Sakura Quest – Episodes 9 & 10


Always make sure your calendar is up to date, boys. I wasn’t feeling the hots for how things concluded with the previous arc last week. Maybe I’m just used to seeing Sakura Quest capping its arcs with either a festive or an emotional climax, and episode 9 is… uhh, somewhere doing a limbo between the two. Another quip I have from episode 9 is that the sub-plot Sakura Quest does so well to intertwine with the main story line felt muddled, compared to how lucid the previous arcs were. Shiori’s sis and Kumano’s romantic sub-plot didn’t present much of an ambiguity (and/or drawing a clear relation to the main story line per se) other than a gag about people to make sure they know what date it is — after all, the squabble with Board of Merchants all started exactly because the Tourism Board got the date of the event/s all messed up.

Anyways, at the very least Sakura Quest is redeeming itself with Riri’s character arc introduction. I’ve had my eyes on her for quite a while now not because she’s cute or anything (well, yeah, she is cute) but only because I’m an introvert myself. We’re sensitive. We’re observant. We dabble in weird stuff. We’re a man of few words. We’re reserved.

Personally, the most difficult thing about being an introvert is that you can never be at your comfort zone in this kind of society that puts being outgoing (or an extrovert) as its cynosure. You might get ostracized, or at the very least asserting your efforts will only get shrugged under the rug in favor of the extroverted. I guess this is partly our fault too, and we could try harder in that regard, yet is it really necessary for us to change when being an introvert has its own strengths given the right time and opportunity?

Or maybe it’s a matter of proving that you’re fine the way you are. Riri getting benched because she can’t do what other kids can do have become a trauma for her. It’s at this point where she starts asking whether or not she has what it takes to be able to contribute and help Yoshino and the crew. It’s really a tough situation. I mean, I’ve experienced my fair share of having my feeble attempts at communicating getting rejected and I ended up growing used to it. Riri seems to be unsure of what and where her place is, but if anything I’m confident that she’ll find the right moment for her… the only question is then how Sakura Quest will play this out. More occult stuff? Real paranormal activities happening? Whichever it is, it’s likely going to be fun!


Short thoughts:

  • Yoshino is weird on her own way. Willingly getting a facial (of somen) in public?       ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Man, everything about the comedy with this show is hitting all the right notes for me.
  • Love that change of tone in the end. It’s like Mayoiga all over again.
  • I’m wondering what turned Riri asocial. Uhh is she the Director’s daughter?

I’m confident episode 11’s going to be a good closure as usual. I guess the only way the previous arc differ is that the sub-plot doesn’t really have anything to do with the character in focus. Anyways, I’ll see you folks next week~

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