Winter 2018 – Weeks 12 & 13 (END)

And so the vestige of Winter fades into history. It melts away like a drop of snow resting on our palm, now only to exist in our memory.

Time sure flies by when you’re having fun, huh.

Violet Evergarden – Episodes 12 & 13 (END)


“He’s alive…




within my heart.”


Well, what can I say? Violet’s own arc wasn’t as extravagant as the others, but this ending is nice enough to drive home a feeling of satisfaction.

Okay, yeah, let’s be frank. I was expecting a bit more; a grandiose, theatrical, thunderous closure, something that would topple those previous episodes that had me bawling like a newborn. Although, given the position this anime finds itself in in its last few episodes, I could only imagine it’s probably the best outcome they can manage. The war and political side of things were either confusing or uninteresting, and I couldn’t care less on who’s who or which country is winning or whatever. Gilbert’s backstory was okay, but we never really got to see much more of it (and him) besides what was already told through the flashbacks from the earlier episodes which only felt like a rehash everytime Violet recalls her memories of him. Is it because we didn’t get to hear the story from his perspective, something that’s consistent with how Violet Evergarden starts off with a soliloquy from a new character? Then again, these monologues, these side stories were all meant to be taken in as Gilbert’s, so it’s not as if we know nothing of him, but rather it should be the contrary. Yeah, it certainly makes a lot more sense to me when I remind myself of this.

In any case, given the number of times my jaw dropped, my tears fell, my heart ached, I can say I already had enough fill of Violet Evergarden goodness to still consider this as one of my top 3 personal favorites from this stacked season. Surprisingly, it has great replay value not because of the twist and turns in the story, but instead because of how pretty it looks… which begs the question whether or not Violet Evergarden will be remembered by some due to its visual appeal than its story. Whatever. Would be awesome if this new project KyoAni announced turns Violet into Kino, with the former going wherever her letters take her, just enjoying new things, new culture, new locations, new emotions, new friends.

P.S. I didn’t get to say this before but I was really looking forward to a Cattleya episode.

Sora yori mo Tooi Basho – Episode 13 (END)


It’s kinda funny how astronomical the leap is between my initial and final impression of this. At first, I thought Yorimoi was dull, lifeless, middling at best, but from the time the girls clicked together (which, mind you, didn’t take that long), every single second that passed became absolutely precious. I guess it’s not so much the ‘power of friendship’ as it is great characters that is a testament to how much the world can change when you’ve got the right people with you.

Hakumei to Mikochi – Episode 12 (END)


If that wasn’t one of the sweetest, memorable finale from this season, then I don’t know what it is.

This episode had all the makings of what makes Hakumei to Mikochi so great. A simple premise, but filled with heart, wrapped up in its unique, adorable charm. It feels as if its world swallowed me whole, only to be spit back out again after the credits roll. Sadly, this might be the last time I’ll be able to indulge myself in such delight. For something that’s so underrated and underappreciated, hoping for a second season is more than likely to end up in vain. Oh, well. I guess like Hakumei, Hina, and Shirase, I might seriously consider getting a haircut to give myself some slack.

Edit: Oh, wait. There’s an OVA(?) listed for June. Hooray!

Weekly Weekly-chan

I’m really digging The Pillows right now, especially FCLC Alt‘s Star Overhead (Oh god don’t even mention how awesome the ED animation was).


3 Replies to “Winter 2018 – Weeks 12 & 13 (END)”

  1. Cattleya episode… Well, hopefully the OVA will feature her even a little bit?
    I think the show shot itself in the foot when Violet’s character arc effectively ended in the middle of the show.
    As things are now, I think Violet will be remembered only as a show that pushed the production boundaries. The story is not conventional in anime terms but apart from the initial tear-waterfall I doubt many people will return to it.


    1. I don’t see myself rewatching it as a whole, but I do go back to those episodes that really stood out like that scene in the lake etc. Most of the episodes are good, some are okay, but the difference in their impact feels too spread apart (at least for me) that it can be a bit jarring. 3-gatsu’s momentum carries over to the following episodes, wherein with VEG you’ll have one impressive episode but the next one will be less desirable (though I guess that’s one usual problem episodics normally faces). It isn’t helping too that the only significant thread linking those episodes is Violet’s gradual growth, overshadowing other developments like worldbuilding. I guess that’s why the political side of VEG wasn’t interesting when it gets brought up, or I just wasn’t paying attention.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, I view everything in a very similar light. The problem is that much of Violet’s development happens off-screen so even she isn’t devoid of growth in stories that we saw, sometimes these leaps between different states of Violet were too big. And that made the episodes even more detached from anything resembling a cohesive story.
        I guess I wasn’t paying much attention to the world also. Sure, there are some things that might be inferred from the behavior of the supporting characters but the grand scene is never visible unless it’s suddenly brought to the full attention.

        Liked by 1 person

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