Fall 2017 – Week 12 (END)

Man, blogging sure does make me feel closer to the anime I watch. I mean, I’m running through the stuff I blogged about for this year and I can recall them with clarity like they just aired yesterday. 2017 became one of the most enjoyable year I had with anime partly because of this (even if reading those posts weren’t as equally enjoyable). Though, considering the noticeably positive trend we’re seeing with the landscape recently, I’d be more than happy to continue sharing my time with anime in this blog for the coming year.

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryouko – Episode 12 (END)


What can I say? A montage of the last moments of life on Earth as we knew it, accompanied by a rich track of Chopin’s Nocturne — you can’t have a closure any better than this.

A tear was almost about to escape my eye as the climax of Nocturne’s movement reaches its end. A person with an ounce of empathy would have had his heart stirred, swayed to the gloomier confines of his emotions. Yet despite dawning in the realization that the destruction of everything we can call beautiful on Earth was caused by humanity’s egotistical actions, this tragic notion instead became a source of comfort to both Yuu and Chi, turning what could’ve been a tearful mess on my face into a bemused smile.

For all the seemingly nihilistic and existentialistic inquiry our wandering duo poses, the answer they came to this final episode is something that I could easily see myself adapting to my personal ethos. Yesterday is gone, culture is gone, civilization is gone, the past is the past, and that shadow of hopelessness still looms in the future that suggests further ruin and destruction. So what else could there be left to do than to savor this very moment that you have someone with you to experience life as it is?

I think this answer can only materialize once we enter a state of nihilism/existentialism. We have to be lost first in order to find a way out. Rather than succumbing to the pits of hopelessness and despair, there is an option of embracing it, of using it to live a more fulfilling life. It’s one thing to be consumed by it, and it’s another to be aware of its grasp on you.

Anyways, that aside, Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryouko is perfect. I don’t know if this is some sort of an answer by the mangaka to their post-war trauma (or a homage to Nausicaa which is my favorite film from Ghibli) but whatever — I’d like to think iyashikei is something more universal and not exactly culturally/historically and/or media specific, but that’s a topic for another day and another year.

Just Because! – Episode 12 (END)


An anime about teen romance yet didn’t sell its characters’ relationships convincingly enough for me to care about them — that’s obviously a no-no for a genre that thrives in making you swoon, or giggle, or cheer for a couple. Aside from the rustic, photorealistic look of the background art and design, the somewhat enjoyable script, Camera-chan, and, well, those Tawawa designs, Just Because! has nothing else on me that I’d think is worth redeeming. Don’t get me wrong. It had the makings and components of what could’ve been a decent anime in my book, it’s just that it’s severely lacking an inspiration and idea, as well as the execution that made Tsuki ga Kirei a resounding success.

Weekly Weekly-chan

Nothing interesting happened this last week of the year, other than me playing with the idea of hiking a mountain in the following months. I don’t know. I feel like mountain climbing can give me more incentive than photography to get out there and see the world. Not saying that I dislike the latter — I can take my camera in my climb but that’s extra baggage to consider.

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