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Spring 2017 – Week 10

Yikes. Almost 2000 words for a mere weekly write-up. I started this weekly seasonal posts to ease up my workload. Looks like it ended up having an adverse effect. Not that I’m against it. Alice to Zouroku – Episode 10 I really love Alice to Zouroku. I think it deserves a far better distinction from […]

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – Episode 12 (END)

Ikoma and the gang rides off to another sunrise with smiles and all, leaving behind a trail of destruction and dissatisfied viewers. Roll credits.

Flying Witch – Afterthoughts

And there we have it. Considering Flying Witch as one of the best in the iyashikei/slice-of-life genre on par with Aria and Hidamari Sketch isn’t an over-exaggeration nor an over-appreciation. To each his own tea, as they say, as a certain sub-market of anime consumers tag Flying Witch (or any other iyashikei/SoL shows) as “boring” or […]

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – Episode 11

Consider this: a Rockman game starring Ikoma and his nail-gun, blasting away kabane left and right. You can also switch between characters like Mumei — a mix between melee and ranged combat — or Kurusu — if you believe R1 spamming is the real deal. Man, Kabaneri would make a great 2-D side-scrolling game for […]

Joker Game – Afterthoughts

One thing I like about cryptic whodunit shows is how it allows the viewers to connect the dots to give us a rewarding epiphany should we guess right. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Joker Game as it bluffs its cards faster than Gus Hansen can. Instead of allowing us a breather to […]

Mayoiga – Afterthoughts

I normally drop shows that I find uninteresting (sorry, Kiznaiver), and such is why I am quite surprised that I even managed to barely waddle myself past this nightmare called Mayoiga. Even so, it’s a show that goes well with a popcorn in hand, rather than hiding underneath a blanket expecting for jump-scares to materialize […]

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – Episode 10

All right, boys. So how do we make Kabaneri interesting again? Easy. Let’s kill Takumi! Ehh!? We should include Ikoma too because he’s the MC and our viewers can be sure he’ll be back next episode with some newly acquired supah powah! Well done, Kabaneri. Just… well done. Honestly, I should’ve taken Kabaneri with a grain […]

Flying Witch – Episode 10

Having non-existent cooking skills myself, it’s like rubbing salt to a wound just by watching Nao clumsily survive their Home Economics class. While it’s fun to watch the trio’s goofiness in the kitchen, I feel kinda bad laughing at Nao. I’m much, much worse than her — seriously. So bad that it’s probably a better […]

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – Episode 9

If you think a giant colony of fused zombies isn’t enough, wait till you see a kabane that can shoot laser. Evolving from a standard zombie apocalypse to a battle against a psychopathic tyrant and a laser shooting monster; just how will Kabaneri wrap itself up? Unnecessary blood was shed this episode as Biba finally made […]

Flying Witch – Episode 9

Eyyy~ Eyyyy eyy eyyyyyy eyyyy eeyyyyyy — reminiscent of those highschool moments when your seatmate makes snickering and annoying sounds to tease you and your crush reminds me of how awfully embarrassing this is, even more if your crush denies it and calls you “that thing”. However, when viewed as a spectator, I can’t help but […]