Zombieland Saga – Episode 4

This episode is so comfy I might as well be mummified with Salonpas.

zombieland_saga_17Pain relief patches are nice… until they wear off, and removing them feels like waxing a hairy part of my skin. God, that’s awful just as how awful the 3DCGI still looks like. All right, in all fairness, it actually looked better compared to their last performance partly because they danced in a proper stage/location, though of course, I’d still prefer them animating it otherwise.  That doesn’t really matter right now anyways, as this week is more of a feel-good episode.

I 100% needed this episode especially with how work has been a clusterfuck this week, and I’m happy to say they certainly did a fantastic job at making me feel like I stayed at a 5-star spa. Seeing them so eager to take a dip on warm water makes me jealous af because I haven’t been to a hot spring or a spa ever in my life, much less having been in a bathtub. Oh, and what in the world is this thing?

zombieland_saga_14I supposed that’s for, uh, drying their feet? Looks too elaborate for serving that purpose. Mayhaps it’s an amusement ride? Well, whatever. I hope you’d realize I’m just uttering nonsense here to fill up the word count because there isn’t really anything substantial to talk about from this week, as is the case with everything that’s comfy — you just let that Oooh, aah! feeling sink into your weary bones without needing to say a word. Meh, maybe I should stop being a lazy bum and actually start talking about something.

Junko is low-key cute!

It’s either Sakura, Kotarou, or delinquent-chan who usually takes the reins during a conversation, so it’s pretty nice to see Junko peeking out of her comfort zone at least this once. For some reason, her character bio did not list her interest in hot springs which is somewhat amusing. She’s almost always seen besides Ai which, at one point, even made me think they’re sisters. Then again, keeping your distance from a group is just a trait she got used to during her stint as a solo idol so it does make sense why her presence wasn’t that felt until now. Nevertheless, Zombieland Saga still sees to it that all characters are involved one way or another, so not everyone really gets left out every episode.

The element of surprise is also still here which is great… albeit someone took it the, uh, “surprise” the wrong way. Poor granny she was scared shitless she literally forgot what happened. Aaaaaaaand yeah, that was a great way to the end the episode, really.

Short thoughts:

  • Huh, they only cremate the dead in Japan? That’s news to me.
  • Makes you wonder how the hell Kotarou got their bodies.
  • Ugh, just one more day and this hellish week is finally over.
  • The facial expressions this episode are totally derp.
  • I used to put Salonpas on my forehead to keep myself from dozing off at work. Me and my colleagues fool around with it since it looks like we’re wearing those headgears from Naruto.

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