Fall 2017 – Week 8

Finally. It’s December, and that only means one thing: 13th month pay.

Net-juu no Susume – Episode 9


There’s no better word to describe this episode other than diabetic — a feeling that can only be achieved after the realization that your ship withstood the turbulent waters of the seas and oceans of romance. Aye, SS MoriMori x Hayashi has gone full speed ahead, all sails unfurled and, well, I think they forgot to step on the brakes. Not that I’m complaining, because the last thing I want to see before this series ends next week (YES, ENDS NEXT WEEK) is the two of them kissing and possibly even more… if you know what I mean.

All right, I’m getting ahead of myself here. Smaller scoops of sugar would suffice, similar to how goddamn adorable this episode has been down to the minute details. They may be both grown-ups, but they sure are rather inexperienced in this kind of thing which only makes them even cuter. I mean, there’s kind of a certain ‘moe’ appeal from seeing two adults flush from the thought of engaging with the opposite sex romantically, and it’s only reasonable for someone reserved to turn out as a virgin. It isn’t any different from seeing a grandpa and a granny getting all lovey-dovey together in one of those kiss cams in basketball games or something. In any case…

  • MoriMori fidgeting uncontrollably. ✓
  • MoriMori reaction faces. ✓
  • An endless loop of apologies. ✓
  • Blushes. ✓
  • Misunderstandings. ✓
  • Sakurai assuming he got friend zoned. ✓
  • Koiwai proving he really is a bro. ✓
  • MoriMori thinking she isn’t good enough for a guy like Sakurai. ✓
  • Another misunderstanding. ✓
  • Accidentally inviting a girl to your house. ✓
  • Dat kinky mood in the air. Uh, ✓

While these past two/three episodes undoubtedly get a full check mark on my list, I think it suffices to say that this is where Net-juu peaks. All the build-up from the earlier episodes points toward this particular moment in their relationship, and with only 1 episode left I can’t think of anything else for them to really do other than, you know, have a passionate tête-à-tête about the past and about each other, on Sakurai’s bed, holding hands together… Perhaps they’ll arrange a meet-up with the other guild members? Hopefully, because it would be such a waste not to hear more from such a colorful cast of extras.

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryouko – Episode 9


We Girls’ Last Tour: Automata this week, folks. The only distinction between the two is that in Nier it’s game over when you eat the fish. And that’s kinda ironic considering that the fish in Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryouko is essential for survival. Then again, what’s the point when everything in their world is bound to end sooner or later? Mottainai is conceptually present as well in this week’s subject given that the tradition (more particularly Shinto) also suggests that animate or inanimate objects have a spirit or a soul. If their world is dying — not so much as in the physical/tangible way but more on the spiritual concept of things — then it does make sense that everything in their world was alive to begin with. The kettenkrad, the raindrops, the fish, the robot, Yuu, Chii-chan, their helmets, underwears, those memorabilia from last week — they’re alive, regardless if it’s capable of empathy or not, because there is an end for everything. I know, it’s getting Kino-level of philosophical right there but you get where I’m coming from… hopefully.

3-gatsu no Lion Season 2 – Episode 8


When it rains, it pours. To most it’s like wading in a deep, bottomless river, sucking the gravity off your feet, dragging you to the depths of the waters, whereas to others, it’s nothing but another chapter in their heroic adventure. Because in the face of adversity are unsung heroes — characters who at first isn’t any different from any other individual, but deep down in their cores brandishes an unfaltering determination.

Characters like Akari, in which this episode suggested a chapter in her life she understandably doesn’t want to share with anyone yet. What little screentime she had was nonetheless important in giving us an idea of the distance she is keeping. The wide shot-reverse shot during that brief conversation with Rei betrayed her seemingly deliberate attempt of steering away from the conversation about their father; a polite and calculated gesture of detaching herself from an unwanted topic.  Of course, it’s obviously not something that they should be talking about yet considering the matter at hand, but for better or worse Rei might’ve unexpectedly opened a can of worms that will haunt us in later chapters.

And opening a can of worms it is, as 3-gatsu spent most of its latter half filling Rei’s curiosity surrounding his rival’s situation. That only brings us to another hero in the name of Harunobu Nikaido. I was a fan of him ever since the first time he appeared, and given how long it has been since he got any significant focus his backstory — this time told through Shimada’s perspective — caught me totally off-guard. A fiery personality with an iron-clad will mired by a weak constitution, he is almost like the superlative of how most of the characters in 3-gatsu confront their own inescapable dilemma:  helpless, yet brimming with single-minded determination. It’s as if a cruel paradox mirroring the situation we are in. I want to help them out in any way possible, but as an audience I can’t do anything other than cheer for them from the other side of the screen. I was honestly almost at the point of putting this episode on hold because of how emotionally straining it has been week after week but… oh well, it isn’t as if time will wait for us to collect ourselves, right?

Houseki no Kuni – Episode 9


Beneath Houseki no Kuni‘s surreal and comedic world is a creeping anxiety. Much of it is about Phos’ unlucky string of events, only to find out in the end that what she needed isn’t exactly what she wanted. To begin with, her initial job was to make an encyclopedia and to find a suitable job for Cinnabar, but in some way, I see her as someone who just wanted to be useful, or perhaps someone who wanted to get validation from the other gems who, in her eyes, were all cool and awesome. Sure, her peers’ opinion of her is now generally positive, but the actual process of getting to where she is now is arguably self-inflicting. But I guess regardless of how much of herself has changed, she is still who she is, and the cracks and the chinks, both emotionally and physically, is something that we have to embrace and live with.

Just Because! – Episode 8


Puta The Cat is a good cat. Puta doesn’t beat around the bush. Puta made the date happen. Puta knows who best grill is. Ergo, Puta is a good cat. Camera-chan: 1, Natsume: 0 and, uh, Morikawa is -1 with that new look of hers.

Blend S – Episode 9


I don’t have anything worthwhile to say other than to express my relief that they didn’t cross the line with bestiality.

Mahoutsukai no Yome – Episode 9


Mahoutsukai probably should learn a thing or two from 3-gatsu about injecting humor in an otherwise solemn ambience. That’s not to say that the humor itself isn’t funny or anything, but more like it’s cramped into dialogues and conversation without any regard to how it affects the pacing of a scene — a foible that while it doesn’t really affect my experience at first glance can accumulate together enough to be a nuisance. I don’t know if it’s with the storyboarding, or they’re simply rushing with covering as much material as they can, but when you’re listening to some orchestra or something the last thing you’d want to hear right before the crescendo reaches its climax is a dad joke coming out of nowhere.

Weekly Weekly-chan

Fuck Santa and his reindeers. That big fat wad of cash is the real deal. I’ll get a new monitor for my PS4. Pick up two or three new games. Probably shop around for new books or an e-reader. Or maybe just treat myself to some pizza? I don’t know.


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