SSSS.Gridman – Episode 2

ssss.gridman_08SSSS.Gridman is officially dope.

I’m sure I’m going to love SSSS.Gridman exponentially more if I have a better knowledge of what they’re referencing (which, for the record, is A LOT), but meh — I’m still loving this, nonetheless. Its muted atmosphere is still there which I particularly like, and I find that my impression of it improved positively after they inserted a couple of accompanying music to help break the monotony. Shot compositions, set pieces, those sleek layouts contributing to its overall atmosphere were a lot more prominent and ubiquitous here which is a plus. And by God, I just love these combinations of off-center and long shots. It adds depth in its sense of scale/space, as well as giving off that feeling that something isn’t quite right in their world. They also revisited some of the shots later on, only with a different subject in the frame.


SSSS.Gridman‘s introduction of its characters last week left much to be desired. Fortunately, Episode 2 gave us just that (with the exception of our main guy). I wasn’t sure at first what was the point of Yuuta being the only character who can transform into Gridman and having the rest of the gang stand around in front of a computer providing side-commentary, so knowing that the supporting cast will eventually be involved in the battles as some sort of a boost, power up or whatever is now something I’m looking forward to. Regardless, he is still uninteresting, so until his memory comes back to him, the other characters will share the burden of making things enjoyable in the meantime. Samurai Calibur trying to enter and leave the junk shop was hilarious given how serious the mood was at that time, and then there’s Rikka with her trademark deadpan reaction to what was happening which was just as equally funny.

More of this, please!

Suffice to say, it was Akane who mostly set the tone for this episode. I wasn’t expecting she’d turn out to be the antagonist, and I sure was surprised to know that she’d kill someone just from the pettiest of things. For some reason, this is giving me that polarizing vibe from FranXX where Zero Tsu and Ichigo split the viewers into two factions which was honestly quite an entertaining snafu (barring those death threats the involved parties received) to watch from the sidelines.

Obviously, justifying mindless massacre reasonably is going to take some serious plot twists, so if I have to guess, I’m willing to bet a box of pizza in that they’re living in a simulated world. In short, their world isn’t as real as it seems, and perhaps everyone is just an NPC/computer program. That might answer the unusual happenings here where events can be either completely erased or rearranged. In any case, how they’ll handle these as well as justifying Akane’s psychopathic tendencies is definitely going to be interesting. I mean just look at that ED. Best grills are already subtly competing against each other for the spotlight ala Zero Tsu/Ichigo!


Short thoughts:

  • Nope, Rikka still the best grill!
  • The fight scene is definitely an upgrade over the first episode’s hypeless snoozefest.
  • That OP. Them awesome-looking Gridman/Kaiju designs and weapons triggers the chuuni within me. I wasn’t big on tokusatsu before but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t dream of becoming a Power Ranger back when I was a wee lad.
  • Tfw it suddenly clicked on you why the peeps from the volleyball club died. Never ever mess with Akane’s special hotdogs again.
  • I love that part where Akane bumped into her teacher and then splots of juice spilled on the floor. I thought it was blood at first but hey, it might as well been just that.

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    1. That’s unfortunate. The first episode didn’t quite click with me as well, but the second episode was certainly better at arguably every aspect so I was hoping more people will get into it this week.

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