Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara – Episode 3

Aww, yeah! Pool episode!

irozuku_sekai_no_ashita_kara_17In all seriousness, that was quite a pleasant watch. With the way the first two episodes had this gloomy undercurrent going on it with, I wouldn’t have thought they’d opt to make it more vivacious and lighthearted this time around. Then again, this is only slated for thirteen episodes, and given that it already started at such a slow pace, we might see these kinds of rapid developments more often in the following weeks especially since there is still a lot to unpack from its plot.

Honestly, I just loved how slow the first two episodes’ pace was. Of course, watching paint dry doesn’t necessarily mean I’d enjoyed it, it’s just that thematically and personally speaking, it somewhat fits more here in Irozuku (or more specifically with Hitomi’s character). This is also my predilection (and not just Hitomi’s) because of the nature of our introverted personality, so perhaps the rate at which the speed of progress is increasing is relative to how much new things we experience… if I’m making any sense.

irozuku_sekai_no_ashita_kara_18You see, I tend to adhere to a strict lifestyle and schedule. For example, I cannot, and can never be not watching anime on Saturdays AND Sundays partly because I don’t want to be behind on blog posts. So changes to whatever I’m accustomed to — like a colleague dragging me into a drinking party — tend to come at me like a whirlwind. I’m not sure if this applies to Hitomi too, but I do this maybe because I subconsciously wanted to follow a self-prescribed natural order of things. That if I follow this itinerary proven to carry me from morning to night unscathed, everything will always turn out all right. Okay, no. I don’t think Hitomi would agree that being trapped in her own colorless agendas is comfortable, but I’m just trying to make a case that I more or less understand why she’s acting like this.

I don’t claim that I know full well what’s going on inside that head of hers, but I just find her motivations strikingly close to what I would’ve done in similar circumstances that defending her actions wouldn’t be too different from defending my own. In the first place, I don’t think you really need to be in the same wavelength as Hitomi to understand her reluctance from telling the other club members about her condition. These are people she barely met just a week ago, and given that she isn’t one who wants the attention to be directed at her, I too would clam my mouth shut and just keep it to myself.  No, I’m not going to tell anyone about how I wet the bed when I was a kid; no I’m not about to tell anyone how difficult my life situation is just to make an excuse out of something; and I certainly am not going to tell these very personal “secrets” to people I’m not especially chummy with. Not telling anyone that she’s colorblind wouldn’t exactly cause complications like taking another dive on the pool as the problem here lies more in our inability to say no when someone asks us a favor (although not all timid introverts are like this), something which she also reflected upon afterward.

irozuku_sekai_no_ashita_kara_19In any case, the chemistry between the club members is finally showing some promise. I thought Aoi would be more reserved when other people are around, but it seems he can get along with them pretty nicely. As it turns out, he’s besties with Shou which is yet another thing we’ll need to look after in this budding love triangle. Thank goodness as well for Kurumi and Chigusa for constantly breaking the ice — if it weren’t for them, this episode wouldn’t have been fun as it is. Also, how crazy would it be if Aoi actually has a thing for granny? Nah, I don’t think they’d go that far.

Short thoughts:

  • Such a downer that pool photoshoot scene wasn’t more atmospheric. That “fog’ looked cheap.
  • I love that part where she’s naming each color… or wait, I guess she’s just reading what’s on the label.
  • It still hasn’t registered in my mind that they’re using a Pocky stick like a magic wand.
  • So, what was the zombie get-up for?
  • Granny is finally coming to town. I wonder how she’ll interact with Hitomi and vice versa. Should be interesting!

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