Winter 2018 – Week 11

Yuru Camp has ended. Muh weekly dose of comfy just got cut in half. I'm trying to prevent having a withdrawal by telling myself there's Amanchu next season.

Winter 2018 – Weeks 9 & 10

Ah, it's finally the last stretch. I'm glad that I was able to blog some of the shows this season, kinda like that feeling of being part of something great. I know 2018 is far from over, but if 'Season of the Year' is a thing, I'm sure it would be obvious which is it.

Fall 2017 – Week 12 (END)

Man, blogging sure does make me feel closer to the anime I watch. I mean, I'm running through the stuff I blogged about for this year and I can recall them with clarity like they just aired yesterday. 2017 became one of the most enjoyable year I had with anime partly because of this (even if reading those posts weren't as equally enjoyable). Though, considering the noticeably positive trend we're seeing with the landscape recently, I'd be more than happy to continue sharing my time with anime in this blog for the coming year.

Fall 2017 – Week 11

Halfway through writing this post, it dawned on me that it's already an hour past Christmas Eve. I don't have much in a way of celebration, really, other than to appreciate the silence of the night to watch more anime. In any case, I wish you folks a Merrier Christmas wherever you are!