SSSS.Gridman – Episodes 4 & 5

All right, let me forget about episode 4 for now and just talk about the important and interesting PLOT points from 5.


… is what I would’ve done if this is a different kind of blog.

The plot’s progression is still plodding along at a leisurely pace, with episode 5 perhaps the most “uneventful” chapter so far, though SSSS.Gridman could easily be forgiven for that just because the pool episode is a very necessary evil. Episode 4 is much more packed in that regard as we finally get to see the best grills meeting each other. From the looks of it, there doesn’t seem to be any history of internal conflict between the two of them, and perhaps the narrative surrounding their relationship isn’t as integral to the whole scheme of things as I thought it would be. Akane only met up with Rikka out of suspicion on Yuta, and it’s only a matter of time until Rikka traces the dots between the kaiju appearing all around her and Akane’s sudden interest with him.

Suffice to say, Yuta’s memories is certainly the most important answer to all of these as Rikka only got involved with the kaiju after they met with each other, something Yuta might’ve caused unintentionally. There’s that small snippet from his dream that shows Gridman getting beaten by a kaiju, suggesting he did go to Rikka’s place before to fight the enemy and then lost, fell asleep, and woke up not remembering a thing. Why he figured out that becoming Gridman is possible using the Junk, I don’t know, but maybe it’s just a coincidence. Maybe he saw a kaiju, went to Rikka’s place to protecc her crush and then inadvertently transformed into Gridman. Okay, well, whatever.

On the other hand, Akane is continuing her run as a very compelling villain. I love that part where she got asked about her Twitter’s profile picture in which she said she just picked it out randomly as if she’s hiding her power level, a sentiment I can very much relate with. It’s also quite interesting to see that Trigger is giving Akane more focus in showing off her, uh, assets which is kinda ironic because Rikka evidently has more lewd fanart and following.

Oh, and I forgot to plug this in before but please do listen to the voice drama. They sound even more natural here, and I’ve actually listened to this for the second time now. SSSS.Gridman perhaps has one of the most natural-sounding characters. The voice actors aren’t performing as if they’re trying to be anything more than what their characters should be: just kids who aren’t any different from the people we see every day. And I think that’s quite fitting and consistent here, given that SSSS.Gridman has this sort of duality in which things and reality have another layer or side to it… like Akane’s cuteness contrasted by her more savage nature, a frame that’s used again later on but with a different subject/person in the image, the silhouettes of kaijus looming on the backdrop of their seemingly normal everyday life, shots of random, unassuming objects and places used to deepen the ominous atmosphere, and so on.

Short thoughts:

  • Personally, I prefer Rikka. She’s just a very well-done character, especially her voice acting, though recently Akane’s winning me over bit by bit.
  • They sure did project Rikka’s character very clearly which is apparent from the ‘compensated dating’ running joke. I mean, the first time I saw her character design I just thought right away her doujins are going to be like that.
  • There’s this part in episode 5 where Rika’s ass is occupying half of the screen while orchestral music is blasting at volume. I thought that was funny.
  • Dang. Those explosions and lightning zaps special effects in episode 4’s fight scene is lit.
  • The fight scenes are getting better, though unfortunately they only last within 5 or so minutes.

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