Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara – Episode 2

irozuku_sekai_no_ashita_kara_05Whew, son. Looked just as impressive as the first episode. OP didn’t disappoint either as it left me gawking at those very, very, very nice composited shots. I thought most of it is just going to be stills, but man, as soon as that camera panned, the depth instantly hypnotized my senses. It’s as if I’m looking at this elegantly drawn pop-up storybook, only with the backgrounds and/or foregrounds moving. Sprinkle in some nice sparkly visual effects or whatever that was and voila. I guess I’m a bit closer now to what Hitomi felt when all the colors quite literally popped up in her world last week.

Episode 2 was a slow burn which I very much like. As a result, there wasn’t much development going on around, though we did get a bit of a sneak peek to each character’s personality and what we can assume their roles will be. Hitomi isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed which kinda makes me want to feel bad at her. A normal person would have a more animated reaction when they find themselves in in a world where their iDesk is just a useless block of lacquered wood.

*Swipe* hm? *blinks* *tap tap* Okay.

I mean, I don’t know what she was expecting after being spirited away half a century back in time. Perhaps she’s just too jaded to even care what’s happening in her surroundings. Of course, her “dullness” is merely reflective of her own emotional state, and I won’t be too far off from the truth if I see her as someone who’s experiencing depression. I’ve been so under the weather too before that I’m sure I’ve done a couple of retarded things, so yeah — I can relate with her. She has complete color blindness, she’s a mage from a respectable lineage yet the best she can do is conjure a teensy-weensy fizzle (though honestly, that was very cute). She got accused of being a burglar, first day in school and everyone’s thinking she must be some sorta slut. Heck, not to mention granny’s heinous reputation precedes poor Hitomi. And it’s just episode two. Yikes. More reason to protecc her smile (wherever that is), eh?


The supporting cast looks fine, and it’s still the second episode anyways — I don’t really have much of a sample size to work on and figure out what their deal is. On the other hand, Irozuku‘s world is still somewhat obscure given its approach of having us read between the lines in piecing together the whole picture, thus there’s still some difficulty in defining their lexicon. What we know is that a mage is someone gifted with the ability to, well, produce “magic”. What I find odd is how they are treated in Irozuku‘s world. You’d think that for a person with such an ability, they’ll have to attend a school suited for magical development — such a school doesn’t seem to exist in here, or at least based on their discussions magical latency is mostly(?) self-taught.


So here’s granny, wrecking havoc left and right. And here’s Hitomi, roasted by muggles who can’t do shit for sucking at making a “star”. With that said, I guess mages aren’t that rare in this world given their own reaction to the Tsukishiro family’s antics, though we haven’t really seen any other mages besides them. Also, Irozuku‘s blurb says: Set in the city of Nagasaki, the story takes place in a world where a minuscule amount of magic remains in everyday life. “…miniscule amount of magic remains in everyday life”? I don’t know. They seem to me they’re pretty liberal at consuming magic.

Regardless, I don’t mind if all these world-building and time traveling shizz go down the drain. Those things sound secondary considering that Irozuku‘s primarily a coming-of-age/drama (and romance? and NTR?) story.

Short thoughts:

  • Don’t get me wrong, I’d still like to see some magical stuff happening. It would really be a waste if they don’t put leverage on its world further.
  • I’m really itching to know how they’ll handle time travel here.
  • Aww, yeah! Photography club, banzai! The film photography noob within me is thankful for this wonderful part of this anime.
  • Ahh, black and white film. What if… what if Hitomi sees colors in black and white films and drawings? We haven’t really seen from our perspective what exactly Aoi is drawing. Why would they resort to time travel, then? Beats me.
  • Ugh. To be honest, I don’t really like bringing love triangles into this.
  • And romance in general. But hey, here we are — they’re already hinting at that “I need you, you need me” trope. I’ll just hope it will turn out good.

4 Replies to “Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara – Episode 2”

  1. Do you mind if I borrow (and credit!) that GIF?

    As far as magic education… Why would they be isolated in a separate school? They live in the world, not apart from it.


    1. Nah, don’t mind the credit. I just got that from someone in /a/.

      Magic appears to be a necessity in their world, so my impression of it is that they’ll try to cultivate the means to produce and control it. The fact that a mage (Kohaku) can cause destruction so freely means that it can also be used for something ain’t good provided the ability fell into the wrong hands. Same reason why someone needs to pass their school/university’s exams before they can legally practice, uh, chemistry for example, or drive a car for that matter.

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