Winter 2018 – Week 11

Yuru Camp has ended. Muh weekly dose of comfy just got cut in half. I’m trying to prevent having a withdrawal by telling myself there’s Amanchu next season.

3-gatsu no Lion Season 2 – Episode 20


This is comfiness on another level we haven’t seen before, folks. It isn’t all about sweets and fluff though, as there were also moments peppered here and there that made me grab the edge of my seat and reach out for a tissue. Stuff like… Hina looking back on that tumultuous moment of her life, Rei ruminating how and when he decided to become a pro, and Akari fondly recollecting the origin of the legendary Pampered Udon. Thankfully, it was just a small prick, kinda like a sigh of relief over the thought of how much they’ve grown ever since then, and in hindsight, it actually did more to make me feel hopeful than sad.

I think one of the apotheosis of character development such as these is us, from the start to finish, growing alongside these characters. They start to feel too much of a real person than fictional, and I guess this is one thing I could mean by following them through whatever medium just because it’s them. Like… you really love a character, but his/her anime has ended so you start reading the light novel instead. Or… no matter how much crappy the anime has become, you couldn’t care less because, well, you’re there for them. There is character development in which it’s more in service of the narrative than forging a connection — regardless of its extent — with the audience, and so even if that specific character did accomplish or progressed throughout the story we don’t retain that much of a relationship with them, as if they were just some stranger whom you observed for a period of time. I’m not sure if I’m making any sense here, or maybe I’m just taking a roundabout way of telling how much I want a Season 3, and if that ain’t happening (god forbid) then it’s obvious what the next step is.

It can’t end right here, after all. Not when we just saw how much Akari and Rei are enjoying themselves, not when Hina’s starting to take her own courageous baby steps once again, and not when Hayashida basically turned his season from Summer to Spring in 10 seconds flat. To Hayashida’s credit, Akari was too blooming this time so yeah, can’t blame the guy.

Short thoughts:

  • ReixHina when.
  • No one’s stopping Akari when she goes full big sis mode. Just look at her proud, beaming smile when her dish was unveiled.
  • Momo “trying” to scoop a noodle was funny.
  • “There are lots of things I want to do right now and they’re right in front of me, but I can’t touch them which makes me feel sad. Or maybe it’s just that I want a distraction. From the mountain of homework, tests, entrance exams…” Damn it.
  • “… that even a straight-laced guy like Kiriyama would plunge into the atmosphere of love! What will I do with him? Sheesh!” Cue Akari. Oh, Hayashida-sensei.”

Violet Evergarden – Episode 11


I probably should consider signing up for a steady supply of tissues.

It wasn’t the most dazzling episode there is but boy, if the previous stories had at least a touch of an optimistic send-off, this week bordered on the feeling of hopelessness. Last week, Violet mentioned that there are things that they can’t do anything about — like her chunk of metallic limb, Anne’s mom passing away (sniff) — which makes an interesting contrast on how she blames herself for her inability to protect his client (and Gilbert for that matter). Another thing that I loved here is when the soldier started talking about Maria, but Violet’s finger didn’t move or “air”-typed anything. She said typing it was for memorizing her client’s words and feelings, but I guess she doesn’t need anything to memorize when it comes to Maria because she already knows full well what the man wanted to convey.

Yuru Camp – Episode 12 (END)


*Rin’s riding a badass chopper
*Suddenly everyone’s a grown up!
*Oh. my. God. This can’t be real, right?
*”Nadeshiko’s so great she’s the CEO of a big company already!”

All right, the jig is up. I’m out.

Yuru Camp tells one straight-faced joke after another with genuine honesty you wouldn’t know it was a gag until the punchline is delivered. You’ll be sorely missed, Yuru Camp.

Sora yori mo Tooi basho – Episode 12


That moment when it hit me Takako might’ve had Shirase on her mind during her last moments and not anything Antartica-related felt like someone just rubbed onion oil on my face.

Hakumei to Mikochi – Episode 11


Different passions, different hobbies — Hakumei to Mikochi makes you appreciate their appeal, at the very least. And in my case, I need not any introduction to warm up to this episode. I haven’t gone fishing yet but I feel I have an affinity with it, heck even before I watched this I already Googled the words “Fishing game PSP” in the hopes that I can fill in the fishing craving FFXV left me. Unfortunately, nothing has turned out that looks interesting and playable, but I guess haven’t searched hard enough yet.

In any case, I just love this episode. The comfy juices were already oozing from the start the moment we realized they’re going to do some traveling. Although my personality is ill-suited for outdoorsy stuff — I hate walking, I hate running around, I hate it when it’s sweltering hot, I hate it when there’s a lot of people — I’m actually fond of traveling when it’s early morning or when the night is deep. I dunno. Obviously, it isn’t as hot as it is during the night, but if anything, there’s some sort of comfort in exploring a new kind of world you rarely see when the sun is up (though no amount of exploring my country would match Hakumei to Mikochi‘s world that borders on Ghibli-esque and/or a moe-fied The Hobbit). The thought that you won’t be sharing the seat next to yours to a stranger feels as if the entirety of the cosmos is dancing on your palm. You get where I’m coming from. And then there’s the rain. Ah, yes. A rainy day is, how do I put it, a kind of Reality Marble/Noble Phantasm by a Servant that simulates the effect of the night during the day. I’m not kidding — that’s exactly how I feel about that weather.

Weekly Weekly-chan

Final Fantasy‘s OSTs peaked at 7, 8, and 9. Fight me. That prog rock/metal whatever tho.

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