Summer 2017 – Week 13 (END)

Nothing but Made in Abyss here, folks!

Made in Abyss – Episode 13 (END)


Episode 13 is a complete roller coaster of emotions solidifying Made in Abyss‘ place as one of my top anime this year. Incidentally, I already called this as early as episode 1 so I’m not really surprised.

I partly talked about Made in Abyss‘ take on The Hero’s Journey and how one of its underpinnings, The Return, implies this idea of an inevitable eulogy. After going through countless ordeals vicariously in the form of our heroes’ rather graphic suffering, having this sliver of hope that homecoming — whether it be Mitty’s passing, Nanachi going back to the place where it all began, or sending a message back to the surface — instills renewed vitality, of longing, to continue on the journey towards the Abyss.

As such, Riko and Reg sending a message to the surface became one of the most symbolically powerful set pieces I’ve seen from this year’s considerable stack of great anime. The Return is supposed to be the final act in archaic and modern day adventure narratives, yet we are still only at a point where we’re barely scratching the surface of the grand scheme of things. There was some sort of juxtaposition with the ascent of the package against that of scaling the Abyss. The montage was warm, welcoming, pleasant, gentle, blissful, painless; it’s as if the accumulated stress and horrors of the Abyss’ curse starts to deflate as the balloon reaches the surface leaving nothing but a sigh of relief and wistful fans begging for a second season. Whether on what form the Return manifests itself, being able to draw a thin line of hope from within the chasm towards the outside world becomes a reminder that the God of the Abyss can at least be forgiving. The probability that the message won’t reach its destination is still there, but in place of uncertain fear is steadfast hope.


This scene is said to be an anime original, and I love how they were able to make a full circle out of the Hero’s Journey’s structure despite keeping the supposedly completed narrative inconclusive considering that Riko and the others’ return is towards the Abyss. It’s nonetheless another case in point of anime originals supplementing the original into something better similar to how they evened out the pace in episode 9 with fresh content.

Anyways, I don’t have much to say at this point, so I’ll just leave a couple of short thoughts here.

  • Bondrewd is on another level of intimidation than Ozen. Are the rest of the White Whistles really this fucked up?
  • Really, though. That balloon montage was like ‘END OF DISC 1, INSERT DISC 2’ level of feels.
  • I was able to keep a sympathetic look until Nanachi started crying after Reg blasted a mound of goo and stuffed toys into oblivion. God, that did it for me.
  • I’m loving how they aren’t leaving controversial and graphic stuff filtered. Gore?You got it. Reg getting a hard on? Sure, why not? Riko pissing herself for the nth time? Heh.
  • I’m going to miss Nanachi’s Maa~’s and Naa~’s.
  • Season 2. Season 2. Season 2. Season 2. Season 2. Season 2. Season 2. Season 2. Season 2.


Weekly Weekly-chan

I’m taking a break next week in preparation of Fall 2017’s coverage. I still don’t know what I’m going to watch but whatever.

Anyways, I started watching Kemono Friends. I’ll make it short: It’s great. 3D-CGI wasn’t even that much of a roadblock for me not to enjoy the show. In fact, I think the 3D design was good — it blends well with the nicely rendered background hence it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb (it’s prolly because 70% of the time the character are static). Oh, and the fans are right. Kemono Friends is going to make you stupid. Not in the negative sense but it’s analogous to watching a kiddie show like “1+1 = 2 SO FUN, SO TANOSHI” kind of stuff.


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