Fall 2017 – Week 5

Fall 2017 sure is undoubtedly a blessing from the gods of anime, and to think that we’re halfway done…

Net-juu no Susume – Episode 6


Just like how MoriMori is so excited about logging in to Fruit de Mer after a hectic day, Net-juu no Susume is also the reason why I keep looking forward to a great weekend.

While Koiwai did a lot of teasing this episode that garnered my reproach, I’d like to turn a blind eye and think he’s mainly doing it as a winger out of consideration to his kouhai. Of course, this still doesn’t erase the fact that my picturesque image of MoriMori and Sakurai’s relationship is marred by a third party (not to mention Kanbe/Kazu also seems to be developing an interest to our princess), but in the end, it’s pretty much clear who’s going to win the MoriMori Bowl… if that idea brings any comfort to you.

It’s interesting, however, to see that despite the obvious outcome in the pairings Sakurai never bothered to consider asking MoriMori if she is what he thinks she (or he?) is. Perhaps… he’s just too good of a guy to a fault, opting to stay on the sidelines content in seeing MoriMori/Hayashi in good spirits even if it means letting her date some other guy, or perhaps there’s a personal space he wants to keep — something that says he’d only like to keep relationships within the boundary of Fruit de Mer. Or maybe it’s a topic he doesn’t know how to approach yet given that he “””may””” already have a feeling towards Hayashi whom he was expecting to be a guy. Regardless, he probably has his own reasons. Whatever the case is, that isn’t to say that Sakurai is without a backbone as he’s certainly capable of some suave smooth talking, although this only brings to mind how much we really know about his character other than being the fated prince of this love story.

Sure, Net-juu no Susume isn’t over yet, but the idea that there are only 4 episodes left to it makes me question whether or not it would be able to flesh out its unpolished side well enough to bring a satisfying closure to this short journey. We’ve already seen MoriMori show a new side to her character, but how about the other guild members? Wouldn’t it be great to see them all together in real life, reminiscing those failed dungeon raids and rare loots? For a dynamic cast that has a lot of potential, it’s disappointing that we may not be able to see more of their antics. And thematically speaking, Net-juu also has a lot to unpack, and the more I think about it the more I realize how criminally short this series is.

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryouko – Episode 6


Hopeless! Hopeless! Hopelesssssssss!

The book I read about wabi-sabi mentioned that it’s rooted in zen nihilistic cosmic view, however, the online discussions I’m seeing so far says otherwise and posits that zen and nihilism aren’t mutually exclusive. Guess which of the two Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryouko‘s hopelessness fall under? I can’t say for sure, but I’m getting really eager to read more about zen just to find out.

3-gatsu no Lion Season 2 – Episode 5


Dropped by 7-Eleven to buy some cigs after watching this episode of 3-gatsu. The guy at the counter was looking at me funny prolly because I look like someone who was just peeling onions. Though, to be honest I might as well be slicing up onions after another emotionally tender episode.

I guess I finally understood a bit why Rei considers Hina as his savior. Sure, Hina asserting that what she did wasn’t her fault might’ve resounded to Rei who was mulling last season how he’s a cuckoo for intruding into someone else’s family or how he’s considered a shinigami by other shogi players, but if anything it might’ve struck his mind that Hina would’ve come to his side even if he was in Chiho’s position. I was actually taking Rei’s response to Hayashida on how he wasn’t the one getting bullied with a grain of salt. In the context of their conversation, we can say that he isn’t really lying — it’s obviously a sensitive topic for him to talk about, after all. Although, if we read behind the lines, the “I don’t have any friends,” or “I’m not in anyone’s field of vision,” replies can be taken as him derisively commenting on his past which hints that it’s still bothering him up to this day — albeit indirectly — and that’s where Hina finally comes in to extend her hand.

It may sound like my commentary on this anime is all about Rei because of obvious reasons, however, what’s great about 3-gatsu is that it isn’t really about a single person. Shifting its tone and mood is something it’s great at, and shifting the focus from one character to the next is another. It’s an aspect that’s already evident from Umino Chica’s Honey & Clover, although with the latter the feeling that we’re following the story of a tight-knit group of people is a lot more pronounced than 3-gatsu with Rei being at the core of the narrative. Moments such as Hina’s soliloquy when she accompanied Rei to the library, Hayashida bouncing back and forth between a comedic and a serious tone while offering his own take on bullying, and Akari opening up on her uncertainties are spread throughout, giving us ample opportunities to also see things from their own perspective.

And that’s only rightfully so, considering that 3-gatsu has always been implicit in showing us that there isn’t an absolute good or a bad person, or a right and a wrong decision. It’s easy to be lost whilst navigating through a complex web of variables, and that’s a common trait among us humans especially in our younger days. Portraying the characters as such gives them with a nuanced individuality because after all, what sets us apart other than the circumstances we’ve been in? I knew Akari’s backstory is coming sooner or later, and I knew it was going to hit like a truck, but her flaws and vulnerabilities are only hers for keeping. We’ve always seen her with a bright smile and a positive outlook, and it only makes sense that she also has her own share of uncertainties, something which she might’ve bottled up ever since she was 19 only to pour down those frustrations to Rei like some kind of a leaking faucet.

Speaking of nuances, I’ve been bullied too before. Well, not the distressing kind of bullying but I only realized what it was only after growing up. I was a grade schooler back then, and the older students were always asking me for lunch money. It didn’t really bother me because I had money to spare and I get to hang out with the cool kids (even though I’m sure I never got their names), but looking back at it now I’m wondering what kind of person I would’ve become if I reacted differently. Nevertheless, it’s probably one of the things that influenced the sort of personality I have today — introverted, class clown, etc., etc. Oh, well, whatever. Let’s just be nice to each other, folks.

Short thoughts:

  • Akari trying to hold back the tears while Hina is crying on her lap. God, that always gets me all the time.
  • Where vulnerabilities make you human, flawlessness makes you a demon, and I remember Rei briefly talking about how Souya’s smile must’ve looked like one.
  • Hayashida officially raising the Rei x Hina flag. Good guy, Hayashida.
  • Akari is, hands down, one of the top Ara ara character there is.

Houseki no Kuni – Episode 6

If Houseki no Kuni isn’t the most beautiful looking anime this season then I don’t know what it is.

Man, this anime is cruel, to be honest. I was at first happy for Phos that she finally has something going on for her, only to learn the hard way that a battlefield isn’t all fun and games. But, hey, on the bright side there’s Dia getting a head pat.

Just Because! – Episode 6


Ah, indecisiveness. The bane of every teenage relationship.

The flags are indicating that Izumi and Natsume will end up together despite things going south for the both of them, although to be quite honest I just don’t see how their chemistry works. It isn’t like Soma who at least has a reason for liking Hazuki or Natsume for liking Soma. As far as I’m concerned Izumi only shrugged it off as ‘something from the past’ albeit it’s completely obvious that he still harbors feelings for Natsume, and it doesn’t help how he’s basically the most passive within their group. I guess that’s one reason why Soma’s character is a lot more likable and fun to watch, and I guess that’s also one reason why I prefer Camera-chan to win the bowl.

Blend S – Episode 6


Of course. The mandatory beach episode. Happy now? Umh, yeah…

Mahoutsukai no Yome – Episode 6


I get that there are a lot of individuals interested in Chise but man, there sure are a bunch of new characters popping in left and right (with one of them sporting some weird boob physics) only to comment on how… interesting Chise is, followed by more foreshadowing on Elias’ ambiguity.

Weekly Weekly-chan

Our out of town was moved this weekends instead, and I still haven’t come up with a convincing excuse for not coming. Maybe I should deliberately try catching a cold or something… Whatever. I just don’t want to come because it’s yet another expense out of my pocket. I’m trying to earn at least $4,000 to $5,000 for the next year and so far I’ve only saved up less than a thousand. Honestly, that’s a lot considering the situation I’m in.

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