Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara – Episodes 4 & 5

“I didn’t think I’d be seeing you here this soon,” the Principal mused with a barely perceptible delight on his tone.

“Me neither!” came the gleeful reply from Kohaku.


It’s to be expected Kohaku’s arrival will make an immediate impact in the story and in its development, but I wasn’t ready from the fact that she’s an absolute charmer. The “rumors” made it sound like she’s a walking disaster waiting to happen (though she kinda is because of her impulsiveness), but outside her magical horseplays, she’s actually quite friendly and considerate beyond her years. Who goes out of the way to bring literally everyone in the class imported, high-quality tea? It’s either she really is just an ‘everyone’s friend’ kind of person despite the class’ propensity of spreading nasty rumors behind her back, or she gave away these souvenirs as a bribe to get on their good side. Or it could be both, with Kohaku disguising this gesture as a trap just like what the chubby dude predicted. Eitherway, it’s apparent in these two episodes that she definitely has a good (and cunning) head on her shoulders.

It’s kinda funny that the class’ relationship with Kohaku was initially presented to us like she’s their mortal enemy, but after Kokahu came back with towering boxes of tea in tow, their impression of her quickly did a 360. I guess they do love Kokahu because of her talent and carefree personality, but they hate her probably because they feel as if their high expectations of her mostly turn into disappointment, sorta like some mad scientist with crazy and interesting inventions that blow up at the most important moment.


I can only imagine how difficult it is getting whisked away 60 years back in time with no familiar faces and places to be seen, so it must have been a great comfort to Hitomi to know Kohaku isn’t so different from her beloved grandma. Those parts where Kohaku hugged Hitomi felt like my heart melted a bit because of how sweet the former is, and partly out of relief for the latter as well. Not to mention granny taking the brunt of the scoldings from the teacher and her mom… but I guess she’s already used it to so covering for her granddaughter is no big deal.

Kohaku’s so far been the centerpiece in all of these developments, playing a significant part in spurring Hitomi to take initiative in opening up to others. It’s heartwarming seeing her gradual growth which is evident in how talkative and assertive she has now become. She may think that she’s bad at magic, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she won’t get better at it. This further became a positive effect on Asagi’s (and Aoi too) motivations, and hopefully we’ll get to see Hitomi’s influence on the rest of the club members too. It’d be interesting how they’ll handle Kurumi and Chigusa’s pairing because they haven’t really shown any signs that their relationship needed any fixing. If anything it seems like they’re there for comedic effect which is pretty good in itself, and I wouldn’t be too surprised if they ended up going out with each other without inciting too much drama.

Short thoughts:

  • While the pace itself did get a beat faster, it wasn’t that bad as I feared it would be. It isn’t as if we’re getting left behind by all the reveals either as it seems to be on pace to finish with a conclusive ending. I guess it helps that they aren’t focusing that much in the magical aspects of its world as they’re more content with developing the characters themselves.
  • Seems like the gold fish floating around is an important plot device.
  • “Accept any challenges,” said Hitomi who then lost against the vending machine.
  • All right, it’s now decided that Aoi isn’t Hitomi’s granddad. God, what a mess this could’ve been if that was the case.
  • I love that part where Kurumi’s teasing Chigusa about her “romantic luck”… if only they know their other half is just right in front of them.
  • What. Why did Asagi get mad with Sho for bringing fried food?
  • Turns out there is a school for magic here. Why it is abroad and not somewhere accessible I don’t know. I guess mages really are only few in numbers in this world.

2 Replies to “Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara – Episodes 4 & 5”

  1. “What. Why did Asagi get mad with Sho for bringing fried food?”

    Near as I can tell Sho & the guys chose fried food to avoid upsetting Hitomi with different colors (?) and Asagi is pissed he’s being so considerate of her. (And by extension ignoring her.)

    They weren’t real clear on the color thing, but either way Asagi wants to be noticed by Sho… But he sees her as the “childhood friend” and we all know where that ends.


    1. Hmm. That’s weird. No one else should know about her secret besides Aoi. I guess there must be an implication that cooking someone fried food is like trying to win their favor or something (e.g. like giving a crush a boxed lunched you prepared). I don’t know — I guess girls are just difficult to understand in these kinds of things.

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