Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara – Episode 6


Now that was quite a pleasant episode to watch. I know I whined about the lack of emotional tug in Irozuku‘s fancy visuals before. I felt that while they are indeed pretty to look at, they didn’t stir any deeper emotions within me — they’re just that: good looking drawings. That brief moment when Hitomi was looking at those myriad, out-of-focus strobes of colors actually didn’t feel so brief at all… at least emotionally, because that scenery she’s been searching for since what felt like forever will undoubtedly sear itself onto the walls of her consciousness, as well as into the list of the best moments of this season. I had the same reaction as her when she got back home. She had this dazed and funny look on her like she’s high on something which isn’t entirely incorrect.

The lovers’ spat between Hitomi and Aoi got resolved in this episode swiftly which is great (and cute). I just didn’t really expect Hitomi to be able to see colors in its entirety again this early on. I’m sure most of us thought that’s going to be saved for the finale, and now that that has been mostly resolved — or at least partially from the looks of it — it would be interesting to see how the story will now pan out from here. Aoi also seems to have regained his motivation relatively fast, too, a mood swing that’s somewhat symptomatic to those who are feeling lost on what to do. We don’t have a clear idea yet on what exactly happened to his dad, but suffice to say his absence is definitely one factor that contributed to his recent slump. His is a situation that we’re all familiar with: a kid growing up, wants to do something, he’s uncertain because it might put too much pressure on his single parent mom and such. Their family is not at the top of things financially evident from their modest-looking house as well as Aoi’s need to take part-time jobs instead of attending at an art school. Job hunting may be a way for him to distance himself from drawing, it could be just him saving up money he could use to enter an art school, or it could be both. Whatever the case is, I didn’t expect his character would turn out to be this complicated. He seems calm and composed on the outside, though someone who can’t decide on what he wants to do is anything but that (reminds me of myself).

It’s apparent why Hitomi is interested with Aoi, but I wasn’t so sure about the other party’s intentions until now. Mayhaps Aoi was simply moved by Hitomi’s efforts, but she could’ve reminded him of his dad too… which sounds weird if true, to say the least. I mean, his dad was so happy for him when he won an award with his drawing of a gold fish, wherein we now have Hitomi who can’t help but marvel at the same drawing like it’s the most beautiful piece ever put into canvas. If that’s so… his dad might really mean so much to him, to the point that he’d lose interest in drawing after he left. Well, he’s got nothing to worry now because there’s a time traveler to the rescue. It feels like a coincidence when we put it that way, but the gold fish may be connected to Hitomi more than Aoi which was what’s initially suggested, otherwise, it won’t make sense why granny Kohaku would send her back in time — it wasn’t just Aoi granny wanted Hitomi to meet, the gold fish too is a part of her plan. Maybe the gold fish was originally from the future, and then it took all of Hitomi’s “colors” then went back in time? (shrugs)

The fish felt like it was some kind of metaphor instead of a magical object, though you can still interpret it either way. The way it lightened up when Aoi declared he will continue drawing might hold hints as to what its true nature is. It might be a measure of one’s own passion, or it could be a manifestation of someone’s belief, though it does little to explain why it’s with Aoi in the first place. Well, whatever. Enough dawdling. Let’s just savor this moment for Hitomi’s sake.

Short thoughts:

  • These feet/leg shots though. Since when did Naoko Yamada work with P.A Works?
  • Asagi doesn’t like head pats, it seems.
  • Maybe his dad’s absence has something to do with mages? Why is he distrustful of mages again?
  • Hitomi taking a picture of the pavement (or maybe the shadow cast by the leaves?) was funny. You know someone’s new to photography when they’re taking these kinds of photos.
  • This pace really turned out well for Irozuku. There’s a lot of significant developments each episode which makes it feel like every one of them has their own personalities.
  • I love that dream sequence rendered in some sort of paper mache animation. Hope they’d experiment more with that stuff.

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