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Winter 2017 – Week 13 (END)

Ahh, the freedom. That feeling of liberty after going through what must have been an eternity. I only have Maid Dragon and Tales of Zestiria left to cover — let’s make this quick. Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon – Episode 13 (END) Hmm. What can I say? That wasn’t the kind of ending I was […]

Kuzu no Honkai – Episodes 10 – 12 (END)

Thank you. For a moment there, I think I heard a slight crack in Akane-sensei’s voice. I’ve gotten used to hearing her in her usual vile and venomous tongue, that even the slightest change in her pitch in the right time is enough to floor me to tears. It’s these moments wherein I feel like […]

3-gatsu no Lion – Episode 22 (END)

Not the best ending I was looking for, but who cares? 3-gatsu was magnificent. Episode 22 was supposed to be an optimistic send-off, but for some odd reason that I’m still trying to explain, I was feeling restless instead. It isn’t because of the episode itself, but rather, in the same way Rei asked why we […]

Haikyuu!! S3 – Afterthoughts

I got to watch Haikyuu‘s third season in one satisfying seating on my first day of 2017. I’ve already read the manga up until the epic Karasuno-Shiratorizawa arc, but given how phenomenal the adaptation is, I figured that telling that godly chapter through animation is going to be another level of ecstasy. And sure enough… To […]

Flip Flappers – Episode 13 (END)

I seem to have entered a love and hate relationship with Flip Flappers. I love it for the myriad of reasons I’ve written about — with some of which still stuck in my head yet to be voiced out — and I hate it because, well… I think it’s more apt to say that I […]

Mob Psycho 100 – Episode 12 (END)

Mob Psycho 100 has finally come to an end, and so is my Summer 2016 blogging adventure. Summer 2016 is probably one of the most enjoyable season there is recently. With shows like planetarian, Amanchu!, 91 Days, Rem: Zero to name a few spearheading Summer’s stacked line-up, Mob Psycho 100 stood out from the pack and distinguishes itself as this […]

Amanchu! – Episode 12 (END)

Heads up! Summer is barely starting for our diving crew. In a fitting and conclusive send-off, Amanchu! bids farewell with its tagline of One for All, All for One Fun for All, All for Fun. I couldn’t agree more that this gentle reminder as it easily summarizes what the show is all about despite its generally […]

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou OVA – A Sweet Slice of Boring

Turns out I was yet to take a slice of the other side of the cake. Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou was a surprising watch given that I’ve thought hitherto all I needed for my iyashikei fix were Aria, Aria, and Aria. Lately, I’ve been immersing myself into numerous amount of slice of life materials. Majority of which seems to be indicative […]

Mahou Tsukai no Yome: Hoshi Matsu Hito – Episode 1

I’ve been keeping my out eye for this series ever since news of an adaptation came out. My interest owes to the initial attraction I felt in the aesthetics and the premise from what I’ve seen in the PV, and not for the reason most people have which is their familiarization of the manga source. I’m not an avid manga […]

Welcome to the NHK! – Coming Full Circle

Welcome to the NHK! has been on my favorites list as far as I can remember. However, the reasoning behind that is a bit complicated in comparison to the other shows that garnered the same distinction. I hate Welcome to the NHK! I hate Misaki. I hate Satou Tatsuhiro. And more importantly, I hate its author — Tatsuhiro Takimoto. I […]