Summer 2017 – Weeks 5 & 6

It feels like a week’s break isn’t enough for me to catch up on the other stuff I’m doing. Yikes. Nevertheless, I’m back on my regular weekly blogging, folks.

Made in Abyss – Episodes 5 & 6


I was expecting a more adventure-filled approach whilst we’re in the Abyss. You know, the kind of thing where characters are actively trying to overcome an obstacle, obtain more skills and items, meet new allies, discover sights and places blah blah blah. While pretty much most of what I mentioned is already Made in Abyss in itself, I feel like it dons and prefers that linear storytelling and mystery-thriller tone more than anything.

Then again, it only makes sense within the logic of its narrative to head straight into the crux of the matter, unlike contemporary open-world RPGS wherein your character takes on extraneous side-quests rather than the main one (*cough* The Witcher 3). This is still well and good, but my problem here is that the Abyss doesn’t feel as explored to my liking. I’m not saying that Riko should’ve accepted Marulk’s invitation to go out and have fun, but relative to the size and scope of the Abyss Riko and Reg’s pace/progression feels unproportionally fast. After all the caveat we’ve heard about the Abyss, it comes as a surprise that it only took 5 episodes for a greenhorn to reach the end of the 2nd layer.

Nana Maru San Batsu – Episodes 4 & 5


More characters ahoy! Nana Maru continues its fun charade. It’s surprising that such a niche activity/sport can achieve this level of hype, partly because of the characters themselves, and mostly because of how it actually takes time to explain (and give examples of) these assorted quiz formats. Of course, the thought process that goes into these kids’ heads are still hard to follow, but repetition (along with character-story progression) makes it reasonably easier to ‘quiz’ along with them. Stock knowledge is important if you want to join in on the fun, but how you utilize that knowledge is going to be the defining edge of a real winner. Koshiyama is just that — he isn’t just smart, but rather he takes on questions and challenges with a rational perspective, hence why despite his wimpy disposition he’s proving to be a very fun character to watch.

Princess Principal – Episodes 5 & 6


Hands down, PriPri takes the cake during these last two weeks. It has proven that it can handle high-paced action thriller in episode 5 (which, in my opinion, was a big improvement compared to its previous counterparts), and it showed us that it can a tell a rather atmospheric and grim story as well in episode 6.

While some might argue that Princess Principal is all over the place given how widely divergent each episodes are, I don’t think that that’s necessary a bad thing with its anachronic approach. I might adapt a different take on this if the show is progressing the narrative in a linear/uniform way, rather than highlighting each character’s backstory in an episodic manner. I think the disparity in its tone and genre is important in this regard, considering that we’re dealing with characters coming from different backgrounds. Chise’s pedigree is that of a Japanese assassin (samurai? ninja?), hence it only makes sense that you tell her story within her milieu which is, well, sword fighting. Dorothy, on the other hand, comes as a surprise and I wasn’t expecting such a tragic childhood coming from her. Then again, despite the apparent difference in approach of Princess Principal‘s episodes hitherto, it’s still telling the same thing that these characters as we know it have seen their own fair share of hardships.

Oh, and let me just get it out here that Ryouma Ebata is awesome. The moment I saw that distinct walk cycle last week I immediately knew that it was going to be a fantastic episode.

Koi to Uso – Episodes 1-5


Ah, Koi to Uso. It’s so bad that it’s so good, it’s making me laugh at every twist and turn. I don’t know man. It takes this incredulous hentai premise of ‘low birthrate? let’s have everyone fuck’ logic with a straight face, and then turns it into this complicated and contradictory love rectangle (or maybe it’s a tripod/harem???) tinged with NTR and homosexuality.

Even the characters are as… unique as its conceit. There’s the man of the harem, the most moe, burial mounds loving guy you have ever seen (but seriously why burial mounds? WHY?). We have Takasaki (she’s honestly very hot), who, from time to time flirts with Mr. Burial Mounds but doesn’t want to commit to a relationship with him because of a goddamn law. Ririna’s cute… if only she stops pushing Mr. Burial Mounds away to Takasaki. It’s like Ririna’s only doing it for the luls and she doesn’t mind her ‘future husband’ doing lewd things with another woman, but then later on she realizes that she has feelings for Burial Mounds and regrets being a doorknob. Shocking! How about that dude Nisaka? I don’t know. Don’t ask me.

Sakura Quest – Episodes 18 & 19


Looks like Sakura Quest is going to wrap up some of its character arcs from here on out. I think… if there’s one important distinction with the show’s former and latter half, it’s going to be that with the first half there’s a continuous attention given to each main characters respectively, all the while giving that sense of progression happening in their goal of bringing Manoyama back into the limelight. Meanwhile, the latter half branched out to further expose the supporting characters, albeit the pay off from their own arcs leaves much to be desired compared to how they’ve handled the girls from the Board of Tourism. One recent example is the arc with the anthropology professor. Sure, its concept was pretty cool, but aside from what little development the characters had, its concept was just all there was to it. Not to mention the professor passed away rather abruptly, but that didn’t matter cause the girls got what they needed in the end, right?

Re:Creators – Episode 17


Whoa. I think it’s worth the wait if they’re going to keep duking it out like this.

Weekly Weekly-chan


My motivation in watching anime is kinda dropping in level specially during these recent weeks, prolly due to the amount of stuff I’m getting busy with. Anyways, I’ve quit playing that online game a week ago, Dota 2’s The International 7 is behind us now, and I’m almost done reading textbooks. But I think more importantly the day the anime I’m watching airs in isn’t favorable with how I prefer my schedule to be. This season isn’t unlike the last wherein almost all the shows I’m watching airs during my weekends. I don’t want that, because it leaves little to no breathing room for me to do my stuff (which explains why I’m skipping out on Kakegurui and Ballroom e Youkoso this week). I guess I’m no longer at my prime wherein I can binge all anime there is to my heart’s content. Oh, well.

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