Fall 2017 – Week 11

Halfway through writing this post, it dawned on me that it’s already an hour past Christmas Eve. I don’t have much in a way of celebration, really, other than to appreciate the silence of the night to watch more anime. In any case, I wish you folks a Merrier Christmas wherever you are!

3-gatsu no Lion Season 2 – Episode 11


Welp. It was only a brief reprieve, and this Kawamoto-less episode suggests only a turbulent tomorrow to come especially with next week’s rather ominous sounding preview.  But hey, isn’t that all the more reason we should treasure these small victories and peaceful moments, clutch them into our chest with utmost care like how we would carry a child, lest the memories get snatched away by the wind?

It may seem like these moments will go on forever, but the opposite is pretty much what is dictating the undercurrent running through this episode as I watch the characters wind-up after a hard day’s work, be it taking a chug of a beer, a trip to the mountains, or starting the diary. It’s still fresh on my mind, and I feel like the emotions from last season’s penultimate are still reverberating inside of me, like a leak in the faucet creating a rhythmic ripple and disturbance on the water’s surface. “A mountain has been conquered, so what’s next?” Rei pondered, and people who’ve experienced defeat knows what is. Taken literally, it doesn’t make much sense why we would climb mountains after mountains. Though I guess in the end, I’ve already given my answer to this riddle from my rant last week — it’s just that idea of life being a cycle of salt and sugar can be a bit scary without knowing where in the cycle you will end up in, and how long will you stay in the highest or the lowest point of the wheel.

Houseki no Kuni – Episode 12 (END)


This is probably the only recent open-ended anime that I didn’t mind having an immediate sequel to (though for all intents and purposes a second season would be welcomed too). I’m somewhat already content with what we have already seen hitherto as Houseki no Kuni did a fantastic job of wrapping things up without being too jarring. Though on the other hand, Phos’ growing skepticism is rubbing onto me, and I’m hard-pressed in finding out what comes next in the manga. I don’t know. I mean, why would Phos look so unhappy, when the others around her don’t seem to be that too disturb with the truth, whatever that may be? To begin with, why would knowing the truth make her unhappy, contrary to how the other gems are taking the situation in? Then again she doesn’t exactly know what the secret is yet (nor do we), and perhaps it’s simply distrust for being out of the loop that’s gnawing at her especially at this precarious time of her life with all the changes and whatnot.

To some extent, I do share Phos’ skepticism, albeit not entirely in the same context. Like, the more knowledgeable and wiser you become, the more things —  oddly enough — start to become harder to deal with. You know something is wrong, but there are people who kept doing this and that, and you can’t help but be silent and let them be. I do my job properly because I’m wise enough not to be an ass, yet those who reap the most benefit are the ones cutting corners. It makes me feel that I’m the one who is lopsided, and the world simply favors those who are mischievous rather than the ones with good intent, or maybe people are just too lazy to actually differentiate between hard work and manual labor, conventional knowledge and wisdom. Well, whatever. One way or another, I’m pretty sure Phos would retain that same level of cynicism if she was living in our messed-up world instead.

Just Because! – Episode 11


I know, I know. I may be a Camerafag until the bitter end but I’m not rotten enough to wish for Eita and Natsume’s bad luck. Still, that twist sure was something, and seeing how hard the two of them worked to get where they are now it’s difficult not to root for them at the very least.

Wait. I’m not really sure how entrance exams or college admissions work in Japan but… since Eita got recommended into his first college, wouldn’t he still be able to take his first choice even if he took an exam for another one? If that’s the case then I don’t see much of the point in the twist, other than to bait us Camerafags into thinking there’s still hope.

Blend S – Episode 12 (END)


Blend Second season when?

Mahoutsukai no Yome – Episode 12


I love the sights and sounds this episode but what better way to cap Mahoutsukai‘s first half than Chise voicing her opinion of how delicious their breakfast was? It wasn’t exactly grand, but in retrospect, it reminded me that all of those that happened can be taken as a one, small step for Chise to open up to other people and to herself. And opening up is exactly what they needed to do. It kinda reminds me of Norwegian Wood, a book which I’m currently reading that’s dealing with emotionally (and perhaps psychologically) broken individuals, leaning on other people’s’ shoulders to be able to live. Themes of death, suicide, isolation, loss, depression, intimacy are present in both, and it’s funny that I’m starting to learn more about Mahoutsukai in my reading of the book rather than the actual narrative itself.

Weekly Weekly-chan

Finally bought a new monitor to replace the broken one. Been starting to get into spending time with my PS4 again. Right now I’m starting over with Dragon Age: Inquisition. Great game. It’s more like a game about exploring world heritage sites than slaying dragons, though I guess you could call them both adventures.

P.S. Looks like the staff from AnimeStrike took their holidays early and forgot to release Girls’ Last Tour. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was indeed the case.

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