or at least substituting it with an act that requires real-time development) could’ve straightened out the wrinkles in how the story is told. But of course Christa already took the screentime to do her own flashback during that episode so meh.

Well, whatever. Thankfully we’re back for more hype! After hearing Yui Ishikawa’s work with Nier‘s 2B I’m now hoping they’d give Mikasa more lines.

Tsuki ga Kirei – Episode 8


They say that people change when they’re in love. We do, and so is how the moon looks to us.

Everyone’s going crazy with this episode of Tsuki ga Kirei. It’s like the god of photography descended from heaven and blessed Azumi and Akane the most beautiful time of their lives. Everything looks gorgeous, everything is tidy, neat, and in near-perfect balance. The framing and perspective lines, the moody lightning effects are copiously strewn throughout to hammer in the thought that this episode is solely for two people finding love from each other. Do you remember your first date with your partner, and do you remember how beautiful everything suddenly became? You feel as if both of you are at the center of the universe and/or of the golden ratio, and even the previously scattered 3D/CGI extras gave center space to our lovey-dovey couple.

Moreso, it’s this kind of cinematographic storytelling that the connoisseur inside of me is falling in love with. Besides giving us a perspective of how Azumi and Akane ‘feels’ when they’re together, it also (and kinda) opened a new alleyway for me to interpet the show’s renowned title. I know this is pretty corny but yeah, well, the moon is beautiful, but in the context of who you are talking with, it could be said that he/she is the world, and everything around you becomes beautiful as long as you’re with him/her. Deep? Nah. Sweet? Diabetic.

Anyways, prolly my favorite part this episode is that scene before the two kissed. As the tension (and libido heh) escalates, the portrait shots of Akane and Azumi gradually becomes tighter, and they’re framed with lesser negative/personal space until that 100/100 kiss. It’s like the camera is subtly shoved onto their faces like it’s saying They’re going to kiss! Too close, too awkward, but damn she’s beautiful. That hair pin looks good on her… aaaaand BAM~ Zoom out. Just perfect. I’m not even going to mention the music used for this part.

Just a small thought… I wonder what would an anime directed by the Coen Brothers look like?

Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul – Episode 9


Despite its take on slavery, racism, chauvinism and whatever nasty things Virgin Soul is telling, it’s pretty cool that it can still find the time to make me laugh. That first part with Nina’s soliloquy had me in stitches and I’m writing this after the need to pause for air. Maybe I just have a bad taste for dark comedy, but hearing and seeing Nina all genki even when she’s sold off to slavery is nothing less a proof of why she’s one of the best heroines this season. That’s some positive thinking for yah.

All right. Just finished the episode and it was as equally entertaining. Nina certainly deserves the applause (and everyone else). Man, can’t believe that was just 20 minutes.

Little Witch Academia (TV) – Episode 21


What a little odd adventure it has been. Ups and downs, ups and downs.  Episode 21 missed the mark just by a hair’s width, so this must mean the next episode’s going to be bulls eye?

Eromanga Sensei – Episode 9


I may just be overidentifying myself with Elf’s backstory but man, that hit closer to home. Anyone who had a rough time with their parents/family treats that life story as a secret not anyone is entitled to hear. Elf telling Masamune about it before she confessed — topped with all the makings of a tsundere — gave that feeling of authenticity some rom-coms fail at. I mean, Eromanga is pretty absurd no matter how you look at it, but that confession was genuinely heartfelt because of how it played out. It isn’t just a harem show, I feel, rather it’s a pretty good romance show as well. Opening up to a person you like with such a personal story is a sign that, well, that person is telling you his/her weakness. Eromanga leveraged on that with a well-made scene and the rest is just history. Rom-com w/ incest about erotic light novel creators? Nah, this show can be grounded if it wanted to whilst retaining that absurd premise in the background.

Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukette Moratte Ii desu ka? – Episode 8


Pretty sure most of you folks have had epiphanous moments while you’re watching an anime — be it that sudden realization that the seiyuu of best grill is actually the seiyuu of one of your favorite characters or something along those lines. I just had one this episode.

I’m officially biting my teeth into the Willem-Cthulhu twosome, but I guess it’s partly thanks to SukaSuka‘s insistence in giving the duo a bona fide boy-girl relationship, as opposed to other anime that would rather settle with a half-cooked development. Willem gave me an impression that he wasn’t interested with Chtholly when they first met, yet he could also be misread as a ladies’ man from the way he acted during the earlier part of the show — be it intentionally or just suggestive bias from how the interactions are presented. I mean, 2-3 episodes before this, I can only see Willem acting out of consideration to the girls because he is their caretaker. It’s at that point wherein I had to keep asking: is he worried about Chtholly because he’s in love with her, or only because it’s his job to oversee their welfare?

Of course, I may just be dense when it comes to these things, but the way he responds to conversations before, and the way he responds to conversations now (in relation to him and Chtholly as lovers) speaks volumes when it comes to how much his attitude towards her has gradually changed. It feels more like a natural progression from a stranger, to an acquaintance, a friend, and then a partner without anything in-between left unchecked.

Re:Creators – Episode 9


How fun would it be if Magane, Izaya, and Ougi are in the same room?

Weekly Weekly-chan

Just recently cleared NieR‘s ending A. Looks like it may take two more weeks for me to beat the game. Looking forward to playing I Am Setsuna and reading The Moe Manifesto afterwards. God there’s just so many things I want to do.


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  1. I second that it’s better to watch an episode and then let the thoughts flow. This way the effect of the episode on a person is clearer and also some interesting details tend not to become obscured.


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