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Sakura Quest – Episodes 9 & 10

Always make sure your calendar is up to date, boys. I wasn’t feeling the hots for how things concluded with the previous arc last week. Maybe I’m just used to seeing Sakura Quest capping its arcs with either a festive or an emotional climax, and episode 9 is… uhh, somewhere doing a limbo between the […]

Sakura Quest – Episode 8

For tasty food, double the money. To be full, double the amount. To double the pleasure of a meal, add a companion to dine with. A quote I remember from one of the volumes of Spice and Wolf. This got stuck in my head only because I was a pitiful chump back in college who eats hotdogs […]

Sakura Quest – Episode 7

I feel like there’s a kind of duality here between the character arcs Episode 7 concluded. And the more I think about it the more I come to appreciate how flawlessly Sakura Quest blends its characters’ stories with its overarching narrative… despite it appearing contrived. That, and the near-perfect pacing makes up for one very enjoyable viewing. The theme […]

Sakura Quest – Episodes 5 & 6

I’ve been mulling over a couple of… personal stuff recently courtesy of Sakura Quest. Now that we have an idea of its general outline, it just started to become difficult for me not to overly relate myself with the characters. But hey, I guess that’s why it’s set with grown up peeps trying to find […]

Sakura Quest – Episodes 3 & 4

Back in my day, we used to watch anime in VHS! Memes aside, these recent episodes of Sakura Quest give us a glimpse on one of the theme the show is most probably going to dive into. It retains its flair for humor, yet is able to display a deft handling of shifting its tone to […]

Sakura Quest – Episode 2

Wow. Did they just jell together the main cast in a single episode? Impressive. I’m happy to say that Sakura Quest‘s second episode did a great job at continuing the momentum its premier left. The pacing didn’t slow down a notch, and so far it doesn’t seem like Sakura Quest is holding back in introducing […]

Sakura Quest – Episode 1

Sakura Quest is off to a good start, Spring 2017 isn’t. To be honest, I’m not quite reluctant in indulging too muchthis season given the amount of prequels that are airing. That’s not to say that they’re bad, or that I don’t have real expectations for them — it’s just they practically bring nothing new to the […]