Summer 2017 – Week 7

For all the 8 episodes of anime I’m watching this season, every one of them turned out great this week.

Made in Abyss – Episode 7


So… who else chewed through their fingernails this episode?

Ozen sure got me on that one. While she was beating Reg to a pulp I’m left here biting my fingernails and asking myself what the hell was wrong with this person. There really was nothing for Ozen to gain from her provocations, but after we’re given this menacing image of her (not to mention that uncanny, intimidating voice acting) it becomes difficult to rationalize her actions as anything but atrocious.

While it’s Ozen’s diabolical charisma and adorable tsundere personality that did most of the weightlifting this episode, some of the scenes could’ve used more grittiness to it — the visuals just feel too flat, and the animation’s quality isn’t effectively complimenting what the show wanted to convey. Despite this little nitpick, the chapter still did a great job at jostling me out of the stagnation I’m feeling after two weeks of Made in Abyss laying low in my radar. As usual, more questions are exponentially popping up following an answer, and we see at least some sort of hint as to what the Abyss is, then again I still can’t figure out at this point why the heck are the dead trying to scramble back six feet under.

Ballroom e Youkoso – Episodes 6 & 7


How long has it been since I’ve read this chapter? I don’t know, but that turned out to be a good thing because I can relive these hype moments one  more time in full color and sound.

Having said that, I’m trying to recall how Tatara and Mako will squeak past by each hurdles. I have no idea what comprises a good dance, and this adaptation of Ballroom isn’t really keen on drawing the line between who dances better than the other aside from the supporting monologues telling us what happened, awesome still images etc, hence why I ended up rather dubious when they won a round by virtue of Mako’s breast paddings. It’s unlike Yuri!!! on Ice which despite its constant grapple with animation quality still manages to display a character’s routine from start to finish giving us a chance to draw our own conclusions.

Princess Principal – Episode 7


“Spies can become anything.” – Someone from the group, maybe Ange

I remember hearing that somewhere in this anime, but I can’t recall from whom… Eitherway, if that isn’t Princess Principal in a nutshell then I don’t now what it is.

Do you think Princess Principal‘s going to pull a Code Geass on us? I’m getting these peculiar feeling of a death flag on Princess for some reason, and it isn’t really impossible to see Ange literally replacing Princess as shown in episode 2 should anything happen to her. Well, whatever. We’re treated to a very chill experience this episode as the whole gang finally takes the laundromat center stage after PriPri‘s bout of character arcs. And speaking of which, now that the character introductions are over, the following episodes are going to be crucial in determining how this show is going to pan out with its anachronic formula.

Koi to Uso – Episodes 5 & 6


Sexual tension is escalating, boys. I don’t know if I was laughing because of how awkward/cringy these last few episodes were or because they were just simply funny… or better yet both. It sucks that Takasaki isn’t as fleshed out as compared to Ririna though. Up until now there really isn’t much going on on her role aside from being ‘that hot girl the main character likes’. Her character is kinda one-dimentional in a way that when both Yukari and Takasaki starts getting horny, the following day — for whatever reason — the latter starts giving the dude a cold shoulder. On the other hand Ririna wins for awakening her inner tsundere earning her those extra waifu points.

Sakura Quest – Episode 20


This is probably my favorite episode to date. It has three of the things I came to love from this anime: the witty, subtly hilarious interaction and dialogues, that vicariously melancholic feeling you get from seeing a character during their highs and lows, a simple, straightforward yet effective approach. Every second was just absolutely fun (though I have to give it out to Maki for making this episode too close to home for comfort).

One perfect example is that part where Maki returned to the group with a beaming smile, albeit in contrast the four other girls were looking despondent after hearing the news and then someone broke the silence asking if they can start eating curry. The humorous irony is there, but at the same time having this personal context makes the interaction funny whilst retaining the gravitas of Maki’s situation. The first thing you may want not to do after your friend breaks a bad news is to actually talk about it, and the first thing you may not want to do after an ordeal is to give someone an earful of rant (hence why you will very, very rarely see me vent out in Twitter). It’s also an indication of how close they are to each other, and that they recognizes that every one of them is an adult capable of taking care of themselves — it’s just that most of the time, the best thing you can do to a friend is just to be there for him/her, even through something as simple as enjoying food.

Re:Creators – Episode 18


Wow. They sure pulled all the stops, huh. That was, hands down, the most entertaining episode from this week. I know Re:Creators has a lot on its head that it wanted to tell, and it was obviously not enough that a big chunk of its episodes were drawn out dialogues, but finally seeing its practical application (regardless of how esoteric the theory is) is nonetheless really fun to watch. Like that part with Hikayu was well-nigh a definition of an ass-pull, but taking what her character type/trope is into consideration and applying that in media theory/media mixing makes it far more logical and far less absurd.

Weekly Weekly-chan


Nothing exciting happening this week. I’m just waiting for that ARIA manga I ordered to arrive. And while we’re at it if you’re looking to purchase from an online retailer I recommend getting your money’s worth on CD Japan instead of YesAsia (unless you’re looking to check out $30+ worth of goodies then their free international shipping comes in handy).

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