Zombieland Saga – Episode 6

And here I thought only Tae can be called Legendary.


While this episode didn’t have enough punchlines to fill our comedic cravings, it makes up for it with some very interesting reveals and conflict. A recap of what we’ve seen before might be needed (or if you’re badass enough just rewatch everything) as some minor details from previous episodes were actually foreshadowings hidden in plane plain sight. I thought Junko showing signs of acrophobia from last week was simply an arbitrary touch to her characterization to make her look cuter, though it also turned out to be Zombieland Saga‘s signature dark humor in disguise. I guess that’s one way to keep the surprise coming, but I wonder what’s in store for Yugiri and Lily’s backstory, both of whom whose cause of death (beheading/hanging and heart disease respectively) are much more apparent than the rest?

I’m curious to hear more about Yugiri’s side, however. Out of everyone in the group, she’s certainly the one that stands out the most not just with her demeanor but also from where she came from. She already said it herself: she’s taking things in stride, and that’s an approach and perspective we can easily see from her actions. Giving up with trying to make sense of what’s happening around her and just doing her best with about everything also seems to point towards that awkward moment from episode 3 where she slapped Sakura to “motivate” her to practice. Perhaps the topic of doing one’s best is of greater importance to her during her previous life, then again we’ve yet to see her be more active now when there’s unrest brewing within the group. If anything, Saki’s proving to be the more reliable onee-san which is yet another additional point to her charm.

Anyways, that can wait until a later time. Right now the spotlights are directed at Ai and Junko, the only characters who had real experience of being a professional idol. In hindsight, their conflict has also been telegraphed from the start, albeit it just didn’t seem like a possibility back then given how too self-indulgent and focused Zombieland Saga was with its absurdity. Junko and Ai have taken the back seat before and were reluctant with participating in their activities because it just seems that what they’re doing isn’t worth putting any effort into, not with Kotaru’s around giving unreasonable demands like suddenly booking a gig tomorrow without so much as a warning. While they both generally agree on the fact that it takes more effort than what everyone else is already expending to pull off a whopping performance, there’s a disagreement born from their generational differences, between how they should exactly expend that effort, of how they should act as an idol. I won’t pretend that I’m familiar with the intricacies of the idol industry before, so just read up whatever articles you can find online about it (try to start with Wikipedia’s article).

I feel like much of Junko’s distress stems from her introverted character rather than her difference with Ai, then again her introversion and the secretive nature of her job she got used to before feeds off one another, thus it’s understandable why she’d feel that they’re stepping a bit too close on her personal space. Her introversion is simply a landmine that triggers her agitation which is exactly what happened, and Ai coming up to her face and telling her to do the opposite of what she’s used to doing didn’t help matters either. None of them is at a fault here, really, as they both achieved success through their own way and means. If anything, the friction between the two only shows how strong their conviction is in their belief. They wouldn’t be this angry with one another if they didn’t pour every ounce of passion on what they believe is the right way of being a successful idol, after all.

Short thoughts:

  • This clash of ideals and eras are only possible with Zombieland Saga, so I guess that’s yet another point they can add to the list of fresh things they’ve brought to the idol anime genre.
  • Not unless some smart guy makes an idol anime ala Fate/Stay, where they summon “heroic idols” and pit them against one another.
  • Junko reminds me of Kumiko from Euphonium just because of her fluffy, wavy hair.
  • If we’re going to deduce how the characters died based on their zombie character designs, I wonder how Tae died, then. She went crazy? She choked on squid?

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