Spring 2017 – Week 12

Sooo I took at peak at next season’s line up and as usual nothing grabbed my attention to warrant further interest/research (well, aside from the Ballroom adaptation). Maybe I should watch Kado or Kemono Friends in the meantime?

Alice to Zouroku – Episode 12 (END)


And Zouroku saves the day yet again with another scolding.

Man, that was a nice ending. Alice to Zouroku feels like it has a lot more to say but I’m impressed by how much they’ve done over the course of a season. I thought that I was going to get a non-conclusive end this episode but… yeah, it feels lacking, yet that little snippet of Sana(?) towards the end was kinda enough to placate my worries about what will happen to her. Maybe she took over Zouroku’s business? Maybe she’s visiting his grave and offering a bouquet of flowers? Maybe what we’ve was just Sana dreaming about her childhood? I don’t know, but I’m sure that Alice to Zouroku deserves another season.

Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 – Episode 13


Snobbish blogger: Kindle!

Tsuki ga Kirei – Episode 11


When you realize that Dazai’s life is riddled with love affairs… but who cares?

Episode 11 is honestly a very personal experience. It’s this episode where I sympathize the most with Azumi. His mom, his family, his quixotic ambition in pursuit of love — yeaaaaaaaah sounds like the old me. Anyways, enough of that. We’re on suicide watch for next episodes, boys.

Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul – Episode 12


You know, the only thing left missing to turn this into a Final Fantasy spin-off are the crystals.

Anyways, that was an exhilarating episode as usual. As usual, Virgin Soul is good but it’s definitely not perfect. I guess the only problem I have is that they haven’t expanded its universe/world further. It feels as if their adventure is constrained into this single setting/location.

Little Witch Academia (TV) – Episode 24


I wrote a bit about episode 24, Akko, and NieR: Automata on this post. You guys should check it out.

Anyways, it wasn’t anything flashy but… man, the latter half started to pick up the pace until that Akko and Chariot conversation had me in tears. Now that they’ve let go of that emotional baggage, it’s time to bring the Trigger hype this final episode. Oh boy.

Eromanga Sensei – Episode 12 (END)

Muramasa best grill

Ahh, those bona fide otaku in Japan are prolly in celebration for this masterpiece.

It’s kinda interesting that these girls who create l3wd stuff for a living aren’t aware of, uhh, how sex really works. I’ll have to be blunt here. I mean, when us westerners see ecchi/fan service, we associate it with sex, fap material, masturbation, whatever you want to call it. But… I’d have to wonder how much of these are constrained by the influences of our sociocultural environment, and how much of these are exactly what we think of it. Saito Tamaki in Beautiful Fighting Girl mentioned that in western comics, sexuality is kept under check: there’s a list of what not to show in comics. Japanese fandom doesn’t have (or at least they have a vague notion of what unlawful obscenity is) these regulations, hence they have all sorts of pr0n/doujinshi produced left and right.

Why is it that restrictions for these are looser in Japan? Is it because it’s the fodder of the contemporary otaku? Or is it perhaps something rooted further in some historical context? I don’t know. I saw someone in Twitter calling this particular topic out as ‘normalizing’ pedophilia. Perhaps it does, but if it does I do have to wonder why cases of real life pedophilia amongst the otaku fandom are so scarce.

Anyways, yeah. It’s a great farewell for Eromanga-Sensei. What they were doing were just… absolutely silly and cute but that’s exactly the point of it. I guess what I truly love about this episode is how apparent the progress is of its characters and their relationship with each other — something that’s quite a feat when you consider that more than half of this 12-episode show is comprised of ass and tits. Sagiri opening the window and saying bye bye to her new-found friends — ahh, that was cuddly.

Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukette Moratte Ii desu ka? – Episode 11



Ah, I get it. It’s like I’m watching a sequel.

I kinda struggled to understand how and what makes SukaSuka‘s world feel easy to immerse to. Of course, it helps that it doesn’t over exert itself with the exposition, but this was only possible due to the time the story is taking place in, and how essential to the story the events that preceded the present is. It’s like the present world of SukaSuka as we know it is being being constructed with either a flashback or a character reminiscing about his/her past. We’re given a character, an event, a story, an effect, yet we know nothing about its genealogy (or cause).

I guess if anything, how SukaSuka‘s world-building progresses only makes me eager to learn more about its ‘prequel’. It would’ve a been kind of fun to see Willem just kicking monster asses left and right, no?

Oh, and fuck this. It’s going to be huge cliffhanger if we don’t get a fairly conclusive ending next week. Don’t pull a Re:Zero on us, damn it.

Re:Creators – Episode 12


Media is our new reality, and karma revolves faster within this world. I don’t remember when I started to take whatever I see on the TV with a grain of salt. What actually happened passes through certain channels, and whatever original context it had either gets diminished or lost by the time it reaches the viewers. To put it into perspective, it’s like what we’re seeing is what someone heard from someone who heard from someone else who found out about it from a friend.

Well, whatever. I’m just reflecting about fiction and reality here. Fiction is… arguably tailor suited to what we want to hear and see. It’s why we love these dumb puff pieces advocating how shampoo X is a lot better than shampoo Y, and if you buy this now you get an extra bottle for free. Anime is dying because 0taku? Screw you. Girl 1 plagiarized a work from girl 2? Really? While there may be some ‘truth’ to it at surface level, it makes me sick to the stomach how the everyone else will start to believe what they hear as long as there’s enough voices to back it up. If anything they’re the ones plagiarizing what opinion to have in the matter.

Weekly Weekly-chan


I’d say every anime fan should see Gunbuster and Diebuster one of these days. I really should make one of those favorite anime list as well. I have… a lot of anime with a score of 10 in MAL.

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